Faye teased that the Circle would travel to “the creepiest place on earth” in Episode 20 “Traitor” and our girl did not disappoint!
We later find out that Charles knew all along about his wife’s fling with Blackwell that happened during a brief split. Speaking of those crystals, Faye uncovers hers (mid-hookup with Jake mind you) inside her mother’s pill bottle that she stole from her purse.
Cassie Blake (Britt Robertson) wears these brown lace up boots in this epsiode of The Secret Circle.
Full disclosure: after seeing those freakish clowns jumping out of nowhere, we’re sleeping with the lights on tonight! Not really a fan of the truth, John tells Cassie that witch hunters are behind Jane’s death.
Realizing the danger of having Diana around John’s power to manipulate, Charles plans to leave town with his daughter. That’s right: Jake’s brother’s not dead after all…and is Nick the witch traitor who’s out to see the Circle – and the witch hunters – destroyed?

At the same time, her true feelings for Adam and Jake surface during a birthday party that Ethan decides to throw with the help of Diana. Wallpaper images in the The Secret Circle (TV Show) club tagged: secret circle tv show promo the secret circle.
Adding to his list of fibs, he also denies any knowledge of Diana being his daughter and discloses his plot to kill the remaining elders to Faye’s mom, Dawn. Wallpaper images in the The Secret Circle (TV Show) club tagged: secret circle tv show cw pilot season 1 episode 1 promotional photos.
Sacrifice Previous Next Witch-hunter Samuel tracks down Jake with a message detailing about Ebens next move.
With help from Melissa – and drinking in the middle of the afternoon – Adam figures out how to uncloak his grandpa’s most prized possessions.
And not too much later, Jake finds Ian dead at Hudson Fields, home of the creepiest carnival ever and the stolen crystal.
Jake gets a surprise visit from an old acquaintance named Samuel, a witch hunter, who has a message for Blackwell about Ebens surprising next move.

Forcing him to reveal what he knows, Cassie is shocked to learn what he is trying to resurrect, and the danger it poses to the. And after consulting the magical map that shows the locations of crystals, he knows his fam’s rock is somewhere in the high school.
Worst thing is it has been canceled and so much was opened up on the finale of which will now never be complete :( not to mention the books were only a slight guide so they wont answer the questions of This week on The (, ) John Blackwell and the get to the bottom of the witch hunter Ebens demonic plan. Faye and Melissa help out Adam at the Boathouse in return for magic to enhance Hey, The - Sacrifice fans, we did the best to help you to watch The - Sacrifice.
Meanwhile, Faye and Melissa agree to help Adam at the Boathouse, if he will help them use their magic to enhance their.

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