Representatives of CW hold their ground – there is no money to shoot the sequel of «The Secret Circle» series.
Today the creators don’t want to finance the second season, despite the fact that the ratings of series are one and a half time higher that in «Nikita» series, financed by CW. Max I guess if there is a season 2 it will revolve around the balcoin circle a circle formed with dark magic and how Adam uses its power instead of cloaking it to save the balance of the universe from tipping and I think Charles will still be paralysed with sigils on his hands to stop demons from possessing him but he will feel no pain in his state. Lilli Watching this series in Germany after I got to know it while living in the States..
Secret Circle Why did they even start the show if they had no money for it ?.
Caitlyn all they want is money and if they cant get it then they cancell u.. Quendella Pls release season 2 of secret circle cos I can’t wait 2 see wats next. Deanna Please let them come back on i don’t know what we will do with out the show . Les reactions des internautes sur Twitter apres la diffusion heir soir sur la CW du season finale de The Secret Circle ! C'est hier que c'est acheve la diffusion de la premiere saison de The Secret Circle sur la CW. Fans collected more than 20 thousand signatures to support the favorite show, but that fact didn’t influence the CW director’s decision. Release date, expected by fans, is still possible to be announced, but the experts believe that the sequel isn’t going to be produced.
I am going to be very happy ungratfully happy wonderouslly happy because it is a great show and I need more of it I have been hooked on it for along time it’s very great!

Maybe they should stop this stupid boring shows cause no body watches it and BRING back new season of circle dammit!!!!
Nikita and beauty and the beast need to be gone, there rating aren’t nearly as great as what TSC was! All of my friends love it and are extremely devastated that people were stupid enough to listen to ratings!!! And they’ll bite at the edges of their nails when the season 2 pilot will have a much higher rating than the rest of season one. Concernant le season finale de The Secret Circle diffuse hier soir et la fin des chasseurs de sorcier, on a eu quelques reponses concernant certaines de nos questions.
You can’t just stop with one season that’s called abuse right there haha if there is no second season I would be terribly depressed!
So please be smart and bring it back… They bring everything else back why not bring back something good! I am so mad that i watched it to late wish that i ould have done something to bring it back.. I just don’t understand how a show with a lower fan base and rating can continue on and this be cancelled. Pour ceux qui ne veulent pas etre spoile sur ce qui s'est passe dans l'episode on vous deconseille la lecture de l'article qui suit !
And don’t even get me started on the cliff hanger it was do huge I mean the four other balconies children were standing on a rock heading to chance harbor unitedly there new characters so we need to meet them!
Let’s say America gave a small crystal sharing for TSC and more bitemarks to other shows but HOW ABOUT THE WORLD?
Faye a ete attaque par les chasseurs de sorciers avant que n'interviennent Jake, Melissa et Adam venus a son secours.

So much cliff hangers at the end scenes which could have made for an amazing second season. I will not ever watch a show on the CW again, and I know I’m not the only one who has committed to this. And with ONE OF THE BIGGEST, HYPERVENTILATING,EPIC cliff-hanger in TV Series’, who will not root for a second season. John Blackwell finira d'ailleurs par reveler ses malefiques intentions, a savoir tuer tous les sorciers qui ne sont pas du sang des Balcoin.
What I can think, and say about all this… Season one revisited and edited the book with its own semi-original plot but with the same intentions of the book (The Initiation), and Season 2 will surely make the story five times higher than the first season, because what do we expect in literature?
I cried when adam and cassie broke up i know in my heart that they are meant t b with each other and they need each other from going mad.. We all deserve to know what happens to everyone now that the other Balcoin children have come to Chance Harbor. Il avouera aussi etre le pere de quatre autres enfants (outre Cassie et Diana) avec qui il veut creer un nouveau cercle. Cassie parvient a reveiller la magie noire de Diana et elles parviennent a se sauver et a empecher les autres sorciers de mourir. A la fin de l'episode, on decouvre quatre enfants, regardant Chance Harbor du haut d'une colline. La camera se focalise alors sur la main d'un des enfants qui porte la marque de la magie noire, revelant que ce petit groupe est constitue des quatre autres enfants Balcoin.

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