OverviewA gifted young man with a troubled present is recruited to join a secret independent intelligence group known only as the Kingsmen. The skirt at the top part of it is like a cartoon part, see Barbie's hand and you can see it!
So, FS' cover has three different variants, and I feel, that this cover will be real cover for it. Changes in css, for better content reading, new thumbnail generation to avoid browser incompatibility issues.

Brought into a world previously unknown to him, full of spies, wealth, and gadgets he could only dream of, the young man faces the huge hurdle of passing the tough entrance exam.
From an artistic standpoint, it's not so bad (that said, Barbie's smile DOES look weird) but I'm pretty sick of looking at it.
While I was staring both the covers (The DVD version and on the doll cover, for comparison), they look exactly the same! The game has changed quite a bit since BC, so hopefully this will help you understand the fastest way to level.

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