As a curator, you will have your own set of criteria about what makes content relevant or compelling.
Don’t have a big “Subscribe to our enewsletter” button competing with a big “Donate” button. Don’t upload all 50 pictures from the annual conference even though 48 of them feature people sitting in a session.
Choose the three best photos of people having a great time and feature those photos prominently.

For example, on the Resources page, choose the ten most relevant or most compelling resources and list them at the top of the page as “Top Resources” or “Most Popular Resources”.
This free three part mini-course will give you everything you need to get started with website analytics.
Your colleagues can rest easy knowing the long list of resources is still available, just a bit farther down on the page.
You might find it easier to find the highest-quality content on your website when you have the right website analytics dashboard.

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