With an international degree in Media Information Technoculture and Sociology and over a decade of media experience under her belt, Juggun Kazim has come to be regarded as one of Pakistan’s most dynamic, successful and talented media personalities. Ceaselessly engaged in the arts and media, Juggun is an energetic, creative and highly visible personality. Juggun’s natural beauty, talent, professionalism and down to earth demeanour make her a natural choice for those who seek high quality work. Here Juggun Kazim talks to us about her recent experiences as a host, actress and Garnier’s Local Spokesperson. I recently visited Beirut for my new Garnier Color Naturals commercial - Amazing experience I have to admit.
Juggun’s versatile and seasoned repertoire of media involvement includes acting for Pakistani and Canadian theatre, advertisements and acclaimed theatrical performances in such commercially successful plays as, Mano Salwa, Vasl, Pyaasi and Kaaghaz Ki Nao. Indeed Juggun has always been passionate about acting and she did her first commercial at the age of four and her first commercial play at the age of fourteen!

Well-spoken in both Urdu and English, Juggun started her professional acting and modeling career under the name 'Jay Kazim' in Toronto, where she was approached by a Canadian modeling agency for representation as a commercial model. Indeed a tangible manifestation of this is her selection by Garnier, a leading international hair and skin care brand, as their sole Pakistani Spokesperson. I also recently re-colored my hair for the latest Garnier Color Naturals commercial, and I think brown suits us women here in Pakistan. She has also acted in music videos for Shehzad Roy, Jal and the Mekaal Hasan Band and has played lead roles in movies such as Khamosh Raho and Pink Ludoos. While signed with this agency, Juggun successfully acted in two music videos and was then approached by her current Canadian agents. Juggun’s social work is a private aspect of her life fuelled by her belief in caring, not just for herself but for others and the world around her.
With them, Juggun starred in an advertisement for a well-known beverage company which ran for two seasons due to its popularity.

The actress supports organizations that work for causes such as, the prevention of violence against women and children, education and cancer awareness and research. She also completed numerous other commercials coupled with her work in theatre which eventually led her to audition for a lead role in the feature film, Pink Ludoos. Not surprisingly, after only the second stage of auditions she was chosen for the lead role in the film.

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