A few weeks ago I was enjoying a late-night marathon of Mind of a Chef (when I definitely should’ve been sleeping), and fell instantly in love with the buttered popcorn grits made by Chef Daniel Patterson.
In place of buttermilk or milk, the popcorn liquid is used and it works beautiful when incorporated into pancakes. Buttered Popcorn PancakesFood blogger Adrianna Adarme's pancakes recipe is fluffy, and it has the flavor of buttered popcorn.
One of the hottest new spots in San Antonio, Sustenio restaurant is situated within the lavish Eilan Hotel, and is as committed to the fine dining experience as it is to farm-to-table sustainability.
The interior and ambience of the Sustenio dining room definitely score high on the swank scale.
The exhibition kitchen invites you into the cooking process, but doesn’t throw it in your face. The founding principle behind Sustenio (aptly named), was to create a fine dining experience for and fueled by the local community. Currently, the menu features a few of Pyles’ classics (he has alluded to getting hate mail if he doesn’t offer his Southwestern Cesar Salad with jalapeno polenta croutons ($10) or tamale tart with roasted garlic custard ($14)) as well as several new dishes that combine traditional Latino influences with modern molecular technology and presentation. A poblano-Asiago soup is served with golden pepper foam ($12); a crisped pork belly appetizer is accompanied by vanilla-scented grits and a green apple emulsion ($12). The menu also lends a creative, gourmet update to simple favorites like the club sandwich (rotisserie chicken and crispy pork belly with lemon cilantro aioli on a toasted ciabatta, $12) and eggs benedict (creamy poached eggs on buttermilk biscuits with a poblano hollandaise and Hawaiian red clay salt, $16).
The ceviche bar, an influence of Pyles’ Peruvian travels, takes Sustenio to another level in my mind. Full disclosure: I attended a pre-opening press luncheon and received a one-night stay and complimentary breakfast for review. Chef's Rant and tagged ambience, breakfast, bronzino, chef, chef stephan pyles, comfort, conscience, david gilbert, deep, delicious, eco-friendly, eilan hotel, executive chef, honduran tuna, honduras, modern southwestern, open-air, peru, restaurant, review, san antonio, sushi chef, sustainable, sustenio, swanky.
For more than five years now, Chef Amanda Cohen has been doing magical things with vegetables in her tiny East Village restaurant, Dirt Candy. Much of the Dirt Candy menu changes with the season, and because we caught the tail end of Cohen's winter offerings when we went last week, your meal might be considerably different. There are only four entrees on the Dirt Candy menu, but we still had a hard time narrowing it down to two. This entry was posted in Downtown, NYC Dining, Top Picks and tagged Amanda Cohen, Dirt Candy, East Village, East Village restaurants, Iron Chef, restaurants. Join us as we explore New York City's new restaurants, hot spots, museums, galleries and cultural events!

The result is a deliciously tender pancake, perfectly fluffy and with the flavor of buttered popcorn.
The ratios I followed here gives you more liquid, which is needed for the pancake batter, than "grits" (which is pictured in the link). She writes the blog A Cozy Kitchen, where she shares comforting, everyday recipes from her kitchen. This merging of high-brow and humble worlds and passions, which Chef Stephan Pyles (who created the concept) and Executive Chef David Gilbert pull off with grace and innovation, sets the bar high for the evolution of eating in a modern world. Deep, earthy accents and funky lines and light fixtures against a wash of wood, white stone tile and glass seem to invoke the outdoors from the comfort of the indoors—there’s something that feels open-air about it. Peer in as your pesto-marinated chicken pizza is pulled from the wood-fire oven ($12), catch a waft of the sinfully chocolatey Heaven & Hell cake ($12) as it bakes—or just glance in as the white-cloaked wizards work their magic and leave the rest to imagination. Not only does the restaurant use local producers and ingredients, they’re hoping to encourage continued growth within San Antonio’s food community, thus leading the way toward a more sustainable city within and without the restaurant’s walls. Flavor combinations are not limited to the Americas; a red snapper tamal is made with Thai Curry masa and served with caramelized banana ($28). Not only does it invite the same intimacy (and freshness) of watching a sushi chef hand-roll your order, the diversity of ingredients and flavors enlightens the average diner to the versatility of this coastal dish. It’s a welcome addition to the Central Texas dining scene, and a much-needed role model for the future of eating good with the whole community, and not just our own bellies, in mind.
With across-the-board critical acclaim (including two stars from the Times) and a devoted following packing the place nightly, Cohen's Dirt Candy, which is more than ready for an expansion.
If you consume it straight, it tastes like buttered popcorn, but as you add it things like milkshakes (I did this) and pancakes, the flavor becomes a bit more subtle.
I usually steer clear of garnishing with what’s inside of the dish but more popcorn on top adds an awesome crunchy texture. She recently authored her first cookbook, PANCAKES: 72 Sweet and Savory Recipes for the Perfect Stack. It is open, but not so open that you feel like you’re dining in the midst of kitchen chaos.
A few of the options (offered on their own for $10 or as part of a tasting): Honduran tuna with passion fruit and coconut, Ecuadorian rock shrimp with orange and popcorn, Bronzino with vanilla-roasted fennel.
These pancakes work well on their own (I personally love just butter on top) but of course you can add maple syrup, too.
She’s a lover of breakfast, pie (and sometimes even pie for breakfast), corgis and cute things.

When the popping sound ends, carefully uncover the pan and pour the popcorn into a bowl, discarding any un-popped kernels and any burnt bits.
You know Jenna, I always read your given blog, because you have updated new info about great recipes. For dessert, the choice for us was obvious: Popcorn Pudding, which is rich, smooth, and butterscotchy and comes with a side of caramel corn. Add a heaping handful of popcorn to the water and simmer for about a minute, until the popcorn has softened.
Transfer to a fine-mesh sieve placed over a measuring cup and strain, pressing the softened popcorn to expel it of its liquid.
And though the space is cramped, the atmosphere is so pleasant and convivial that you won't mind chatting with your neighbors, or with Chef Cohen, who tends to make the rounds.
To a medium bowl, combine the dry ingredients: flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda and salt. I was in a hurry, had lots of berries and had just baked a blueberry pie for tonight, so I rushed through and really messed up the order of ingredients. To the measuring cup with the popcorn liquid, add the egg and whisk until thoroughly combined. Added sugar to the flour mixture, yogurt to the whole mess after adding dry to wet ingredients.
I had no great expectations but I learned you cannot ruin this rec Gina Skurchak-RossiRe: SchichttorteSo I have corn flour and corn starch. I read all the discussions that have already taken place, but is this recipe calling for corn flour, should I be using that instead of the cornstarch? MindyRe: Create an Insalata SushiVinegar sushi rice is my favorite, I always use rice wine vinegar and just enough wasabi to get the flavor without a lot of fire.
Cook for 1-2 minutes, until small bubble storm on the surface of the pancake, and then flip.
Turn heat down to medium-low and cook on opposite side for about 1 minute, or until golden brown. NERDWORLD PROBLEMSRe: Make Seasonal Strawberry Bread PuddingHi Nikki: We have updated the recipe!

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