September 24, 2013Warner Bros.The timeless Lynda Carter is synonymous with the iconic Wonder Woman of the hit '70s TV show, and she's also a true Wonder Woman in real life, partnering with DC Entertainment's We Can Be Heroes campaign to fight the hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa. She's smart, and she just happens to be beautiful and super strong, and she has these great cool things like these bracelets and boomerang headband and non-lethal kinds of ways of dealing with people. It's like, 'Hellooooo guys, get a female that understands what that's all about.' You look at any society that suppresses women, and it's violent.

I was determined to create a character that thought of herself as just a regular person; she wasn't all up about herself, and she just happened to have these powers, but she wasn't impressed with herself. Her latest album is called Crazy Little Things, "Because I just threw in all the stuff I wanted to sing. I mean, I've had dolls and everything, but I've never had a bobble head!"For more info on DC Entertainment's We Can Be Heroes campaign CLICK HERE.

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