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However, the other night at the CMA Awards 2013, held live in Tennessee, both on the red carpet and on stage, Miranda unveiled a considerably slimmer figure.
You guessed it, Miranda has been busting her you-know-what at the gym, while also eating much healthier foods.
As for what suddenly made her be more active, Miranda reveals it’s all down to her age and how turning 30 is a milestone.

That may very well be true but, as we speak, there are countless reports coming in saying that Miranda is trying to sweeten the pill because the reality is that she’s lost the weight because her marriage to Blake is going down the drain.
For months, there has been serious buzz about the state of their marriage, with more recent whispers saying that Blake and Miranda are nearly over – just not yet ready to go public with it.
She’s also very talented and extremely confident and relatable so, as she put it many times, she never deemed it necessary to give in to pressure to look a certain way.
A photo of her with her award for Best Female Vocalist of the Year is also included with this article.

News, this much hotness doesn’t come without breaking a sweat, by just laying around doing nothing.

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