Does your business have continuous cash shortages? Are you unable to determine why you are short money?
The restaurant cash control forms and spreadsheets will help ensure your cash is going to the appropriate places and not getting lost in the shuffle. Go to Restaurant forms to view all of our forms, quick reference charts, checklists and spreadsheets.
If you do not see a specific restaurant form or spreadsheet here we can create one from scratch. It’s all about the profit margin, you can’t guess what you want your prices to be at on your menu. At the end of each servers shift simply print out the servers closing summary report and enter the necessary information directly off the servers summary report on to the servers cash out spreadsheet. Use the turnover calculator spreadsheet to find out the percentages of high turnover rates in your restaurant. A profit and loss statement (P&L) is a financial statement that summarizes the revenues, costs and expenses incurred during a specific period of time, usually a Monthly, fiscal quarter or year. Let’s talk about food cost, it is recommended to do food inventory weekly opposed to monthly.
By doing food inventory weekly, you will be able to pinpoint areas of opportunities (missing food) and you will be able to react or correct the loss before it becomes a bigger problem. At a glance you will be able to find out where your money is going and how much you are gaining or losing.
Colored shaded cells are protected: These cells contain formulas from various areas in this spreadsheet. Are you tired of not knowing how much alcohol inventory you have on hand in your restaurant? The manager on duty before they are done with the shift should record any deliveries for the day on to the alcohol vendor form. The cash shortage, damaged , lost or stolen property form is an excellent way to hold your employee accountable for their cash shortages damaged, lost or stolen property.
The use of this form is crucial in recouping cash shortages, damaged, lost or stolen property. Enter in your employee information or new hire information on to the Employee Information Sheet. On a daily basis enter in your employees hours worked on their time cards, the system will do the rest. The Time Clock system is designed for restaurants, however this system is universal to any business. If you are finding money missing, this is a great way to pinpoint issues with a shift or manager. The link for more info below also has a short video with information about how to use this system. The Daily Sales Sheet is a record of the of your restaurants cash flow for restaurants that serve alcohol. This is a great system that will help you spend less time calculating and more time on the floor. This system will help you spend less time calculating figures and spend more time in your dinning room where your money is. Do you have an Inventory system in place or are you a brand new business looking for an Inventory system that will work for your business?
Food Costs and Labor costs are vital to seeing whether you are meeting the goal of food costs in the equation.
You know that keeping track of your food and alcohol expenses are vital to seeing whether you are meeting the goal of making or breaking it. Are you an existing business and you can’t get a handle on ordering the correct amount of food for your restaurant?

Unless you are a genius and can remember everything you have ordered and is in your inventory, and you are not using a working system you could be risking your restaurant.
Are you an existing or new food service business and you are not sure how to order the correct amount of food for your restaurant?
Especially when your inventory involves expensive items and alcohol inventory, you could be losing money just in food and alcohol losses. Plus, if put time into finding something really special, you’ll be just as excited to slip into it as you are for your wedding dress. So, with Valentine’s Day almost upon us, we thought it was the perfect time to talk all things lingerie, and share a few of our favourite underwear brands and designers. While under your wedding dress it’ll be all about nude shapewear, wonky boob tape, and ugly seamless pants – not very sexy! Definitely a collection for confident, cool brides who want something truly unique for their wedding night.
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You can also see a video which explains how to use the system when you click on the link below.
This is the same basic system as the one without alcohol, but areas have been added for tracking beer, liquor, wine, and kegs.

Or maybe you are visually eyeing the food inventory and guessing what you will,need to get through the week on food and drinks. You may run out of food and create poor customer server or you may order food more food than you need, creating more inventory and increasing food spoilage loss. Be sure to scroll down to the end of the page to shop for your own wedding night essentials.
We’d love to hear your suggestions for great brands to check out for hot wedding night lingerie. We know restaurants and have developed these based on our experiences and input from restaurant owners. Well you do now, use the restaurant server cash checkout spreadsheet every time when your servers are ready to cash out with you or the manager. This does more than just track your sales, you'll track food and alcohol sales, customer counts, check averages, whether your cash is above or below what it should be and more just by inputting a few key numbers each day.
Since we have years of experience in the restaurant industry, we know what works for restaurants.
More inventory is difficult to track, the least amount of inventory on hand, without running out of food, may give you a better food cost and less chance of food waste.
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If you have ideas on what would help you please call us at 1+(717) 774-3698 or 1+(800) 753-0657. Once you know what your turnover percentage is, then you can begin in creating an action plan in reducing the turnover cost.
The only difference is time keeping system in the row above is for 20 employees or less and the system in this row is for 30 employees or less. You'll track check averages, plus or minus cash for the day, customer counts, and more just by inputting a few key numbers each day.
Maybe it is because someone is overpouring alcohol, or giving out free drinks when you aren't there, or are busy with other responsibilities. Posing with flower bouquet in hands, the Victoria’s Secret angel flaunts the labels latest floral, polka dots, heart and animal prints against bright pink backdrop.
This spreadsheet contains formulas that automatically calculate based on what you enter into the spreadsheet.
Simply print out the form and cut out the 4 worksheets, then print out their close out summery report.
Once you record all the information that is needed than you will be able to view at a glance the + or - of the drawer. Since we have years of experience in the restaurant industry, some where alcohol was served, we know what works for restaurants. Re-training employees or knowing who is taking away from your business is important in the equation. Adriana wears balconette bras in lace and padded push-up bras with matching panties from the label’s latest collection.
Enter the pertinent information, once entered you will be able to collect the right amount of cash owed to the restaurant or bar.
By keeping a solid record you will be able to track any discrepancies and pinpoint the origin of the shortage or overage.

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