Please read: This is a community-maintained wiki post containing the most important information from this thread.
Please remember to PM wharvey both when you ship your gifts (with contents and tracking for each recipient) and when you receive your gifts (with contents and a name for your santa if possible)! Include pictures if you can-and please only link to posts once you have unwrapped your gifts!
As mentioned above, I'll be hanging on to them all for Friday morning, but regardless of what's in them, thank you to my Santas - this year simply receiving the parcels counts for a lot.

And a shout out to a Super Secret Santa who saw a previous post of mine and sent a gift without even being a part of the official FTSS this year. And to whichever Santa sent me the Chinese food gift card: it's already being put to great use! Got two more parcels today - one at the door from Indigo (I was actually home to answer it?!) and 90 minutes later got a notice to head to the post office for another one from Amazon! I'm only home for a few minutes before heading to the USO, but I will open gifts and post photos tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to taking you up on the offer for Korean BBQ since we're basically neighbors; thank you again!

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