Addicts of The Mindy Project know that the waters are looking murky at best for Mindy and Danny, especially given how the show concluded the first half of season 4 back in December. While the engaged couple find themselves at odds over things like raising their child and whether Mindy should go back to work, fans of the Hulu series are hoping that their recent troubles aren’t just a glimpse of what is still to come.
Mindy Kaling recently spoke with Glamour and dished on the future of the show and what viewers can expect with regards to Mindy and Danny’s relationship. When the episode begins, Mindy (Mindy Kaling) gloats about how romantic her boyfriend Danny (Chris Messina) is.
Mindy once again confronts Danny about what happened and Danny tells her that he’s been losing his vision, which makes it hard for him to see in the dark. Colin tells Danny that his eyes are fine and Mindy suddenly realizes that Danny was lying about his poor eyesight.
Mindy later confides in Peter at the hospital about how Danny thinks that she’s fooled around a lot. Mindy eventually decides to just do what Danny wants to do and turns to Morgan (Ike Barinholtz), a newly graduated nurse practitioner, to prescribe her a sedative to make what she’s going to do a bit easier. A female investigator asks her if Danny was the one who roofied her and Mindy confesses to taking the pill herself.

Mindy and Danny finally agree that if either of them want to try something, they just need to ask the other person. Jeremy (Ed Weeks) is the office pariah since stealing Lauren (Tracey Wigfield) from Jeremy. Morgan, despite his participation in the exclusive club, feels bad for Jeremy and offers to take him out for dinner. The midseason finale of The Mindy Project had fans worried for the future of Mindy and Danny. While the potential breakup of Mindy and Danny can be a tad worrying, fans of the hit rom-com shouldn’t lose hope just yet. He surprises her with a second slice of apple pie, a gold necklace, and a nose hair trimmer, all of which Mindy rejoices. Mindy watches in horror, but stills takes notes, as Peter demonstrates different positions and acts on a skeleton. Tamra (Xosha Roquemore) informs him that they’ve formed the #TeamPeter club and that everyone is in on it. After they arrive, Peter shows up and, as it turns out, Morgan had set the whole thing up so that he could mediate their feud and hopefully come to a resolution.

Online addressed this potential breakup brewing for the couple, citing two factors to consider as to why the writers’ opted to go down this route. Afterall, if they really embody Harry and Sally, destiny will find a way to keep them together.
This storyline may find them walking on a crooked path for a while, fans shouldn’t forget the presence and binding force of Leo. Mindy is worried that because Danny is so sexually experienced, he’ll eventually get bored with her. In the bedroom, Mindy’s pill begins to kick in and she suddenly hallucinates that the bed is tipping over.

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