Fay is absolutely fantastic, when she is talking on the phone with Adam is really as bitchy, but then if you have noticed during the fight with Heather she is ??holding Cassie's hand! Sinopse:Cassie e uma garota timida de dezesseis anos de idade que se muda de volta para a cidade de Nova Salem com sua mae. The CW premiered the pilot episode of its upcoming supernatural drama The Secret Circle at Comic Con International in San Diego. The Secret Circle is full of mystery, drama and romance, and aimed directly at fans The CW’s The Vampire Diaries, also based on Smith’s books. After the screening, the main cast and crew took to the stage for a very brief panel session.
The series marks the first venture into fantasy for Britt Robertson, who previously starred in The CW teen drama Life Unexpected.

However,  it’s familiar territory for her co-star Phoebe Tonkin, who before playing Faye Chamberlain was best known for her role in the Australian children’s fantasy series H20: Just Add Water. Robertson revealed the first scene she filmed was one in which she almost kisses Thomas Dekker (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles), who plays her love interest Adam Conant.
Dekker, who was sitting next Robertson on the panel, playfully attempted to recreate the moment, but the actress wouldn’t have any of it. So the timeline on this show is that everyone in the parents' circle got pregnant at 17?!
Antes que ela deixe sua cidade velha, no entanto, ela se apaixona por um garoto misterioso chamado Adam quem ela pensa que nunca vera novamente.
Nesta elite, ha duas meninas que se interessam em Cassie: Faye, que olha para ela e tem prazer em causar-lhe dor e quer fazer um boneco de Cassie, e Diana, que e muito mais agradavel e torna-se melhores amigas com Cassie e ambas comecam a amar uma a outra como irmas.

Smith’s popular young-adult fantasy novels, the series centers on Cassie Blake, a 16-year-old girl who discovers after the tragic death of her mother that she and five of her classmates are descended from powerful witches dating back to 1692.
Os novos amigos de Cassie sao forcados a contar a ela seus segredos – todos sao bruxos e sua chegada ira completar o Circulo.

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