Secret Agent follows a by-now familiar pattern: a costume change, a re-shuffling of the cast, and a mix of songs that are individually impressive but collectively less so. Secret Agent Clank Updated Hands-On - Boltaire MuseumIn this first installment of a three-part series, we take a look at the opening level of Clank's solo debut. The Quark levels, meanwhile, are entertaining, but more because of the writing than the gameplay, which is actually a little bit dull. That's something I never though I'd say about a Ratchet and Clank game, and it's especially depressing when you consider how polished and slick the game is in every other respect except for (doh!) the gameplay.
The more Clank moves out of his platform-action comfort zone, the less enjoyable Secret Agent Clank gets. Get TrustedReviews' award-winning reviews, opinions and advice delivered to your inbox for free!
De Amerikaanse online retailer GameFly is met enige regelmaat een bron voor ontdekkingen van nieuwe games. Secret Agent Clank brengt de wereld van Ratchet & Clank opnieuw naar de PlayStation Portable, waarbij Clank als een ware James Bond moet vechten om Ratchet uit de gevangenis te krijgen en zijn naam te zuiveren. Secret Agent Clank is reeds verschenen voor de PlayStation Portable en verschijnt mogelijk ook voor de PlayStation 2. Net zoals Daxter van het beruchte duo Jak & Daxter krijgt nu ook Clank, van het minstens zo bekende duo Ratchet & Clank, zijn eigen game op Sony's handheld.
Tijdens alle drukte van de Tokyo Game Show kregen we vorig jaar ineens een verrassende nieuwe handheld-game te zien: Secret Agent Clank voor de PlayStation Portable. Tijdens alle drukte van de Tokyo Game Show kregen we een verrassende nieuwe handheld-game te zien: Secret Agent Clank voor de PlayStation Portable. Tijdens alle drukte van de Tokyo Game Show werd een handheld-game bijna over het hoofd gezien, maar hier is die dan alsnog: Secret Agent Clank voor de PlayStation Portable.

The record ranges from life-some Latin jazz ("Central Park") to haunting Vangelis-like instrumentals ("Bagatelle #4"), with Chick Corea adding and subtracting instruments as the arrangements dictate. Clank fans might be disappointed that the puzzle-solving antics which have always been associated with Ratchet's robot chum have disappeared, but don't despair. Having completed one Ratchet or Quark section, you can then play through bonus levels in order to gather extra bolts (the game's currency) which power up Ratchet or Clank and allow Clank to buy additional weapons or power ups from vending machines. Like Size Matters or Daxter, Secret Agent Clank plays to the PSP's strengths, using all the lighting and surface effects at the handheld's disposal to get over its limited polygon and texture pushing power.
While it's technically one of the stronger PSP titles out there, variety comes at the expense of rock-solid gameplay. In tegenstelling tot Daxter, die zich een weg door de levels heen mept en springt, moet Clank zo geruisloos mogelijk door de levels heen kruipen en sluipen.Lees de review.
Nadat vorige week al wat eerste informatie van deze game werd vrijgegeven, is het vandaag de beurt aan twee verse cam-trailers vol gameplaybeelden.
The steady forces behind the music include a new rhythm section (Tom Brechtlein and fretless bassist Bunny Brunel), familiar faces Gayle Moran and Joe Farrell, and a kicking horn section that gets a couple of well-deserved cameos. Special levels involving Clank's miniature sidekicks, the Gadgebots, put that element back at the forefront, with the little chaps teaming up to press switches, move electric currents, take down enemies and power bridges. As I mentioned before, the music is excellent, and the sound and dialogue is up there with any game the duo starred in on the PS2.All the same, it's never a good sign when I'm pushing myself to get further in the game because of a sense of professional obligation, rather than because I'm having a good time.
Volgens GameFly zal deze PlayStation 2 game rond 28 mei uitkomen, maar of dit ook echt zo is moet nog bevestigd worden.
Deze keer zal het tevens mogelijk zijn om als Captain Quark te spelen, waarbij je gebruik mag maken van zijn krachtige vacuum gun. Door verschillende 'incidenten' wisten oplettende fans al wel langer dat deze game er aan zat te komen, maar nu is het dan eindelijk officieel.

Commanding and controlling the Gadgebots is pretty simple, and the combination of platforming and puzzling is actually more engaging than an awful lot of the main game.Interspersed between Clank's levels are additional sections where Ratchet has to survive several rounds of arena combat in his prison, or where the series' stalwart buffoon, Captain Quark, recreates (or reimagines) epic battles for the sake of his biographer.
Uiteraard zijn ook de graphics flink opgepoetst voor deze game, die net als Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters door High Impact Studios wordt ontwikkeld. The good news is that this does lend itself to portable cuts -- "The Golden Dawn" (imagine a jazzier version of Vangelis) and "Hot News Blues" (in which Al Jarreau's voice snakes along a bittersweet melody) were made available as promotional singles, though "Glebe St.
It's a game where isolated chunks are hugely enjoyable, and one where there are times when it looks like it still might blossom into something brilliant, but all in all it's just too incoherent and inconsistent to keep you hooked throughout. The Ratchet levels do, at least, give you a chance to pull out a small sample of the legendary Ratchet and Clank arsenal, but they also get repetitive with time. As a character, I'd be happy to see Secret Agent Clank return, but it would be great if he just got back to basics, and left all the extraneous stuff behind. Like The Leprechaun and Mad Hatter, Secret Agent is a good sampler, but Corea has released so much music (three records in 1978 alone, not including live dates with Return to Forever and Herbie Hancock issued that year) that his fans can afford to pick and choose.
Little extra tasks like having to close down portals with your spanner while under constant enemy harassment make these sections more wearing than they might have been, and again that stupid camera doesn't help. First investigate My Spanish Heart, Friends, and RTF's Romantic Warrior from Corea's late-'70s catalog; then, if you're still curious, seek out Secret Agent.

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