Read an exclusive FREE sample of the Best Tipster Guide, featuring a full report on 1 of the top 7 tipsters included, PLUS our analysis on how much money you can make betting. We take your privacy very seriously - don't worry, we'll never sell or rent your name to any third parties. Since May 2006, The Secret Betting Club has been dedicated to uncovering the best tipsters and finding the experts that can make you money simply by following their betting advice.
Year-in, Year-out these top tipsters have made consistent profits and are genuine, bona-fide experts who you simply must follow! We want to reveal to you who these top tipsters are, where you can find them and how you too can start following them and profiting from their advice.
So to celebrate our 7th year anniversary as a tipster review service, we have compiled our first ever 'Best Tipster Guide' featuring our independent reports on the 7 best, most profitable tipsters that you simply must follow! The ground breaking Best Tipster Guide features in-depth reviews and analysis on the 7 best betting tipsters that we have found during the 7 years we have run the Secret Betting Club. Over the past decade, this tipster has supplied over 3400 bets and made regular, consistent profits with a phenomenal ROI of 30.71%.
Averaging just 2 tips per day, this low-cost, easy to follow tipster has enjoyed remarkable success since starting in 2010. Supplying one value tip per day, since 2009 this tipster has achieved phenomenal growth and a ROI of 26.34%.
Over the past 3 seasons this affordable tipster has made consistent football profits and a 13.2% ROI from more than 3000 bets.
Offers high-strike rate football tips, which are easy to follow and obtain advised prices for.
Non-league football tipping expert with a 13.03% ROI from 1249 bets dating all the way back to the 2006 season.
Full details on each of these 7 tipsters, who they are, how they work and how you can start following can all be found in the Best Tipster Guide. What's more - many of these 7 tipsters offer special discounts and offers to Secret Betting Club members only, so you can sign-up to follow them and save money! The Best Tipster Guide features 4 horse racing and 3 football tipsters, so whatever sport you bet upon, you will find something for you.
In the Guide, you can find out our up-to-date thoughts on each service, how they work, the profits they have made and just who they are suitable for. The Guide also features contributions from numerous SBC members who share their own thoughts on why they rate these services so highly. Remember the tipsters listed in the guide have proven their success to us over the past 7 years, during which time they have each made significant profits for many Secret Betting Club members.
It is fair to suggest that following the tipsters unveiled in the Best Tipster Guide can have a dramatic impact on your betting forever.
Don't just take our word for it, but instead those of Secret Betting Club members who have benefitted from knowing just who the best tipsters are. So if you have only ever lost money betting or are looking for help improving the profits you currently make, why not consider a Secret Betting Club membership today? Please note - the Best Tipster Guide reveals who the best services are, but we do not supply tips ourselves. Thanks to the power of SBC, we can also offer significant discounts and deals to help reduce the costs of subscribing to the 7 Tipsters included in the guide. The Best Tipster Guide is available to you the instant you sign-up as a member of the Secret Betting Club, So join today and gain immediate access!
Once you join the Secret Betting Club, obtaining your copy of the Best Tipster Guide represents just the tip of the iceberg on just how we can help you make money betting. Our must-read 'Pro Gambler Blueprint', full of expert hints and tips on how to win at betting and our 2 Independent Guides to the best Horse Racing & Football Bookmakers. Full money back guarantee if at any time in your first 12 months with us, you are not satisfied for any reason! Dona€™t forget that by joining us you could easily save countless thousands of pounds in membership fees to the usual rubbish tipster services that always promise the moon on a stick but then never actually deliver.
In another very special deal, we are currently offering A?30 off all subscriptions to join the Secret Betting Club. Don't forget either that all who join will get immediate access to the Best Tipster Guide the instant you join! Here at the Secret Betting Club we long been taking the battle of making money betting direct to the bookmakers, following the exact same tipsters that we also recommend to our members. Below you can find screen shots and evidence from our own personal bookmaker accounts that help to illustrate our own success and proof of the money to be made from betting.
You can also sign-up for see how we made £12,000 in 1 year betting with just 1 bookmaker using the form below! Please note, we have removed some details such as account numbers and bet references to help protect these accounts from any watching bookmakers. Another big winner came courtesy of Bet Internet who paid out £901 on a large winner 'Layline' who won for us at big odds. It is highly unlikely that we will be welcome anytime soon at Ladbrokes thanks to the amount of money we have taken off them in the past!
If you want to emulate us in making similar sums betting (and hopefully maybe even larger amounts!!) then a Secret Betting Club membership is all you need to achieve this. And if we don't, then you know you can claim your subscription fee back via our 100% secure money back guarantee if not satisfied for any reason!
2015 was an exceptional year for many of the expert betting tipsters we closely monitor here at the Secret Betting Club, with many of our members making outstanding profits following their advice. The profits don’t stop there though – as with the release of our new and improved Tipster Profit Report, you too can learn how to make 2016 your year of betting profits. Inside it you can find the latest results, ratings and reviews for 61 of the very best betting tipsters (Horse Racing, Football & US Sports) that we have uncovered in 10 years of independent reporting. In this latest report you can find just who the best overall tipster services are from the past 12 months as in the example table below. We have blanked out the names of the tipsters as this is for full members only (after all, it’s a secret!), but as you can see – the top tipsters are making an excellent profit.
In each Tipster Profit Report we produce several other ‘Tipster Tables’ so you can quickly and easily find the best, most profitable services out there.

And all from the only 100% independent tipster source!  Yes, that’s right as whilst all other review sites use affiliate links or make money referring sales to the tipsters, all SBC tipster reviews and ratings are 100% independent and affiliate-free! So when we say a tipster is good it is because it genuinely is and not because we will make money by saying so. You can pick up your copy of this report, the instant you join our service at the Secret Betting Club with full access to our exclusive members-only area. To access our great pages including tips, strategies and interviews, simply login or register below. We have seen a fair amount of goals in the Premier League this season and I see lots of value in 3 separate over 2.5 goals lines this weekend.
West Ham V Man City rounds off my overs bets this weekend as the Hammers have let in 3 goals or more in 63% of home games since last season.
My final main bet is similar to one I took in April last year, which won on Spurs with a +0.25 Asian Handicap at home against an out of form Chelsea. With snow falling all across the UK and horse racing only taking place at the likes of Kempton and Wolverhampton last week, no doubt many of you who enjoy betting on the sport of kings (like me) will have been kicking your heels in the past few days. Whenever this happens I find it the perfect time for a bit of a catch-up and reflection on just how my own betting is going. You can find my original article on the racing tipster performance between January and October here and with the publication of our latest Secret Betting Club newsletter (#55 out last Tuesday), we have all the stats from November to share with you. First off a look at how these 9 recommended tipsters fared this November, which isn’t always the easiest of months given the transition from flat to jumps racing.
It was another profitable month, with 8 of the 9 services active (Service 3 resumed on the 1st of December) and 5 of these 8 making a profit.
The standouts from November were Service’s 2, 4, 5 and 6 who all made a Return on Investment of 29% or more (this basically means that for every ?100 staked, you win ?29 profit). Of course, we should never read too much into just 1 month’s isolated performance figures as what matters most is that these services produce the goods over time. Here at SBC we are only interested in those tipsters that can repeatedly make a profit for our members, year in, year out. On a side note, does anyone remember the test once carried out, which compared the performance of tips picked by uber-dodgy tipster Derek ‘Thommo’ Thompson against that of a tortoise?
With this in mind, check-out the long-term performance of all our 9 top-rated racing tipsters since the start of 2010. Combined, these racing tipsters on the whole of performed very well, with a clear consistent profit from 7 of the 9 services. The only disappointments are Service 1 and 2, although both of these performed very well in 2009 and are perhaps best considered ‘very patient’ options.
If you are keen to find out all the details on the 9 racing tipsters above, their identities and how you can start following them, all of this is available as a Secret Betting Club member.
We place thousands of pounds ourselves each week following these tipsters so as always we put our money where our mouth is. Sign up for a Secret Betting Club membership here today and gain instant access to all our information. Long faces all round this week from an English point of view after losing out to the Russians in the World Cup bid. Still the World Cup for all its hype is a poor event from a value betting perspective (despite the billions traded on it) and in contrast the English Premier League continues to throw up what I feel are good value bets each weekend.
Birmingham may not be the prettiest team to watch (both stylistically and aesthetically – hello Lee Bowyer) but they are blooming hard to beat at home.
It looks like there has been an over-reaction to West Ham’s 4-0 demolition of Man Utd in a game featuring enough defensive howlers to make Alan Hansen weep.
A few shortlist bets from this weekend including Arsenal to continue their goalscoring form and overcome a 1.75 handicap at home to Fulham. Finally I have a shortlist bet on perennial faves Bolton who I fancy to go up against an unconvincing Man City side with a +1 Asian Handicap head-start. To secure a tipster of his status is very rare indeed and the Mystery Tipster service is the result of much discussion and negotiation. Despite the need for privacy, the Mystery Tipster did agree to answer a series of questions about himself and most pertinently – his approach to betting and tipping for SBC members to read. The interview reveals plenty on everything including his background, how he bets, his past performance and the practicalities of following him in. As ever, a tipster is only as good as his betting record and on this front, the Mystery Tipster has excelled.
Perhaps most impressively of all is the fact that during his first 12 months he turned a profit from each month, showcasing remarkable consistency as the monthly breakdown table below indicates.
It is only more recently (Oct 15 to Feb 26) that he has suffered his first losing run, which has seen a reassessment of the service and a removal of all National Hunt racing advice. Although no-one likes to see losing runs, at least this does this help to showcase just how realistic and honest his results are. As a member of the Mystery Tipster service, you can expect to receive all of his racing tips via email each day of the week. On occasions, however, he will also send through these tips early in the morning, especially if awaiting news on the well-being of a particular horse or to observe ground conditions. On average you can expect between 2 and 4 tips most days, depending on the number and quality of races taking place. Each bet comes with a brief explanation as to why the Mystery Tipster has put it forward to help you understand his logic and provide some insight. There is a very simple staking plan in place for the service, with the vast majority of bets (around 80%) being at simple 1 pt level staking. The Mystery Tipster service also operates to the SBC fair odds settlement policy to ensure all members are fully confident they can get their bets on and at least match the results on display.
We believe that this policy will enable all members to at least match the results we settle all bets to. As a Mystery Tipster subscriber you can expect to receive regular communication and tips from the man himself and genuine insight from a well-connected racing professional. This is not the type of service where winners are guaranteed each and every day or even every month, but the basis of the knowledge and expertise built up by somebody firmly integrated into the racing world. As a member, you will receive all the advised bets complete with the staking plan and suggested odds and bookie offering the price via email each day.

Alongside this expect to learn a lot about his unique and professional approach to betting from his bet descriptions and explanations each day. Over the last few years, the Mystery Tipster’s own personal performance has averaged out at around 16%, yet he is constantly trying to tweak the way he does things to ensure this remains constant. No, we do not apply BOG to results but on occasions if able to take it, you may improve the performance levels we quote. On the majority of occasions, all bets will be advised at around 10pm the evening before racing, although on occasions they will be sent through in the early morning.
I am concerned about taking a price on a bet at these times in order to protect my bookmaker accounts. It is fair comment and certainly, some bookmakers are wary of lots of money coming in for a horse late at night or early morning before a market has fully formed.
Having said this – we recognise the service might not be for everyone, especially those with concerns about getting on. Mindful of these problems, will you adjust the time you advise bets so I can get on at a later time?
To follow any of the 7 tipsters revealed in the guide, you do need to subscribe to them individually to benefit from their advice.
Don't let these costs put you off though as 4 of the tipsters included cost less than A?30 a month, with further discounts available for longer-subscriptions.
Add in the money you would lose in following their betsa€¦ this could be the best investment you ever madea€¦. Throw in our full money back guarantee if not satisfied and you have nothing, absolutely nothing to lose!!! This table also includes other key figures such as Return on Investment (12 month ROI) and Return on Capital (12 month ROC). My first bet is up at Bolton where my fave team this year host unconvincing travellers Blackburn in a local derby. Looking at similar seasonal scoring stats, I make the % chance of overs to be 47% (about 2.12) and with Sunderland playing 3 up front they won’t be shy about getting forward.
City whilst not prolific themselves should enjoy the woeful defending on offer from the home team, although the best odds of 2.04 are not huge so just a shortlist bet here. You can get 1.83 with Bet365 and considering Redknapp’s charges have lost just 3 home games in 2 seasons, Chelsea have their work cut out here. Both prices I feel should be closer to evens, although some concerns that the Bolton game is a local derby where form can go pear-shaped and Villa need to bounce back from 4 losses on the bounce. Therefore I wanted to update you on the latest performance of the 9 top-rated racing tipsters that we monitor and report upon at the Secret Betting Club. At ?10 stakes, the return overall would have been ?348.70, which converts to ?3,487 at ?100 a bet. The biggest loss of the month came from Service’s 6 and 7 although as we will see shortly, they have been on fire for most of the year, so we can forgive them one bad month!
Anyone can get lucky over a short space of time and bag a few winners, but real skill only becomes obvious over time. It’s become a bit of an urban myth but apparently the tortoise actually won, which just goes to prove the point about getting ‘lucky’ over a short number of bets. Each tipster has their own methodology, some advise multiple bets each day, some a handful each week and it goes to show there are many ways to skin a betting cat! With a number of newly reviewed racing tipsters pushing hard for a Hall of Fame space, the pressure is on them to improve before too long. If you were of a cynical mindset you might wonder if the fact that Russia this week was quoted as being a “virtual mafia state with widespread corruption, bribery and protection rackets” made them so appealing to FIFA!?
None more so than this Monday with Aston Villa, who despite a run of losses lately have not been playing too badly and look to have a better chance than the odds suggest away at a Liverpool team minus Gerrard & Carragher. They have lost just 2 out of 26 at St Andrews and will give visitors Spurs a run for their money, especially if the away team gift them a head start like in a number of recent games. It needs some context though as the United back-line was distinctly second-rate and Scotty Parker et al wont find the Sunderland backline quite so generous. The only concern is which Arsenal show up as they are fast becoming a Jekyll and Hyde team, making them a punters nightmare.
Were his true identity to be revealed, it could very well much compromise his ability to get hold of the quality of information that has helped him make such strong racing profits.
It is wrong to assume any tipster is immune to a bad run although the key element here is just how well he has performed long-term. The rest of the bets take the form of 2 pt bets (very strong fancies) and even rarer still are any 3 pt bets (very, very strongly fancied bets). Very often, through the use of Betfair or by taking a stand-out price with one bookmaker you will be able to improve on results. Our advice is to bet sensibly, spreading your stake around multiple bookies and at reasonable sums.
We have no problems if this is the case, but equally recognise there are a number of punters for whom a service like ours appeals. The best news is that of my 9 ante-post bets, 6 are currently winning, which means a further 4.51 pts if it stays the same before the season is out.
A draw gives us a 0.41 pt profit, but I can easily see all three points going to the tome team.
To quickly re-cap, these 9 tipster services are all currently in our Hall of Fame – that is fully recommended by us as worth following with your own money. I can easily see Houllier’s return to Anfield ending in a draw and with a +1 Asian Handicap at 1.84, we can even lose by 1 goal and get our stake back. The pace of Young & Agbonlahor up against Kyrgiakos will certainly make for an interesting contest. Sunderland on the contrary are very strong at home and I expect Messrs Welbeck, Gyan and Bent to continue West Ham’s travel sickness. The 1.91 on the Black Cats indicates they have a 52% chance of victory, which I make closer to 60% so real value there.

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