Romans 8:11 (NIV) And if the spirit of him (Holy Spirit) who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, he who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through his Spirit, who lives in you. Jesus was able to feed the crowds even while he was grieving the death of John the Baptist. Something to think about: You must learn how to identify with your own Spirit, with the Jesus that lives within you.
This book is more than just something to read and believe.  It becomes a tool to develop an action plan and to practice our Divinity as our way of living. ModeOfLife Become love as God exhorts us, for this is the true starting point for changing your life and the world. The Roman Catholic publishing house “Paulist Press”, has usually been quite adept at selecting and publishing good quality works of theology, Christian spirituality and pastoral ministry. Drawing upon his experience as a therapist, as an Orthodox Christian and on occasions, personal experience, he examines the existential issues that often confront us. However as he duly notes, that whatever happiness or peace we attain via the accumulation of material wealth or physical pleasure is fleeting and short-lived, but continuously requires to be sustained by more “pleasures” or “acquisitions”. Yet no one is obligated to take my words at face value, and so I would encourage people to not only read this book, but seek to implement its sober advice into their lives, and only then will they come to appreciate this well-thought out work of Dr. DISCOVER THE POWER WITHIN YOUIn this course we will study “Discover the Power Within You”, a new thought classic by Eric Butterworth.
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The Spring Himalayan Season is only days from getting underway, and already things are starting to get interesting. 16-year old Parker Liautaud is gearing up for his second arctic expedition in as many years. This short film illustrates the power of words to radically change your message and your effect upon the world. For it is love that will bring respect, justice and equity into the world, not our personal opinion of what justice or equity is.
This particular work under review, written by Orthodox Christian psychotherapist, lay theological graduate and marriage-family therapist, Dr. His observations note that most people in our day pursue physical pleasures or various forms of self-gratification in the hope of attaining happiness and inner peace.

The phronema (behaviour and mindset) that pervades this vicious cycle of existential pain and void, often projects any sense or moment of satisfaction, fulfilment, peace and happiness into the future. Kalellis points out that true salvation begins in the present and therefore happens today and shall continue into the future, well after the conclusion of our earthly-physical life, in order to become complete and holistic in the presence of God. Kalellis explores our potential as offered by Christ in His sermon on the Mount, commonly known as the “Beatitudes”.
Kalellis is able to link us to Christ’s introduction to the qualities needed to be developed so that one may become a member of the Kingdom of Heaven. This book asks the question “What Did Jesus really teach?” The philosophy of Jesus is a workable philosophy and a way of life.  Join us as we examine what Jesus taught from a new perspective.
Through individuals empowering themselves with the conviction that one person can make an impressionable difference in something. He observes that in many people the thought process seems to follow the idea that; “when I obtain this or am free of that, then I will be okay”. His refrain towards the Traditional Christian spiritual outlook not only stems from his own ethos or experience, but through observing the critical times in which our world finds itself in; whereby many people begin to realise that there are no satisfactory answers in the various options that society offers, for they are merely diversions from the things which truly matter to us and our well-being. Within the nine Beatitudes, Christ summarises His teachings about our life and existence, showing us the qualities that are important to our lives, as well as guiding us as how we may become children of God.
Furthermore we come to realise through reading this work, that the desired state of happiness in the Kingdom of Heaven is not an abstract or indefinite promise; but is a reality which starts in our present life and is the thing that provides inner joy and peace, while we are still in this world. This internal belief has the power to do everything from disempowering corrupt systems to nurturing consciously evolved social ideas. Within this book, Dr Kalellis’ focus and concern has been the problem of modern-day humanity’s preoccupation with and enslavement by anxiety and the pressures of present-day lifestyles. Therefore, since none of these “diversions” seem to work effectively, people find comfort in returning to God who is the source of life and provider of all good things. Aimee is passionate about helping people create more fulfilling lives through spiritual practice, study, and personal work.
Yet, with the awareness of this power should come the awareness that we cannot force sleepers to become awakened. Too much fluid takes place when not having enough energy becomes a chronic condition.The body is completely obedient to the Mind. Kalellis has structured his book in chapters according to each beatitude, where he first introduces Christ’s particular beatitude focus, explains the meaning of each, relating it to our everyday lives combined with some psychotherapic perspectives and then concludes each chapter with a reflection and a summary of the beatitude’s implication. Through the chakras, the Mind communicates to the more sensitive organs in the body [the ductless glands].

Those minds which are unprepared for this expanded level of awareness should be left alone for the time being.
They feel that all their needs, wants, and desires are satisfied by the hallucination of culture and therefore should be left alone for now.
Hope however that one day, following their own pace and on their own time, they will feel the pull to take an inner path to self-realization. As we read the map of the body, we can begin to understand what is going on deep within our Mind, and we can identify what is really imbalanced. With the power that you hold within yourself, do not try to convert; do not try to take off the rose-colored glasses people may have on. Find those that have the will, courage, and determination to travel down the path towards self-realization and consciousness expansion. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Current [email protected] * Leave this field empty Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Theoretically it may be possible to grab someone by the hand and get them on the inner path (this most often occurs through the use of entheogens). However, the end result is unpredictable and may cost of us more time, energy, and effort than it is worth. Share, support, and learn from other awakened souls who share the same passion, vision, and quest as you do. You will notice very quickly that the more you converge with such people, the faster you will feel that you yourself will rise into the highest echelons of consciousness. There is no need to prove anything to anyone that is not ready for blunt and perception-shifting realizations. Seek out the others who have already embarked on the inner path and who no longer wish to be a part of a hallucinatory reality.
Together, we can live a future that is based on unity rather than separateness…a future where love is more expansive than hate.

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