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It is estimated that more than 30 million—and perhaps untold millions more—died in the Holocaust which Communism created. From the millions who suffered in the Gulags through to the Ukrainian Holodomor—which is still the single greatest genocide in all history—the blood-stained hands of Communism and its creators brought untold misery and deprivation to nearly half the world’s population. This book rips aside the curtain which has been placed to cover up the single, dedicated, fanatic and murderous ethnic group which founded and controlled this “worldwide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization” (as Churchill called it): Jewish Supremacists.
Read of how Jewish Supremacists created and guided the Communist movement, from its germination, to the “Russian” Revolution, the seizure of Eastern Europe, its tentacles in America and Britain, South Africa and even in early Communist China. More of my countrymen suffered horrific crimes at their blood-stained hands than any people or nation ever suffered in the entirety of human history.
This book is unique in that it brings all of the most powerful historical evidence together in one unified coherent work.
It also has startling revelations from Jewish historians and Jewish writers admitting their leading role in communism, their role in the mass murders, and it shows the ethnic racism that motivated the ethnic genocides against non-Jewish peoples. Perhaps even more importantly the book shows how both Zionism and Communism ultimately come from the same source and how among the worldwide Jewish community, communism has been subsumed into Zionism. This isnt a bash the Twins thread, but genuinely curious, has this ever happened in the history of baseball?
One of the trends that I was most interested in following during spring training was the velocity readings from Phil Hughes. The Minnesota Twins are unexpectedly competing this season, thanks in part to a significant improvement in preventing runs.
Since his arrival we have heard the tale of Neil Allena€™s ability to convince the young pitchers to harness the power of the change-up.
In addition to the same-sided usage, the strategic sequencing with the change-up has played a significant role in Twinsa€™ pitchers abilities to generate outs.a€?I know that hea€™s a little bit analytical but not really but the stuff that he tells me that I see from an analytical side and ita€™s stuff that makes a lot of sense,a€? Twins closer Glen Perkins said about his new pitching coach and the emphasis on the change-up this spring. While I agree that Allen's role has been a positive factor in the improvement, the biggest factor is Ryan's decision to bring in a stable of competent pitchers to choose from thereby ensuring competition for starting spots and protection against injuries, suspensions, etc.We've actually had a number of things not go our way in this regard and we still haven't given a start to Cole DeVries. If I were Glenn Perkins, I would reserve the change up strictly for ninth inning save situations. If you were Glenn Perkins, ninth inning save situations would be the only time you would pitch! Most organizations have access to similar databases that show the same type of trends plus advanced scouts to pick up on this too. So why on earth did it ever become vague to only throw a change to an opposite hand hitter?
Changeups typically tend to fade on the glove-side of a pitcher or into swings of the same-sided hitters. There were guys that were very adept at throwing their changeups to same-sided hitters -- Viola, Radke and Santana were all great at it -- but over the years the practice seemed to remain with just those who had really great changeups. Ariana GrandeLea Michele and Ariana Grande go behind the scenes on the 'Scream Queens' set and it looks awesomeMean Girls meets Midsomer Murders.
E!What do you get when you shove Lea Michele and Ariana Grande behind the scenes on their latest show and ask them to talk all things Scream Queens? Advertisement - Continue Reading BelowAnd what the lasses reckon we've got to look forward to? David Duke, incorporating the writings of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Frank Britton and others.

It even has key translations from Solzhenitsyn’s book Two Hundred Years Together, a book that has been kept from the English-speaking world. In the European world, Jewish tribalists are today orchestrating a genocide of their racial enemies, only in different form than that of Soviet Bolshevism. True, the outfield defense is noticeably better and more balls in play are being converted to outs but other indicators, like strikeout rates, are worse. From 2009 to 2014, the Rays outpaced everyone by deploying the change-up 14.5% of the time. A changeup followed by a fastball down and away works for the same reason anything works down and away - it's the farthest away from the batter's eye so it is harder to make solid contact. The post I wrote about asked the question why the Twins pitchers are outperforming their expected results. Well according to Ariana: "It's a very nice balance between terrifying, scary, goth, horror, girly, hilarious, glamorous, fashion.
This is the single most important work on the ethnic origins of the Russian Revolution and the greatest Holocaust in the history of mankind: Soviet Communism and its tentacles which spread out all over the world.
The Twinsa€™ pitchers are outperforming their fielding independent expectations by a wide margin.
Naturally, the narrative would be that Allen would come to Minnesota and bestow the same secrets on the Twinsa€™ pitching staff. Matt Moore, a left-handed pitcher in the Rays organization referenced above in the post, said that his change would fade into the down-and-in zone to lefties -- which is often their power zone. According to xFIP, a statistic that calculates what a pitchera€™s expected ERA should be at based on grounders induced, strikeouts gotten and home runs avoided, the Twins should be hovering near the bottom of the league in terms of runs allowed. While the usage is up slightly for Minnesota from 2014, even when accounting for Mike Pelfrey and Ricky Nolascoa€™s splitter preference the Twins pitching staff still trails well behind the rest of the league in 2015.So every other pitch is not a change-up. One could argue that improvement should have been expected of all of them, but not to the degree we've seen. And pitchers like Phil Hughes have not greatly altered their pitch selections by learning a change-up. In 2014, Gibson was attempting to incorporate more change-ups against righties when he found himself tangling with Jones in Baltimore. I couldn’t be more thrilled.” —Mark FrostThe book, published by Flatiron Books, will go on sale late 2015 in 2016, before the new Twin Peaks episodes on Showtime in, assumably, 2017.
That said, the Twins have found great success on the occasions that they have used their change-ups this year.In 2014, hitters had their way with the Twinsa€™ change-up.
That encounter, Gibson admitted, reduced his confidence in turning to the pitch against righties. But over the offseason and into the spring, Allen provided support for Gibson and pushed him to use the pitch more to righties.While the change-up led to three outs, Gibson also recorded six outs on the pitch after a changeup -- weak contact induced by throwing a follow-up pitch down in the zone. This has been what the Twins pitchers -- particularly Gibson, May and Milone -- have succeeded at all year. If the change-up fails to record an out, they have returned to the bottom of the zone with another pitch.Guys like Gibson and Milone have become out generators because they have followed this pattern and it is making their other pitches better.
Allena€™s guidance to Gibson was to throw his change-up more in circumstances when he would normally throw his slider. Everyone acknowledged they were on-board but no one with the Twins would divulge Allena€™s secret recipe when it came to the change-up.
From his perspective, when it came to the change-up catcher Kurt Suzuki said it is nice to have another finger to put down.

For Milone, he has kept hitters off his fastball a€“ posting a career-low .248 average against. Morgaine says:Jul 17, 2015 ReplyMaybe the new characters are in the book, not the revived series?
Other pitchers echoed that mentality a€“ the added bullet would be nice to have in the arsenal. Still, the chatter around the Twins camp was not that the change-up in and of itself was going to be the miracle out-pitch -- it was also going to set-up the miracle out-pitch. Their front office is basically a Harvard bar with equations on the wall and ****.In The Extra 2%, baseball writer Jonah Keri documented how the organizationa€™s analytics team running that ball club would stop at nothing to find any edge they could. Those findings were highlighted in obvious situations like the use of infield shifts or found when the Raysa€™ lineup would eschew the natural platoon advantage against pitchers who held quirky splits. The Wolves of Wall Street were now running a ball club with that same take-every-dollar attitude. They hired the sharpest minds and grabbed every scrap of data they could, compiled it into a proprietary database and studied it to ultimately move the needle to their advantage.In the spreadsheets and on the field, the Rays found that the change-up was a highly underutilized weapon. Change-ups fell out of vogue in the modern world as teams craved fastball velocity and wicked benders to put away hitters. While most organizations avoided throwing change-ups to same-sided hitters, the Rays mandated it.a€?Wea€™ve got a process that, when you hit Double-A, youa€™ve got to be able to throw your change-up to righties and left-handers, no matter what side you throw from,a€? Allen, then with the Rays organization, told Baseball Prospectus. This takes place in modern day, and was a hint that Cooper would be trapped within the Red Room. There were a lot of guys coming to Triple-A that couldna€™t throw their change-up for strikes righty-on-lefty or lefty-on-righty. The change is a great pitch if you utilize it [well], but we started getting into the philosophy that if it works opposite arm to opposite hitter, why dona€™t we start trying it righty-on-righty and lefty-on-lefty.a€?In the majors, the Rays paced the game with far more same-sided change-ups than the rest of the league -- but mainly in righty-to-righty situations. Gibson has increased his usage of the change-up overall (from 12% to 17%) and much of that has come against right-handed hitters. In 2014, he threw the pitch to the same-side 1.5% of the time but uses it 14% of the time this year.
J says:Oct 18, 2014 ReplyIs there a chance we can now push for the Audiobook of Laura’s diary read by Sheryl since there is a clear market for this stuff? Milone, on the other hand, has thrown the pitch less against lefties this year than he has in the past. Despite flashing a solid change-up to David Ortiz in spring training, Milone has abandoned that pitch in favor of a cutter.
The Rays southpaws were hesitant to throw the pitch to other lefties as well -- Rays lefty Matt Moore cited the left-handed hittera€™s natural low swing plane as a deterrent to throwing to the same-side.What the Rays discovered is that not only is the change-up effective in same-sided circumstances, but the change-up is also potent when thrown consecutively.
From 2009 to 2014, the Rays threw the most change-ups but they also threw the highest number of change-ups after change-ups. Josephina says:Feb 26, 2015 ReplyJaz osebno menim, da sta v novih sezonah dva Cooperja, ker je pravi se vedno zaprt v ?rni ko?i. Po mojem, kolikor jaz razumem se bo v predzadnji sezoni resil in z pomo?jo majorja Brigsa z belo magijo onemogo?il Boba, da bi se se kdaj mogel infiltrirati v drugega ?loveka. In seveda ?e bo se kaksen epilog Coperja ?aka kekasen odhod na visjo sfero nekaksnega nebeskega kraljestva (belo ko?o) Tega nisem prebrala nikjer, temve?

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