This documentary has been reported and confirmed as having a broken link.The video below may be replaced by a trailer temporarily. Peak oil – the point in time at which the highest rate of oil extraction has been reached, and after which world production will start decline. In The Secret Life Of Uri Geller a€” Psychic Spy?, film-maker Vikram Jayanti spoke to a host of scientists, intelligence agents and Washington and Pentagon insiders.
It was a CIA agent in Mexico City, known simply as Mike, who had spotted Gellera€™s potential, especially in Mexico which at the time was heaving with KGB agents and where Geller had become a huge star.Mike also knew the incoming President, Jimmy Carter, was interested in the paranormal. Sovietsa€™ involvement in psychic research.A decade later, according to the new film, Geller was still considered an asset, with Americaa€™s top nuclear arms treaty negotiator, Ambassador Max Kampelman,A  flying him to Geneva for arms reduction talks.
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Over the years, his tricks have baffled scientists and enraged his rivals.Now, the BBC film, to be broadcast later this year, claims Geller was recruited to help Western intelligence services as they battled to stay ahead of their Communist enemies in the Seventies and Eighties. Here was an ideal opportunity for the CIA.a€?I was used to erase floppy disks on Aeroflot flights when KGB agents were flying with diplomatic pouches to the West,a€™ claims Geller. At a dinner the night before, Geller beamed a€?positive thoughtsa€™ into the mind of the top Soviet negotiator. The following day, Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev announced a plan to rid Europe of medium-range nuclear missiles. The old Seven Sisters, by comparison, produce a tenth of the world's oil, and control only three percent of the reserves.The balance has shifted. I said a€?Noa€? to dark things,a€™ says Geller of his alleged second career as a spy.So what did he do?

And how did the man who many believe cana€™t even bend a fork without hiding a magnet in his hand come to captivate Americaa€™s spy chiefs?
He spent months wired up in lab tests and a€” according to the documentary a€” the results convinced scientists that he really did have special skills.For example, he was allegedly able to guess letters of the alphabet that other people were thinking about. The crisis began when an Air France flight flying from Israel to Paris with 250 people on board was hijacked. The numbers he had been given, he said later, related to a radar station the commandos needed to put out of action to take the terrorists by surprise.

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