It’s only been around two and a half years, but Alexandra Nurseries is already one of Penge’s best-loved local businesses. During the 80s, a local architect used the workshop as a studio, but it fell into disrepair after he retired and he eventually decided to sell it. As experienced gardeners, the team offer free, specialist advice, which means they can easily compete with the likes of Homebase. The Nurseries might not be right on the High Street, but John says they still get plenty of passing trade.
Don’t miss the best coffee in town, the warm welcome and fabulous plants, advice and goodies.
El Nido (a€?nesta€? in Spanish) is its rightful name since it is the 'perfect' abode to rest and be refreshed.
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I doubt the Cathar soldiers noticed as the flames rose beneath their feet and scores were ritually burned to death, but the views across the dramatic mountains of the Ariege region are something to behold.Today, it is a steep and unnerving climb up towards the great fortress of Montsegur, which the Cathars had defended for eight months in the 13th century before they were overrun and executed for refusing to renounce their faith. The most enchanting of the three settlements, though, is Mirepoix, a bastide, or planned, town where the solidly elegant cathedral of St Maurice - its nave the second widest in Europe - gazes down on the medieval square bordered by half-timbered houses fronted by a delightful wooden arcade. We stayed in the Chateau de Soules, a delightful pink-painted 19th century property set in 25 acres of grounds and woodland off the road that runs south towards Foix.

The roof often extends far into the blackness above, so that torches cast spooky beams of light high into the corners.
Around 100 drawings of bison, deer, goats and other animals have survived here for as long as 13,000 years.
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Walk down Parish Lane and you can’t miss it: a riot of brightly coloured plants and flowers spilling out onto the pavement from behind the walls of a grand old Victorian house.
The house, adjoining the workshops for the Alexandra Cottages Estate, had been derelict since the 70s. John and Sarah, both professional gardeners, spotted it and came up with the idea of living in the house and setting up a garden centre in the workshop.
It now provides a natural canopy over the cafe area, but before the renovations, it was out of control. To their relief, it took off right from the beginning: the locals loved the combination of plants, vintage homewares and homemade cake. This special place has been said to have the a€?Best Beach and Islanda€? destination in the country due to its a€?extraordinary natural splendor and ecosystema€? (CNNGo). To maintain and improve the mother earth to produce beautiful sites, leta€™s support any environmental efforts by everyone.Beautiful Resorts of El NidoMiniloc Island Resort. Please, book your hotel now with great discount offers!Book beach resorts, hotels, and various great accommodations that are available in Cebu's islands, cities, mountains & business centers.Better book or reserve your room earlier than later!
But it affords a view of the area which must have been grimly familiar for those besieged warriors. Pamiers, more functional than its neighbours, is the largest with a population of 13,000, its large floral monument in the shape of a bicycle still standing proud after the Tour de France came shooting through town last year.In Foix you can wander through the narrow streets below the castle perched high on the rock above, and if you are feeling energetic plod your way up the steep slopes where once Simon de Montfort laid siege to its gates exactly 800 years ago.
From here it is only about 25 miles south east to the stunning walled city of Carcassonne - but in the Ariege one feels far from the tourist masses that congregate there.

While the children enjoyed the rambling and slightly faded attractions of the animal park of St Michel near Pamiers, my wife and I liked the arty elegance of the medieval village of Carla-Bayle, which offers knockout views far across the chequerboard of fields and farms. We bought other stuff – like the big trolleys outside – at auctions.’ John’s brother, an art and woodwork teacher, made the lettering on the exterior wall, and his son, Owen, who now runs the cafe and shop, painted the sign on the side of the workshop. And he’s considering hiring the Nurseries out for private events, starting with a wedding reception and a birthday party. But therea€™s no doubt that if you want to find the heart of this region, hit the road and head for the hills.Travel factsAndrew Morrod stayed at the Chateau de Soules. All the blokes I knew said no, just do plants – you don’t want all that tea and cake business.
It’s already an established community hub, having played host to music nights, poetry readings, a toddler music group and a sewing club – not to mention the annual Christmas market, with stalls manned by local craftspeople and traders. When approaching this beautiful cove, youa€™ll be captivated by the turquoise waters filled with vibrant aquatic life forms. Select it and click on the button to choose it.Then click on the link if you want to upload up to 3 more images. The bubbles make the chocolate less thick and then allow it to melt in your mouth for a delicious experience. And Penge is the next place – suddenly people are going, “Ooh, you can get to Victoria in 20 minutes?

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