This is perhaps one of the strangest reviews I have ever had to write, as due to the concept of a Secret Cinema: Tell No One event, I am forbidden to spoil the name of the film to which the whole evening revolves around.
Last night was just my third visit to a Secret Cinema production and the first time I have attended without actually knowing the title of the film. So, without giving too much away (and this will therefore be a fairly short review), the action takes place in a certain U.S. The screening itself takes place in the infamous "War Room" at the Pentagon, cleverly designed with a stage in the middle and screens surrounding you on the walls. I would like to applaud Secret Cinema on this occasion particularly for the employment of much older actors than those I have witnessed previously. Click HERE to buy tickets to Secret Cinema: Tell No One, which continues running through to 20 March 2016. DISCLAIMER : Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in these pages.
If you haven’t heard of it before, Secret Cinema creates immersive theatrical evenings featuring films, music and installations in mystery locations. On the other hand, it is also very exciting to see a film when you already feel part of its world after wondering round inside it. How do you write about an event when to do so could possibly spoil things for those yet to experience it? Normally keeping the movie under wraps until you are through the door, Secret Cinema have recreated Star Wars much to the delight of fans across the country.
If you are not familiar with Secret Cinema, the ‘live cinema’ company curate events that fuse film and theatre, re-creating large-scale immersive experiences that blur the lines of fiction and reality.
Taking on beloved cult franchise, Star Wars, for a remarkable four-month London run, the show is inspired by the A New Hope, with fans living the first of the original trilogy before watching sequel The Empire Strikes Back at the end of the night. In line with the spirit of the event we can’t reveal much more about what happens on the night, but rest assured, the Secret Cinema team have meticulously recreated a world so treasured by fans across the globe. With audience members taking real pleasure in dressing up as characters from the film, don’t miss the start of the event as things instantly kick into gear. Newcomers to Star Wars (yes, there are some out there) shouldn’t be put off, and it’s not a precursor that you be a huge franchise buff, but at ?78 per ticket and ?52 for children you probably need to a fan to justify the expense. Because of the price, Secret Cinema’s The Empire Strikes Back production is not an unmissable experience.
We’ve been featured on the front page of Reddit and produced off-shoot club night Friday Night Fist Fight, launched a Creative Agency and events column The London List.
We’ve been featured on the front page of Reddit and produced off-shoot club nights Friday Night Fist Fight and Adventurers of the Peak, launched a Creative Agency and events column The London List.

I had previously visited its productions of "Ghostbusters" and "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back," which were both announced beforehand, with only the locations being kept secret.
Attendees embark on a 360-degree journey where the film is brought to life with over 35 actors, live music, and spectacular scenery, in Secret Cinema's uniquely creative approach to live experiences. Imagine what it might be like if that came to life in a large warehouse-like building in the middle of London. It’s all very cloak and dagger: you are told a meeting point only after you book, where you congregate with a mass of other eccentrically dressed people, all looking equally as confused. It feels slightly like a farce, but one with a very dry and very good sense of humour: you walk out and start seeing your life in Wes Anderson-esque centre-framed shots. By now it probably sounds like a broken record, but yet again their latest production is their most ambitious yet. With actors recreating story lines from A New Hope in a number of picture-perfect sets, it’s a great experience and you really feel part of the action. Few nights out in London can justify a ?100+ all-in price tag, and though this production does come close, I’d be lying if I thought it was totally worth it.
Launching back in 2005 as a digital publication about Sony’s PSP handheld games console, we’ve grown and evolved now covering the arts and lifestyle, architecture, design and travel.
Launching back in 2005 as a digital publication about Sony’s PSP handheld games console, we’ve grown and evolved beyond recognition, now covering art, film, music, style, architecture and design. There is something uniquely refreshing about heading out on an evening and not be entirely sure what you are going to get. Furthermore I was impressed with the increased amount of pyrotechnics used within this production, despite the fact that I personally jump a mile every time an explosion goes off. That is more or less what Secrets Cinema’s latest event surrounding a screening of Wes Anderson’s new film is like. From there you are ushered by purple clad bell boys (and girls) to ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’. From what I can gather, previous Secret Cinema events have featured films which are already notorious, which would mean you would understand more of what’s going on, and might find it all more exciting.
Though the sheer scale of the audience can make you feel lost in the production at times, if you explore and talk to the characters there’s plenty to do and you might even kick off some of the night’s big events.
That said, fans are still flocking to the event in their droves and there’s no doubt you’ll have a lot of fun, just here’s hoping the next production doesn’t jump in price again, with tickets costing almost double what they used to just three years ago. You can have a few educated guesses, I suppose, after you receive your character profile, costume and props checklist, but this reviewer, for one, was none the wiser. You feel completely immersed in a different world, which scenic designers have pain-stakingly kitted out to enhance your experience.

Everytime I admire the ways in which the company brings iconic films to life in a 360 degree experience.
In keeping with the feel of the evening, you are required to hand over your phone on entry and then have two hours to explore the corridors and various enactments in the massive venue.
But I threw myself into my role and tried my best to stay in character for the duration of the evening. Your evening will also be completely different from other patrons, who have been assigned other characters. I can only imagine the amount of carefully timed choreography that goes into the preparation of these events, making sure as many patrons as possible can get in on the action throughout the evening.
I was no longer Tom Millward of the London Theatre Guide, but Percy Naquin, Technical Sergeant in the Data Operations Department of the U.S. Whether you are an airman, a technical sergeant, a member of the press or even a diplomat for the night, you are sure to be kept on your toes with your individual tasks, as well as the more obvious and larger played out scenes which all patrons then witness together.
My only qualm this time was that perhaps I would have relished a little more comedy or comic elements in the theatrical proceedings before the screening to match the partially comic tone of the film itself. But otherwise, it was yet another triumph and I'm sure the company's growing fan base will not be disappointed. The set is gorgeously decked out and there are a number of delicious smelling food stalls tempting us to part with even more money. Actors mingle with the public and really this portion of the evening is as immersive as you want it to be, get into character and join in or simply hang back and observe the madness, the choice is yours and there’s really no pressure to join in. You can barter with Jawa’s and try to avoid any Imperial entanglements amongst the impressive area.
Without wishing to reveal anything keep your eyes peeled on more than the screen and our advice is to arrive early and nab a seat at the front or at least half way back from the screen for maximum enjoyment.
The audience are loud and enthusiastic, whooping and cheering at key moments, lightsabres are held aloft at various points throughout and it’s an immensely fun atmosphere. We took the rather curmudgeonly route of prancing about in our civvies and repeatedly forgetting our character name but it’s no less enjoyable to observe others getting into the spirit of things. In short, if you’re a Star Wars fan and fancy a night pretending you’re part of the universe you adore can you really see yourself missing the chance to catch a Jawa with his hand in your bag or having to show your papers to an Imperial Stormtrooper?

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