The Secret Agent, a book by Joseph Conrad, is not easy source material to work with but from it, theatre O has developed a unique and intriguing interpretation. The secret agent is Adolf Verloc, a low-ranking spy who has infiltrated an anarchist organisation that doesn’t seem to be much of a threat to the established order. All of this is thrown into chaos by the intervention of his boss Vladimir who instructs his man to antagonise the anarchist group he has infiltrated, to get them to take action. Yet suddenly halfway through, after Verloc has detonated the bomb Vladimir demanded, the tone and approach of the production turns on a dime. In fairness that is what happens in the book but some thought could have been given to adapting this as the jumping around does lose those members of the audience unfamiliar with the source material.
The result is that the production as a whole seems to be composed of two incongruent halves – a satirical comedy and an intimate tragedy.
Leaving the challenges of the writing aside, there is much to admire in this bold production. Special mention must also go to the director Joseph Alford and choreographer Eva Vilamitjana for their innovative use of a simple set. If you were to think about the most popular PlayStation franchises, you couldn't help but mention the highly-acclaimed Ratchet & Clank. The best way to describe Secret Agent Clank is calling it "an intelligent Ratchet & Clank spinoff." It's true this one is not exactly like other games in the series, but it's a great adventure full of platforming, mind-bending puzzles, and butt-kicking with numerous R&C-style weapons. The reason why Clank is back on his feet rather than attached to Ratchet's backpack is an unfortunate event at the Boltaire museum. Developed by High Impact Games, Secret Agent Clank is similar to Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters.
In Secret Agent Clank you'll get to play as Clank, Ratchet, the Gadgebots, and even Captain Qwark, depending on the stage you're at.

Luckily, the world of Secret Agent Clank is loaded with boxes and crates full of ammo, nuts and bolts (the game's currency), and health. The result isn’t completely fluid but it is highly imaginative and shows great promise for the theatre company.
This suits Verloc perfectly as frankly, he wants nothing more than the quiet life, an easy desk job without much fuss and lovely evenings at home with his family where he is feted as a king. This scene, where Vladimir runs circles around the simple Verloc, is the highlight of a bright, strong first half.
We’re thrown from a political farce into a personal melodrama, and the effect, rather than being dramatic, is quite jarring.
Either of those two approaches to The Secret Agent would have been fascinating and intriguing. The small cast of five actors all deliver cracking performances, often as more than one character, giving them great opportunity to showcase their versatility.
The Maria at the Young Vic is a small space to work in but instead of shying away from the challenge, theatre O has turned the shifting of furniture between scenes into moments of fascinating physical theatre.
These two characters have been kicking around for a few years, and every one of their games is almost a guaranteed success. The game feels a lot like a cool, animated movie, and there's lots of clever humor to be found throughout the game. Nano-technology orbs will heal you when you're running low, and eventually the health meter will increase.
This section is played like a satire, and it’s done so well that it leaves you to question who we should be more afraid of – the terrorists, or the state that looks to exploit them for their own ends? However, it's possible some of you are a little worried about this title, as it seems like the spotlight is now all over Clank.

The plot is simple but as engaging as a good cartoon, and the gameplay involves more thinking and less mindless fighting, which (at least for me) is a plus. Basically, triangle will bring up the quick inventory menu where you can select a weapon, circle will fire, X will make you jump, and square will perform a basic attack. But, I've got good news for you: this is a welcome addition to the series and you won't miss any of your favorite characters. Clank's devices are not very powerful, but they allow him to cut wires to bring bridges down (Tie-A-Rang), clog up laser heads (Blackout Pen), mesmerize the enemies (Holo-Monocle, Hypno-Watch), and throw projectiles at them (Tie-A-Rang, Cuff-link Bombs).
Clank knows there's something suspicious behind all this, so he puts on his smart tux and bowtie and sets out on a top-secret mission to try to get to the bottom of this mystery.
Players get rewarded for using stealthy moves to bring down enemies and employing sneaky tactics like pretending to be a statue or dressing up in disguise. These "techniques" make the game funny and interesting, though the button-prompting the main stealth-attack requires is not very fun. If you fail to enter the onscreen button combination, you'll lose your low profile and every enemy around will start attacking.
However, he will often be at a numerical disadvantage and the enemies will beat him too easily, forcing you to start from the last checkpoint.

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