Today only, save on used books and help us reach 15,000 books sold to double the donations. Where you can find the best book at the right reading level and spark (or fuel) a life long love of reading in your kids! The discovery of the box and her exploration of it leads Cass to befriend Max-Ernest, a compulsive talker and joke teller who has never gotten a laugh out of anyone.
And, happiest of all, as a major skeeball fan, I was THRILLED to discover the website for The Secret Series, which has a wonderful selection of carnival games related to the book, including a computerized version of skeeball that allows you to win really cool downloads of printable paper toys!!
The next four books in the series are as follows, and feature sound, taste (with a delicious twist and devious use for chocolate) sight and touch.
Made by Dad: 67 Blueprints for Making Cool Stuff - Projects You Can Build For (and With) Kids! But the characters themselves, and their adventures, are more like those created by Blue Balliett: two (or three) quirky kids who solve a mindblowing mystery together, using non-traditional methods of detection.
Cass is a survival expert who is always prepared for any kind of disaster, often predicting tragedies that never happen. And, of course, both series owe a nod to Lemony Snicket and his Series of Unfortunate Events. From there, we are cautiously introduced to Cass, who never goes anywhere without her backpack. Max-Ernst is a child of two divorced parents who, believing that a child should be raised by two parents in one home, have divided their house down the middle and expressed their widely different design tastes accordingly. At the end of the book, it seems our young detectives are only starting a promising career in thwarting bad guys and uncovering deep, dark secrets.

After an arranged marriage forces her into an impossible situation, Minerva does what she must to survive. Cass and Max Ernest are two friendless 11-year olds who come together to solve the mystery surrounding a dead magician and the clues he left behind.
Bode, this is a book whose narrator inserts himself as a character — and what a character he is!
There is an uncomfirmed rumor that he’s really Edie Bilmann, but that name means nothing to me and it might be a red herring.
Featuring Minerva, Albus Dumbledore, and Alastor Moody, this is the semi-gothic tale of a woman, her secrets, and how she keeps them.Lines Of Ink by chemicalflashes [1st-2nd Years] May 14, 2016Dean Thomas is numb with shock. Along the way they must solve puzzles and word games and face incredible danger to answer their questions. Bosch's narration and frequent interruption of the story to protect the reader, give advice and share background information on the characters as well as word definitions is entertaining and the appendix he provides at the back of the book is brilliant. She has even been known to ask the school principal, Mrs Johnson, to evacuate the premises when a toxic spill is suspected.
Their hunt leads them to ultimately rescue a synesthetic classmate who has been kidnapped by the Masters of the Midnight Sun, a secret organization searching for the ultimate secret - immortality.
Brave enough to try to get to solve a local magician’s mysterious death all by herself. But, it is the characters of Cass and Max-Ernest (can't help but think of the German Surrealist artist Max Ernst) that I love best about the book. Cass's mother Mel is raising her alone, with the help of Grandpa Larry and Grandpa Wayne, neither of whom are actually her grandfathers.

Cass and Max-Ernest learn the sad story of the magician, Pietro Bergamo, who came to America from Italy when he was nine along with his twin, Luciano. He censors out the real names and locations involved in his story, even going as far as replacing a whole chapter with strings of Xes. Larry and Wayne run an antiques store out of an old firehouse and this is the setting for the start of the mystery when Gloria, a local real estate agent, drops by with a box of odds and ends from a house she is selling that once belonged to a magician. They boys were also synesthetes and were taken in by a circus where they developed an act based on their secret skills.
And it’s a good thing for Cass, because Max-Ernest has a streak of common sense in him that she lacks, and things quickly become too dangerous for one little girl to handle on her own. Amidst the junk that Gloria leaves at the firehouse, Cass uncovers an old wooden box with the words The Symphony of Smells etched across the top and ninety-nine small vials of liquids, powders, plant life, shards of wood, even a human hair - all of which have a distinct smell that can elicit a specific response, especially for people who are synesthetic. Synesthesia is a condition in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to an automatic, involuntary experience in a second sensory of cognitive pathway.
When the children meet up with Ms Mauvais and Dr L many decades have passed but neither of them has aged.
Bosch brings together a multitude of influences and ideas in The Name of this Book is Secret, but the informative, friendly tone of the narrator keeps the story from ever being weighed down with details.
Another might assign colors, numbers or letters to smells, as in The Name of this Book is Secret.

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