One rising star that comes to mind is Stephen Curry, who set a single season record for most three pointers made.
While most players were taught to keep 10 toes pointed straight to the rim, Curry maintains an excellent balance and control by actually turning his feet about 10 degrees away from the basket to his weak side hand, aligning his hip and right shoulder to the basket which leads to a straight shot coming from his right arm. The ironic thing is Curry himself claims to square his feet but as you can see from the video above he clearly turns turns them. When Shooting of the pass Curry dips the ball, dropping it a few inches below from where he caught it. This action of taking the ball back makes it much more accurate because when the ball is released it already has some energy going in the direction you’re sending it. The same principle can be applied to basketball and dipping the ball increases the possibility of inertia, thus increases your chance to making the shot, so dip as long as you want. When he catches the pass, he very slightly lowers his arms and raises up over his head as he’s jumping, which gives him a steady release and more power for long distance shots. Curry is a one motion shooter, which means there’s no hitch or stopping, he releases the ball in one fluid motion. Some people will say this form is incorrect but the good thing about it is that the release is very quick when you shoot in a one motion shot.
I personally prefer the 2 motion shot because I’m more used to it and it gives me more control over the power I put into the shot when I need to jump high. Stephen is using very little knee flexion as he shoots, his legs are bent just slightly just to give him enough power to jump, but speed is the main component here. Shooting narrow is important especially for guards because it enhances the speed of the shot and guards need to be quick with it.
BTW, if you noticed from watching the video Curry also lands forward from where he jumped, also allowing the momentum of his body to shoot from longer distances. Hopefully these tips will help you in your jump shot, these are things you can start practicing right now and I will get into more of these shooting techniques later on. However there is a way to do so, and I had great success with Shot Mechanics Automatic Shooting System by Coach Collin Castellaw. The program takes the mechanics of some of the best NBA players and dissects it to small chunks so that you’re able to adapt to every aspect of their shot and improve your shooting form by building the right muscle memory for a perfect shot.
Well, If you look closely you’ll see that he does sweep a little bit, especially on 3point shots. Everybody is so focused on Curry’s form, me included, thinking that his form is what makes him such a great shooter.
Maybe its his focus point, where he aims, or some other attributes or technique that he would never disclose. Think about it, it doesn’t make sense that his form could be so inconsistent, yet he remains such a high percentage shooter. True, it’s a lot of practice and no one can argue with that, but practicing the right form consistently is the key. You are so off about the bent knees (puhlenty of that) and there also is no rulebreaking going on anywhere, it is textbook (who preaches true squaring up or ever did?) that it makes one wonder about this entire set of advice.

And as for breaking the rules I was referring to his lower body inconsistency when it comes to his landing width. Releasing a fraction of a second at the peak of his jump and the one finger is the last to touch the ball as if pointing towards the basket. I have discovered that if I put the tip of my fingers on the ball before I raise it up my L is there at the height of my jump and I find that I am more accurate than if I waiting to hit the L just before I release the shot. Is never a force but an easy snap of the wrist as I push the ball upwards in a rounding release.
One-motion shooters like Curry have much bigger range because they don’t have to put so much force into their shot as it happens naturally.
Yes, I see him many times shoot with all fingers down, but it looks like his mid finger is the most dominant one.
Basically my say on this is that you shouldn’t try and palm when shooting, it stiffens the finishing of your shot and makes your hand more tense. Notice that when curry shoots his fingers are not all at the same height, the mid finger and the index finger are always touching the ball last. For years I tried to re-create Indian restaurant curries at home, but they never quite tasted the same. The secret I have found to re-create the depth of  flavour in British Indian Restaurant Style curries is a base (or gravy) created with carrots and a-lot of onions. I am hanging out to see how you use this gravy base to make some of the well known curries that you have mentioned. I have read that marinating ingredients overnight is the key to successful BIR cuisine yet did nothing for me. For Korma dishes, most people know that it is Coconut Milk for a truly authentic Thai gravy – Asian curries are typically mild and soupy compared with the kind of Indian raw spice ones you are writing about.
Sometimes called garlic chives, cloves of garlic are planted and develop green shoots rather like spring onions. Sweetly aromatic, mint is versatile enough to transform all kinds of dishes, sweet and savoury. These little greenish pods have a heavenly aroma that lends itself to both sweet and savoury dishes. Store the ground spices in a small non-corrosive, airtight container, and remember to label it. Steph Curry and his wife met in a youth group at the Central Church of God in Charlotte when they were young but apparently they don’t pray when Steph Curry comes back from a game. From now on I’m sure we will keep score of the number of 3s Steph Curry is making during his games to find out if he will get his reward. Get your daily fix of the hottest celebrity photos on red carpet, in bikini, on vacation and fashion photos from the red carpet, awards shows, events and more. Shooting is the most prevalent way points are being made in the game, therefore it’s an extremely important skill to have. When a bowling player comes to throw the ball he first cocks his hand back and only then launches it forward.

This allows him to set his form as he is catches the pass, which makes it easier for him to catch and launch in record time. The reason for that is that curry is very consistent with his upper-body so he can do whatever he wants with his legs and still release the ball the same way. It doesn’t always look so because Stephen doesn’t jump so high when he shoots, but when he takes 3pointers you can see his feet land more forward. Because if your form lacks the proper mechanics then you might end up practicing something that causes you to miss shots rather than helping you make progress. But I got a little rusty on my shooting technique, but as I watch the videos of Stephen I’m improving each day.
We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right. Like most novice curry enthusiasts I started with pre-made curry powders, pastes and then moved onto making my own spice mixtures. This method of cooking doesn’t come from traditional Indian cooking, but was the result of high street restaurants trying to speed up the cooking process. Add the garlic, ginger, turmeric, garam masala, fenugreek, coriander and cumin, and allow to fry for a minute or so to release the aromatics. Thawed one batch, added a can of coconut milk chicken veggies, including eggplant, and chicken thighs.
Its wonderful aroma, freshness and vibrancy is a must for chutneys, sauces, raitas and sambhals. I don’t know if he does or not but it looks like he has a jump shot where when he shoots, he jumps at the same place where his feet were.
But i’ve seen him often times bending his knees after the ball starts to go up, especially if he spots up or in the three point contest. And always a light movement toward the basket and always keeping your eye on where you release the ball. Traditional Indian cooking is very time consuming and labour intensive, and the pre-cooked gravy was the restaurants answer to creating large batches to act as a base for many dishes that could be prepared quickly and easily such as madras, vindaloo, phall, dhansak, jalfrezi, korma, etc. The curries tasted good, but they were underwhelming and didn’t match anything I tried in Indian restaurants. I have been looking for a basic curry sauce to make in a large batch so that I didn’t have to rely on on pre-made. After a lot of searching, I stumbled across an on-line discussion about re-creating BIR style curries at home and before long I had hit a goldmine of information.
I also wanted a base that had no salt, as my husband can’t have sauce but was wanting curry.

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