In a book containing 20 chapters launched last week, in which 18 authors discuss different aspects of the history of the island since 1745 a fascinating story of the past unfolds.
Our very own Gordon Scott, Iain Smith, Iona Brown and John Bowler contribute chapters on the church, the Balephuil fishing disaster, Tiree gaelic and history of birds and their habitats.
The book is a real treasure house for those seeking historical knowledge of the island and varied perspectives on its past. The 425 page book is priced at ?12 and is available at An Iodhlann, the Tiree Business Centre and also may be bought in all good bookshops. The views and opinions contained within An Tirisdeach do not necessarily reflect the views of Tiree Community Business, or the publishers, editors, or employees of Tiree Community Business.
Secret Worlds, a limited edition box set includes 21 full-length paranormal romance novel by 21 USA Today and Amazon Bestselling Authors.

Isobel Sterling is a governess with a lot of secrets—including an uncanny ability she’s been hiding her whole life. Governess Isobel Sterling feels fortunate to have found a safe haven in the Montgomery household. At first Isobel is flattered by the single-minded attention she receives from their handsome young guest, Matteo Garibaldi. Cursed, A Spellbound regency novel, is part of the Secret Worlds Box Set available for preorder now for only 99?.
Professor Donald Meek has written four chapters, on the land struggle, transport, Non -Conformist churches and the Rev John Gregorson Campbell, and Lesley Ferguson discusses the work of the archaeologist Erskine Beveridge on Coll and Tiree.
The book was born after the huge success of the Secret Island history conference last year.

Up until the publication and launch of ‘Secret Island’ last week, Tiree was one of the very few Hebridean islands without a full-length recent book which covered its remarkable history. Isobel has a terrible suspicion that the disappearances are linked to the darkness she can see growing behind Matteo’s eyes.
Filled with dread she does everything possible to avoid his company—until she is locked in with him for the night.

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