Terrys Creek walking track runs between Vimiera Reserve (Essex St) and Dence Park (Stanley Rd) Epping and is a great place to grab some fresh air and a little bit of bushland close to home. This easy walk starts at Vimiera Park and meanders along to Dence Park along the creek bed. Along the walk you will have the opportunity to see some uniquely Australian flora and fauna including Eastern water dragons which are common along the creekline and it is sometimes possible to find one sunning itself on a warm rock. The main canopy trees in this area are Sydney Blue Gum, Turpentine and Blackbutt and there is an area, around a third of the way in, where the dense tree canopy filters the sunlight from above which creates a cooler, moister environment which allows rainforest species, including the thick green moss that covers the rock faces, to grow .

It is said that the grassed area now known as Vimiera Park was used by travellers journeying north on their first night out of Sydney. What to carry: Drinking water and a snack, a first aid kit (even on short walks), insect repellent, a mobile phone (coverage may not be available in valleys). Remember: Check the weather forecast and avoid walking in very cold, wet, windy or hot weather and on total fire ban days. WeekendNotes will notify you of the best free community events, concerts, exhibitions, cinema, festivals, and markets in your town or city.

Mature trees provide nesting opportunities and hollows for possums and many bird species including parrots and owls.

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