I-Hua Wu was just named the first Asian to be the global face of Maybelline's brand of products.
Called The Pilot System, it was made by the Waverly Labs and allows the wearer to understand several foreign languages in real-time in ear translation.
Even with a half-decent camera, you're going to be able to make a beautiful video when you start filming in Tokyo. The instinct is to keep them in the fridge immediately, but there are some things you shouldn't waste fridge-space with. Proving that she's a voice talent of her own, Christina Aguilera can sure impersonate other stars too. Cha Seung-won (City Hall) and Song Yoon-ah (On Air) have a new thriller coming out titled Secret [???], which has just announced its release date as December 3. My one complaint about the trailer: Is it just me, or does that music (in the second half) sound exactly like the music in the IRIS trailer? The film also marks Song Yoon-ah’s first project to be released following her May wedding to top actor Sol Kyung-gu.

I wonder why the korean title of the movie is called ???, which is the romanization of the English word Secret (? shi ? kuh ? rit), rather than the korean word for secret, ??. Meh, I guess they want to differentiate between the 2009 movie and the 2001 drama (with the 100% evil bitch Ha Ji Won, the 100% angel Kim Ha Neul, and the punk Ryu Shi Won (who is the chef in Style!).
They made CSW do such inane stuff in the second half of CH so this movie feels like redemption.
She joins supermodels that once held that role such as Adriana Lima, Jourdan Dunn, and Gigi Hadid.
She's yet to make her debut  and isn't part of any official idol group yet but that's not stopping her from modeling her good looks. It's got hundreds of thousands of artifacts you can view online, and they are gigapixel images of famous artworks. Even though Khal Drogo may be long gone from the series, he definitely has a place in Dany's heart.
From orgasms to anatomy and more, it helps that these facts are matched with sexy ladies to help keep your attention on the fact.

The movie’s poster, above, shows the detective upon the discovery of the evidence at the crime scene. Plus, it’s obvious from these still photos that CSW is just as adept at acting with his back as LBH is.
I wonder how many of the younger k-stars can mantain the charisma, body and look of this man. Now, they've got a robotic Art Camera that is automating the process of putting them online.
Even if they’re in good shape, they are likely to become increasingly dependent as they get older.

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