Researchers have found a secret painting hidden in one of Pablo Picasso's first masterpieces. Observers knew since at least 1954 that there were odd brushstrokes on the work of a woman bathing, but it wasn't clear that it was a portrait until now. The AP notes thatA found a portrait of a mustached man was found hidden beneath Picasso's painting "Woman Ironing," which is displayed at the Guggenheim Museum in Manhattan. The Spirits of Mystery Walkthrough assists you to save your kingdom and family with both images and videos of tricky puzzles. Play The Panic Room and escape the clutches of the mysterious Puppeteera€™s grasp as you work with others trapped in a strange house with this free Facebook Hidden Object Game.Find the objects in 3 different styles of scene. While you may be trapped in a house full of strangers that is run by the crazy Puppet Master, there is no need to run around hot headed, take a few moments to relax.
In The Panic Room: Outrage you find yourself trapped in a strange house full of interesting, and somewhat strange characters. Welcome to the dark mystery that is The Panic Room: Outrage, having woken up in a strange room you are plunged into a tale woven by the mysterious puppet master.

By following his tasks you will gain freedom points and once you have enough you may be able to escape this strange place.
Once you begin the game you will be given a series of quests by the characters that you meet.
Each scene requires a little of your health to play, and will reward you with freedom points, as well as the chance for items and puzzle pieces. Freedom points are added towards your level, and the higher you level the more scenes you can play and the more quests that you have to play.
Completing these puzzles have huge rewards, but the last piece of any puzzle can only be obtained through a quest.
Doing so will provide a boost for you but causing mischief for your friends may have a negative impact on your reputation with them. There are 3 modes, the normal with a list of items, night mode where the screen is dark and you use a torch and the silhouette mode where you see the outline of the items you need. Each scene has a timer of 4 minutes, which is often enough for you to complete the scene, and there are lots of boosters such as hints or extra time that you can purchase.

Bronze tokens are rewarded for quests and can be found in the hidden object scenes, the gold coins can only be purchased for real money or obtained every time that you can a new level. The Panic Room: Outrage is a really beautifully illustrated game, though it feels a little dark in its storyline there are some wonderful touches.
The addition of factions and decisions on whether to help or hinder the people you meet and your friends adds a new dimension.
With a huge amount of quests, lots of great scenes and an intriguing story The Panic Room: Outrage has everything you could want in a hidden object game.
Stunningly presented and with new content being added all the time there is a fantastic experience waiting for you.

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