Security lines today stretched more than a block to screen inauguration attendees for banned items such as lawn chairs, umbrellas, and firearms.As the agents walked by the general public, the Secret Service agents carefully combed the crowds with their eyes, monitoring any suspicious activity. The unknown woman flanked the first agent on the drivera€™s side of the car with her jacket open, despite the chill in Washington today, to reveal a white button-down shirt below. Following last Aprila€™s Secret Service scandal in South America, where a dozen male agents were accused of being involved with a Columbian prostitute, there were cries from American media for more female agents.Rep. The agents were guarding what they call a€?The Beast,a€™ the Cadillac limousine used to transport the president and first lady in todaya€™s ceremonies.The First Cadillac cost more than $300,000 to make, and is completely bulletproof.

The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. This game however has and extra wheel, acting as a kind of WHEEL OF FORTUNE to win extra rewards, bonuses and cash prizes. It was at Woodrow Wilsona€™s second inauguration in 1917 that women were finally allowed to march. Maloney (D-New York) said at the time that the probability of the scandal happening a€?would have been reduced significantlya€™ if there were more women in the Cartagena detail, according to the Washington Post's Joe Davidson.

Some of its specifications include a foam-sealed fuel tank which will absorb any impact from an explosion and wona€™t itself explode, as well as Kevlar-enforced and puncture-resistant tires.A Unfortunately, because of all of its reinforcements, The Beast gets only eight miles to the gallon and peaks at a speed of 60mph.

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