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Wise grandma Jane explains that Calvin is indeed a witch and it is difficult to know how many witches there are in Chance Harbor as the majority keep it a secret and some fled after the incident.
Jake is gone when Cassie arrives and fearing for his life, Calvin says he doesn’t know anything about the knife. Jake is with his boss in their secret shed where he sets out the same potion he used on Calvin for each of our teenage witches. The bash starts off reasonably well with Faye using her feminine touch to distract Jake, meaning Cassie is able to break into Nick’s old house to look for clues. Each member of the circle has been abducted by Luke and wake up in the witch hunter’s shed.
Arriving home, Cassie finds notes left by Calvin in her post-box, no doubt explaining her dark magic.
Jane took off earlier to visit an elder named Henry (what a great idea leaving the teens on the most haunted night of the year!) as she hadn’t heard from him in a few weeks.
Honestly, it was as big a thrill to book that show…I cannot believe I will get to be in the same room as Jessica Lange, let alone work with her. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.

The bitchy witch invites Luke, a la, the lad that Cassie went with to the school disco, so that Cassie will have someone to flirt with at the party in the hope that Adam and Diana will rekindle their relationship. Cassie discovers a piece of the knife that the witch huntress tried to kill her with in the last episode. However, when Calvin leaves the room, Cassie spots a similar item with the symbols on it and takes a sneaky photo. All that is now needed is their blood, which means they have to abduct them from the party. Rummaging around the house she comes across a knife almost identical to that of the witch huntress. It turns out that her dad might be Blackwall, who was mentioned in last week’s episode.
The head hunter waits outside as Luke prepares to kill them, but Jake bolts to his boss, warning him that this ritual won’t kill Cassie because of her dark magic.
Adam tries one last attempt to win back Diana, but she is still not ready for them to be together again and Adam is left heartbroken. When Cassie accidently touches the shop owner, Calvin, the mirror behind him smashes into smithereens! Two strange symbols are carved on it so she decides to visit Calvin as he might know what they mean. With Adam’s help they scan the photo to uncover that the symbols stand for witch hunter.

Calvin phones Cassie to warn her of her hidden roots so she might be able to fight against it, but their connection breaks when Calvin walks straight into Jake. However, outside she meets Jake and when she tells him her plans, he secretly makes her car engine die so he can make it to the antique shop before her.
Cassie tells Jake their findings, but when he mentions three symbols instead of two, Cassie becomes weary of him. To save his life, Calvin confesses that Cassie has dark magic inside of her and that is why he was calling her, not about the symbols, but Jake is one evil, evil witch and kills him anyway! As Luke goes to kill Diana, Cassie screams and the beaker filled with the ingredients explodes.
Mixing Calvin’s blood, a plant and a personal item, Jake creates a witches brew which could kill Calvin by lighting it.
In revenge, Luke  next goes after Cassie, however, she makes Luke catch on fire and as his body burns they are able to make their escape. All Calvin needs to do to stop Jake from lighting the potion is to tell Cassie nothing about the symbols. Outside, Jake is lying on the ground, faking that he was also abducted, although the teen witches don’t believe him.

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