We choose, through volunteering, charity, civic organizations, and our churches to help those less fortunate.
The president and his minions on the left could be purple with red polka dots and I wouldn’t really care. Government largess is today doled out on the backs of the 53% of us actually paying income taxes.
This code is called a "cipher".On this page, you find the instructions for making a tool that helps you create your own secret code for kids!This tool is called the "Cipher Wheel", and it will help you do the ceasar cipher. YOHN IS IN LOVE WITH OUINTYSelect a single character from the alfabet (except "J" and "Q") and write down that character as the first letter of your encrypted message.ex.

YOHN IS IN LOVE WITH OUINTYH (for this example, I've chosen "H").Rotate the upper wheel until the black triangle points to the character you have just selected. Turn the inner wheel so that the number (21 in our example) lines up with the out wheel letter (M in our example). VDAC LW LC FDKP SLRA DHLCRVYOHN IS IN LOVE WITH OUINTYCheck the Y's and O's, if the message makes more sense with a J or a Q instead.ex.
JOHN IS IN LOVE WITH QUINTYDon't forget to destroy the message after you've read it!Have fun creating your own secret codes for kids! For each letter of your message, find that character on the outer wheel, and write down the letter that is exactly beneath it on the inner wheel until your message is complete.

To read the encrypted message get the key from the message sender and align the wheel – keep the wheel in this position. For each letter of your message, find that character on the inner wheel, and write down the letter that is exactly above it on the outer wheel.

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