Dear subscriber,I have not posted here in a while as I have been focussed on writing several books, and building my life here in Ecuador. Full Documentary Introducing Evidence of Modern Humans Millions of Years AgoDid men and women like you walk alongside dinosaurs? My Journey Beyond the 13th Bak'tunWell for around ten years I have been aware of the approaching climax of the ancient Mayan Long Count calendar system on 4-Ahau 3-Kankin or our 21-12-2012. This is a brief summary of some of what we already know or suspect to be the facts of this absolutely incredible find. The current consensus view of this issue is that ancient Earth was essentially a `planet of the apes´ upon which several primates and early hominids battled evolutionary forces to gain the best foothold and assure a future as the lords of the world. From several avenues of science research they show us that anatomically modern humans were living there way before the out-of-Africa theory allows, and thus that an out-of-Australia theory would be more likely, though there is also good reason to allow for multi-regional origination of humanity. Our part of this project would actually be something of a follow up to our first published book, released back in September of 2012, just three months before the end of the infamous Mayan 13th Bak´tun cycle on 21-12-2012.
Some books have blown my mind whilst others were very mundane and boring or extremely hard to follow. Yesterday we reached that day and along with it we had our 11:11am GMT Winter Solstice which included an alignment of sorts involving our sun, the earth, and the centre of the Milky Way galaxy. Further it is generally believed that somehow one early species of hominid, an archaic form of Homo sapiens, finally made the genetic leap to Homo sapiens sapiens (modern humans) around 200,000 years ago somewhere in Africa. With two books published through University Press of America and a third co-authored book (involving our own website team) soon to be released we encourage you to check out their recent Youtube videos. Over the last five years I have at times reviewed books here on the site; generally these are ones I enjoyed.
I decided I was not revealing enough of what I knew about the Pleiadians and human origins. Not only to they question more recent ancient history but also the very ancient history of the planet in respect to potential Ancient Alien involvement hundreds of thousands of years ago.
All of this phenomena added to the sense of expectation and excitement for the crunch point in this ancient system. Irrespective of the fact that I personally know the author to be a man of great character, the book is quite simply extremely well written, and clearly painstakingly edited by his own hands (lacking the budget for an editor). That said really it is all about prophecy for me, and indeed for most people that became interested in this subject, had there been no prophecy attached to the end of the Maya 13th Bak’tun then I doubt it would have ever became well known outside academic circles, indeed the Maya people would have remained as internationally famous as the Shuar and the Arawaks, or so many other First Nations indigenous populations. Subsequently, the book sales figures were a disaster, it never actually even made enough sales to cover the cost of the self publishing service we used. Really, this book is actually a trilogy in one large volume, having three distinct sections. Worse than the financial pain (as I was already unemployed and in total poverty) was the pain of realising that our important messages had reached almost nobody at all. It is perhaps best to talk of these three sections individually.Section one gives us a detailed explanation of the science behind the seemingly mysterious workings of our reality, we are gently walked through an understanding of reality to quantum levels and even beyond.
We remain on track towards some kind of human self-destruction event, our suicidal behaviour via eco-system destruction is curtailed somewhat but has really not significantly reduced in the last decade despite major warnings from various informed quarters, be that ecologists, economists, indigenous peoples or higher beings and aliens.
This structure is made up of irregular shaped large cut stone blocks, each is currently calculated to be approximately 2 tonne of weight, many hundreds of such blocks make up the walls of the building. The truth was that although the book did contain information centred around the Mayan calendar and their prophecies, it also had a wealth of material that went well beyond that subject.
The interactions of our level of existence with higher dimensional realms are explained in detail, yet all done so without baffling the reader. It seems human beings really are almost unable to grasp the concept that the vast the majority of people, being now aware of the dangers ahead for their species on the current path, have a duty to immediately stop a tiny minority that are deliberately taking the whole planet into a disaster by their selfish and nefarious aims. The book cleverly weaves in some personal experiences along with the currently understood scientific principles, some of which may be currently considered as on the cutting edge of quantum physics. I must admit that I despair to some degree with this entire species, there is so much that could and should have been done in the last decade, especially from 9-11 onwards and the atrocities that followed that Globalist staged false flag event. The book was as much about what would come after this last Tzolkin ended on the 31st of March 2013, as it was about things happening during that nine month period.
We are then taken on a journey of discovery regarding the way in which a human presence (spirit person in flesh) operates within the matrix of energies making up existence itself, this includes an examination of some of the spirit realms as well as some effects on us down here in the physical that actually have higher level causes. With a few badly selected words I had successfully sabotaged the sharing of my ten years of research work, as well as the cosmic message gathered from an advanced alien civilisation! There is plenty here for or those interested in the truth behind dark matter, quantum particles and higher dimensional physics.
I admit that I had some suspicions there might be such a thing on that date myself over the years, though I have steered away from that in my own writing, it was not something I could base on my research or even on supernormal information, all I could say is that around that time we would indeed see major change and major disasters, and in fairness we have seen that in the last few years and in the months preceding the day itself, I suspect we will see further continuance in the weeks ahead, more on that later.
Thankfully Richard makes the explanations highly accessible to even the layman reader, interesting examples are given that include some extremely traumatic personal life experiences of the author himself. Without revealing too much I can say that Richad has been to hell and back in his personal journey and this fact gives him the compassion for the reader of one whom really knows the pains that we can experience in life. After all I have spent five years writing articles on this very matter and further to that have written a 400 page book associated with it also, it would be perhaps odd if I had no specific evaluation of the central date in my work on the following morning!
Many of these objects appear to be stone tools that could have been used either in mining or refining some kind of metal ore.
These interactions were not the central focus of the book, the focus being a warning to humanity about a coming series of potentially cataclysmic Earth changes.
You might say that he provides an interesting real world example of the seekers journey as it is sometimes portrayed in esoteric understanding. Amongst these tools are some that would be extremely difficult for a normal size human being to use in any practical fashion, this has led to a strong suspicion that this is one of the legendary lost cities of the giants, well known in local Ecuadorian legends about the Amazonian area, such places generate great fear among the members of today’s jungle tribes as they are believed to be protected either by spirit guardians or by beings not of this world. The Pleiadians were explained to be one of the main sources for our information, the primary source being my personal research. In my own opinion it is only possible to talk fully on higher spiritual process and the related phenomena if one has actually directly experienced and tested some of these.
Many explorers have gone into the jungles around this area and failed to return – it is certainly known to be dangerous to enter for the foolhardy traveller. The aim of combining my personal research with the warnings received from the Pleiadians, was that together they gave a more complete message to an unsuspecting public on the matter of the radical Earth changes. As Richard rightly states, it is only necessary to have one true Out of Body Experience (OOBE) to know that the consciousness is not the physical body and that it thus operates by higher laws than just physical.

Even the most expert explorers have vanished without trace in the hunt for lost cities and the supposed existence of immense treasures to be found. We did not go to much into the Pleiadians themselves and their back-story of involvement with Earth over countless millennia. The problem is then to convey the full scope of our reality to those that have not directly experienced it. We also avoided detailing to much of our own bizarre and intimate relationship with that back-story, it being seemingly superfluous.
Direct experience cannot be fully transferred to another party by descriptive words, instead the evidence for the existence of higher functions is fully explained and explored, allowing the best chance of a full sharing of the understanding Richard has gained on his decades long journey (really on a much longer journey that has taken many lifetimes for him to get to where he is on his path). In part some of the omissions were due simply to the fact the book had been compiled as hastily as possible during a period of extreme stress and upheaval in the personal lives of the two authors. Though some of the science research included can be found elsewhere, so much of it is brought together in one place that it saves reading several other books. It is actually true that at several points in the writing process we literally feared we would be dead before the book ever reached a public audience. This is not a journey in which the reader has to take on faith any of the writers conclusions, everything contained is intended to be tested against reality and challenged if necessary.
I have written elsewhere explaining some of the horrible events that happened to us during the period from late 2011 to late 2012, as such I will refrain from repeating it all again here.
Section two is a made up of a large number of questions to the author, along with his detailed answers. I mention this traumatic time in our lives only because it played such a primary role in us rushing the book and subsequently neglecting to share some very important material, as well as causing us to inadvertently include some data that was incorrect. These are taken from real questions put to the author by visitors to his website over the years. Long before the events of 2011 and 2012 there had already been connections between us and UFO´s and non-human beings, even an event involving the past life recall of having been on a ship that arrived to Earth on a mission to help the resident population long, long ago. The questions chosen are ones that address the major subjects in our lives and personal spiritual paths. From 2001 until present we have voyaged through a flow of supernormal events and psychic revelation that culminated in our understanding and remembering having been members of the crew of that Pleiadian mission. Such matters are included as God, love, vegetarianism, truth, human origins, suicide and much more. The two of us came to understand that we were twin-flames, star-seeds and possibly walk-ins, brought back together in this life to give the planet back the lost history of the ancient aliens. We had undergone a harrowing list of trials and tribulations, some of which directly related to our involvement in the book project, and in the end it had only reached perhaps a few hundred people despite the publishing process costing us the last money we had to survive from. The story engraved on rock at Kariong was in fact our own story, we were there and had lived through the events recorded for posterity.
We were left wondering what had been the point in the hundreds of supernatural events we had experienced, the synchronous provision of vital data on so many occasions and of course why we had been engaged by an advanced alien race?
It is now time for us to share the full understanding that we have recovered, thanks in part to our star Pleiadian family, of the direct blood relationship between the star heroes and the people of this world.
We had no good answers to our fair questions, but as far as we were concerned our job was done to the best of our abilities in the circumstances and now we would do our best to forget the whole thing.
There is no however no importance put upon the author in the material, he remains simply an example and a narrator not becoming the subject of the book in any way that might have one thinking this is a an autobiography or an attempt to become a guru of any kind, there is a great degree of humbleness and heartening honesty throughout. Instead of doing any more work on the information we had, we instead decided to just get on with family life and let planet Earth, humanity and the aliens sort themselves out.
I found many of the answers spoke directly to me and my own journey through life and through my own personal self-development work. I was personally really gripped by some of the answers that took us back to before the fall of spirits into physical existence.The third section may be the one that grabs the most members of the pubic, it certainly tackles a subject few readers here will not be interested in, the direct exploration of secret areas under the Pyramids of Giza. I was personally fortunate enough to go on one adventure under the sands of Egypt with Richard in late 2011, so for me this explosive material is actually a part of my own journey. Where I have spent years looking at the Mayan knowledge, including some direct exploration, Richard has spent far longer with his focus on Egypt and its true past.
Sometimes what seems like a failure can actually be a door opening towards a new opportunity of advancement. He takes us on his physical journeys to Egypt, these explorations stretch for over ten years. Purchases of this book help to fund further research into controversial theories and evidence of our true shared ancient origins. So it was then that directly due to our book, by means of one kind reader, we were put in touch with two well established ancient mysteries researchers based in Australia. I really do not know of anyone that has seen more of the hidden secrets of Egypt than Richard, and his written material certainly backs this up.
I suppose the fact that I have been on a secret exploration with him also does not hurt when it comes to believing he really is going to all the places he says he is, I have seen things that blow my mind and I can only imagine some of the incredible sights his eyes have seen (of course some are detailed clearly in the book). They have spent many years working in the arena of forbidden history, with a special focus on the true origins of Homo-sapiens and scientifically debunking the generally accepted out-of-Africa theory for development of modern human beings. Richard, along with his twinfame Judith, has followed a trail of solid evidence to a lost civilisation that founded the first dynasties of Egypt, the data he uncovered also directed his attention to beings from an off planet location, somewhere in the vicinity of the Pleiades star cluster. In late 2012 things had changed for them, they had finally jumped the academic fence very publicly on the controversial matter of ancient aliens, this after years of pressure to do so from their sources in the indigenous communities of Australia.
I think that it is not exaggeration to say that Richard is a real life Indiana Jones, he has risked his life both in his dealings with the powerful figures of the Plateau and in his physical explorations under the sands. This is not a story with a conclusion just yet as he is still travelling to and fro between the UK and Egypt, especially as he has recently incorporated a non-profit organisation to help the animals of Giza alongside continuing his own research. What we are able to conclude is that there is a labyrinth of tunnels under Giza still being officially denied, whilst the same officialdom enters and pillages the network in secret, and that thieves of all kinds are removing incredible objects from the sands of Egypt, whilst Richard takes nothing but photos almost all of which can be seen on his website.
This is the factual ultimate travel and adventure story, with the added factor of informing us of our true historical roots as a higher race.For me it is clear that Echoes From The Chamber constitutes a timely download for the planet, the information contained is needed by so many people that currently feel lost and confused in our sickened world.
We could all see that there was something unique about combining their more left brained material, with our more right brained material.
With this book project came the opportunity for us to share some of the missing data from our rushed first book release, especially facts about the Pleiadian beings themselves. The Strong´s were tasked with presenting the wealth of scientific material that showed modern human beings had been in Australia for over 100,000 years, and that those indigenous people have an aural history of having come from the Pleiades, which seemed also to be supported by archaeological evidence.

Our task would be to present our own more subjective evidence regarding alien beings from the Pleiades that suggested their direct involvement in the development of humanity, starting with their involvement in Australia and following through until present day. Unlike the first part of the book with its hard evidence coming from scientific research, our part would be almost entirely our first person witness testimonies. Since our childhoods, both Daniella and I have had thousands of supernatural (we prefer supernormal) experiences, many of these involved non-human beings. Most importantly a large number of these unusual experiences, especially those occurring after February 1st 2012 onwards, involved Pleiadians. Between these two primary sources a consistent history emerges that tells of a spacecraft that arrived at Earth, from the Pleiades, many hundreds of millennia ago and that then met with foul play from an opposing extra-terrestrial force. The result of this incident was the permanent presence on Earth of a small group of these Pleiadian extra-terrestrial beings. Subsequently these survivors worked to improve the genetics of the indigenous humanoid population, then being Homo Erectus. Their intention was apparently to help free the ancient humans from a horrific long period of enslavement it had been suffering at the hands of this second group of extra-terrestrials already present on Earth.
When trying to reconstruct really ancient history it is extremely hard to place the few remaining pieces into all the correct places and reveal a meaningful picture. What we can say of this pre-history comes from some remaining archaeological evidence, and the aural and written history, or mythology, of several ancient cultures. For the moment we simply say that the following short story is `possibly´ a true record of real events, fleshed out from myth, possibly it is not, we do not know for sure.
This advanced human civilisation suffered an invasion from space by nefarious extraterrestrials that wished to use the planet for their own gains.
The forces defending Earth fought a battle that raged throughout the solar system, but eventually they were defeated, Earth´s cosmic allies were forced to retreat to their respective home-worlds. The invaders were seemingly malevolent beings with a great understanding of genetic engineering, they apparently carried out the deliberate genetic devolution of the resident population so as to create a more docile, almost ape-like, hominid. This evil act provided the parasitical entities with a type of domesticated hominid being that would be better suited for a slave labour force. This genetic engineering event would later be alluded to in various ancient sources, typically referred to as the `great fall of man´.
Personally I am open minded about it, seeing it as one plausible account for the extremely ancient events now encoded into myth and legend. If we assume for a moment that the tale shared is true I can say that it does seem to make sense of the later events that we find recorded in the glyphs at Kariong, also those remembered in the tales of the indigenous elders. The passengers were on a mission of liberation, they were in fact a kind of repair crew of sorts. The task in hand was to find a way to free the humans on Earth from slavery and then to make genetic engineering corrections to the human populace.
It was the understanding of those aboard the ship that the people of Earth were actually former comrades, or relatives even, from a time long past. Earth had once been under their protection, and that of their other allies, as such they saw it as their responsibility to return there and bring the light of freedom to the darkened world.
From what is recorded it seems that an act of betrayal led to their vessel being destroyed in orbit, leaving a small ragged band of survivors to make a landing in smaller scout ships. The original landing site is recorded as being not far from what is now Gosford, on the Eastern coast of Australia. Despite this devastating set-back, the small number of Pleiadians left alive grimly continued their mission. Against all the odds the intrepid survivors were eventually able to complete the task in hand successfully before all dying from the hostile environment of their new home. In time the modified Earth humans created in their experiments would go on to interbreed with the general population, spreading the new improved genetic coding around the globe. It is thus suggested in these records that Homo-sapiens living today are actually the `children´ of that Pleiadian liberation mission. We include, amongst other aspects, some past life memories, the alien contact messages and selected channelled data. We also have no way to make them do to you what they did to us, the strange process of psychic abduction that they use when they wish to take your consciousness from your body to see something important. We are left with the slightly rather frustrating situation of knowing for sure that these beings have been on Earth since the remotest times, but not being able to transfer all of the definitive proof to the reader, thankfully the work of Steven and Evan fills in the blanks. For now we simply offer the information we have gathered and suggest that you examine it with a critical but open mind, we will welcome any sensible and polite questions on the material. We do know locations where absolute proof can be found, but lack the resources to do anything about revealing the hidden sites. Beyond these two primary aims we remain in the unenviable role of presenting two distinct warnings, one being that a major cyclical natural cataclysm is seemingly approaching us all, and the other warning is that hostile extra-terrestrial beings are still on Earth. These beings are currently hidden behind the human face of the so-called `secret government´ a powerful group publicly known as the New World Order. It is our understanding that these nefarious human beings and their alien masters need to be exposed and removed from power before the worst of the Earth changes descend upon us.
I am hopeful that all readers will at least come away with expanded minds and much to inspire them, and that some of those people will do actions that will make major differences to the plight of humanity at this crucial time. One person really can make an enormous difference if they happen to be at just the right place at just the right time. Our own experience with self publishing through a corporate entity was extremely painful and not something we wish to repeat. Thus we have collectively agreed to make our book release in the form of an e-book, cutting out the need for any publishers. The release is imminent and orders will be processed directly through the writers respective websites using PayPal.

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