This activity is flexible enough to be a stand alone lesson or integrated with arithmetic operations so that students have a budget of, for example, $100 and they can write checks to pay for whatever they want from an advertisement, as long as they stay under budget.  I have not included any items that students could pretend to purchase so you may want to bring in a local advertisement or create your own. This work by Glenrock Consulting, LLC is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
If the state had not cut funding for the mental institutions, this project could never have happened.

Click here"Yelling out of cars, turning your speakers out the window to blast your music onto the street, setting off M-80 firecrackers, firing automatic weapons into the air—these are all well and good. But none of them create a merry atmosphere of insouciance and bonhomie quite like a revving motorcycle. Alessandra wears cute babydolls, lace trimmed panties, robes, slips, chemise and animal prints from the label’s latest collection.

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    This practice encourages an absence of reaction to thoughts vipassana.
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    Blended mindfulness abilities training with concrete purposes.