The search for the remaining crystals intensifies, as the Circle zeroes in on the traitor in their midst. Following Jane’s death, Cassie (Britt Robertson) was trying to keep from falling apart on the April 26 episode of The Secret Circle. Diana (Shelley Hennig), meanwhile, was coming to terms with the discovery of her true paternity.
At the abandoned house, John and the others were looking for the remaining crystals, at which point Faye and Jake showed up with the crystal they had found. Back at the abandoned house, Faye’s crystal was stolen using magic, presumably by the traitor helping the witch hunters.
Elsewhere, John paid Dawn a visit and asked her to keep a close eye on Charles, who was planning on leaving town with Diana.

Finally, the search for Faye’s crystal led the Circle to Hudson Fields, an abandoned amusement park, which might be the creepiest place on earth. Il souffle comme un air de rebellion a Chance Harbor, les membres du cercle se mefient les uns des autres et les trahisons se devoilent. When Jake informed them it was dead, John told them it could be recharged with the power of the Circle. Being Diana, she came right out and asked Charles (Gale Harold), who admitted he and Diana’s mother had been separated before she got pregnant. Charles assured Diana he was her father no matter what, and told her to stay away from John. Il cherche a tout prix a ce que Cassie utilise la magie noire et la question est pourquoi ?

Besides, if Jake and Faye didn’t make such a hot couple, I would totally be rooting for Jake and Cassie to get it on. Etrange comportement non ?Cassie devient de plus en plus independante, Voir le textequitte a se mettre tout les membres du cercle a dos et a chaque fois elle le met en danger. Anyways, by a stroke of luck, Adam remembered the cloaking spell his grandfather used to cast when he was little and uncovered the hiding place of the final crystal. Ils se detestent, il lui promet de la tuer apres avoir recupere le cristal, mais lui sauve la vie.

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