As the royals gathered at Windsor to celebrate Easter it was the Countess of Wessex who, for once, caught the eye.
Normally content to blend into the background, Sophie’s figure-hugging pencil skirt and peacock-feather hat drew gasps of admiration. Sophie has always been a favourite daughter-in-law of the Queen and it’s not hard to see why. The pair have become close confidantes, something which would never have seemed possible during Sophie’s ill-fated days in public relations.
It was not only the style but the vivid electric blue colour which grabbed attention.However, this was more than a middle-aged woman with an enviable figure making a fashion statement.
In fact the Countess of Wessex and the 86-year-old Monarch enjoy a unique, generation-spanning friendship.

Sophie, once a hapless junior royal who had a habit of landing herself in hot water, has undergone a transformation over the past few years.She is now a woman of 48 who is confident of her place within the heart of the Royal Family. After previously struggling with the demands of simultaneously trying to be a career woman and royal wife, she is at ease.
At the time it appeared that the Countess was determined, apparently against the advice of Buckingham Palace, to plough a furrow as a career girl while also being a member of the Royal Family.Sophie was also widely attacked for allegedly using her royal status to win lucrative contracts. It was seen as a measure of the high regard the Queen now has for Sophie that she was entrusted with the task.
It might have jarred with some younger women when someone like Kate Middleton came along and got all the attention but Sophie was able to put it in perspective. In particular, the bond between Sophie and her mother-in-law is said to have been cemented by their mutual concern for Louise.

The Countess is privileged enough to be the only member of the Royal Family to ride in the State Limousine with the Queen at Sandringham on Christmas Day. Despite suggestions that she would like more responsibility she’s become more of a workaday royal, going uncomplainingly about the ribbon-cutting. As her eye-catching performance at the weekend demonstrates, she’s also become something of a fashion icon who is renowned for her understated style.
She is also reported to be working with a personal trainer, which is clearly reaping dividends.She might still be low profile but Sophie deserves our recognition and not just for the outfits she selects from her wardrobe.

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