This smells like as if Dior Addict(the blue) and Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy had a baby together, sweet but musky and a hint of almonds, perfect evening scent in the winter! This is a really sexy fragrance it smells really good, I smell mostly pepper and orchid but sometimes I can identify the musk note, guys love this perfume, I think it Works better in cold months, the longevity could be better but for a victoria's secret perfume it's pretty decent, the sillage on me is really good not overpowering at all.
I would only wear this fragrance at night as it takes about a hour for the pepper to wear off, which can be offensive during the day.
This is a really sexy scent, I love it!, I smell orchid and hortensia , as a top note I smell pepper and some sweet scent maybe the clementine and the base note a beautiful musk. I completley agree that this smells like rougeberry by Body Shop, except that this one is more complex and much more well thought out. This opens with a very dry berry smell, it's extremely woodsy and has just a hint of coffee.
Smells like a combination of Very Sexy For Her, Breathless and Dream Angels Heavenly (all VS). The typical 'sexy' scent is usually something oriental or sugary sweet, so you can imagine my surprise when I discovered that Very Sexy by Victoria's Secret was peppery and fresh. The heart is where the vanilla orchid and jammy blackberries are most prominent, later settling into a slightly powdery and warm drydown. I would recommend this fragrance to those on a budget, who want something a little different to suit all seasons and occasions. The first time that I got this fragrance, it was in a tiny bottle in the old packaging as part of a birthday gift.
I didn't learn to fully appreciate the fragrance until I ended up purchasing it for myself, though by then, the packaging had changed, and I'd opted for the body mist instead of the eau de parfum.
Although i prefer Very Sexy 2, which sadly VS discontinued, i still adore Very Sexy (the original).
The popular fragrance from 2002 - Very Sexy has received a new flacon in the same form as the new edition of the house - s Very Sexy Touch. Fragrance Very Sexy is available as 30, 75 and 100ml EDP, and accompanying body acre products include fragrance mist, body lotion and body wash. I wouldn't have purchased this fragrance if it wasn't on sale for 25 $ at VS, because everyone I come across owns this scent. I have tried a few Victoria's Secret perfumes lately and been quite impressed - they are very different from each other, and most of them are quite likable. I don't wear musk, generally, (most 'turn' on me) so this does nothing for me, especially with the big florals at the top and middle of this. The pepper and musk dominated the dry-down, with a green note in the middle I assume is "cactus".
The warmth of amber, musk, wood and pepper would sit well against skin, producing an intimacy and sexiness. If I had a signature fragrance during college it would have been Victoria's Secret Very Sexy. This fragrance is unique for the female population because it is in a sense manly because the pepper is so noticeable.
I can't believe there's no lemon in this, cos that's the first thing I smell, just freshly cut lemon, and the berries. I have it and my husband goes crazy chasing me and hugging me when I spray it on, he gives me that look. I tried this today and while I loved the scent, thank goodness I was smart enough to let it sit on my skin.
You know, this has been out for like, freaking forever and I have never smelled it, until yesterday that is. Very Sexy Eau de Parfum is an intoxicating fragrance with familiar notes, in a new, sophisticated and very provocative bottle. Forbidden is a women's fragrance providing an exotic and hot composition with an accent on sexiness. Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews.

Its top notes are composed of cappuccino, pepper, exotic cactus flowers and notes of Clementine.
It's not a typical fragrance for me either (just like the reviewer below mentions), but i like it, it's light enough but works as an evening scent. It is certainly appealing, don't get me wrong, but it's not the first fragrance I'd reach for if I wished to spice up my image. From beginning to end, this fragrance is quite strong, so I suggest applying it with a light hand. VERY SEXY has a strong, sensual and bold vibe to it, this fragrance does a very good job at speaking for itself.
Not sure if I got a bad sample but it smells synthetic to me when I first sprayed this on my wrist. My best friend wore this along with the rest of the products so the entire apartment smelled like it. It makes me think of some stranger that grinds on your ass in a sweaty club and won't back off.
I had the misfortune of teaching in a classroom occupied in the previous hour by a TA who absolutely bathed in this stuff, and the room reeked so badly after she left that I had to open windows and air it out even in the dead of winter.
Unlike many Victoria's secret fragrances which smell nice but generic and like expensive shampoo, this one has distinctive notes and is a rich oriental.
My first bottle of Very Sexy was in the original packaging which I got for a steal during the semi-annual sale because the fragrance was being repackaged. The composition tingles all your senses with a blend of vanilla orchid, sunny clementine and dark and juicy blackberry. This mysterious fragrance cuddles the skin with aromas of exotic pear, jasmine, amber wood and juicy blackberry. There are more hidden fruity notes however, that burst out of the musk every now and then, kind of like when you bite into a tangerine slice. I would apply this fragrance before doing hair and makeup, to give that pepper some time to relax. I cannot wear this anywhere without someone (mostly men) telling me how delicious it smells. Men seem to love this because everytime I wear it I always get compliments on how good I smell. It's quite interesting really, It's if you combined pencil shavings with berries and added a sprinkle of pepper. Unfortunately it's worn by many ladies I know, and it's such a distinctive scent that I can immediately tell when it's being worn by someone, so I don't wear it too much myself. It's very sexy (as the name implies), seductive, sensual, musky, yet feminine and refined at the same time. Very Sexy will excite us with its composition made of cappuccino, pepper, cactus flower and Clementine in top notes.
I actually smell the cactus very well, no berries, no citrus, then sweet flowers, then pepper and milk, then musk.
I like the scent but soo many women I know wear this perfume so it's lost it's appeal to me. So yes, it can be overapplied, and like any other perfume - overapplication turns it into radioactive hulk juice. I have been looking like crazy for VERY SEXY FOR HER 2, but because VS discontinued it, I have not been able to find it. It is quite sexy but I think it could be used as both a night and day scent as it is not an in-your face vamp type of sexy, more of a quiet confidence.
I wore this religiously during those years but took a break from it after my supply ran out. I smelled the Very Sexy 2007 version, I guess that's the one in the stores, but the note listing in Very Sexy 2012 is the same. Wallpaper images in the Karolina Kurkova club tagged: karolina kurkova victoria's secret very sexy collection.

Besides fragrance Night the other fragrances of the collection are Very Sexy Eau de Parfum in a bright red flacon Forbidden in a purple flacon with leopard print, in the same flacon form as the black Night. It doesn't project very well (maybe if you spray a lot it does) but it lasts quite well (6+ hours.) I don't smell all of the notes it claims to have, but the overall affect is lovely. The notes don't really sound like it would be something I would enjoy but the musky pepper and bit of citrus really resonate with me. I was glad that Very Sexy showed signs of complexity early on, cancelling out my fears that this fragrance would become linear and generic. It was out of character for me, and I'd initially planned to stop using it after I finished the bottle. First time i tried it on, i found it a bit boring, but after about 3 h it started to smell sweet and fresh.
One of VS's better scents, I'm impressed :) However, this is not for people who don't like strong, overpowering scents. A heart blooms with camellia, hortensia, mimosa and vanilla orchid, while base notes include a trail of musk, soft wood, blackberry and black amber. Anyway I decided to stick it out until the dry down, thinking it would change eventually and I'd finally catch the other notes. With the amount worn turned up to eleven, I can tell you that it does smell oddly like aftershave and perfume mingled together, a scent most commonly found in strip club dressing rooms. However, I used to have this VERY SEXY back when it first came out a long time ago so I knew i loved it! The collection encompasses Forbidden Fragrance Lotion 200 ml, Forbidden Fragrance Mist 250 ml and Forbidden Rollerball 7 ml. The composition is built around black plum, sparkling fruity notes, exotic flowers, velvety wood, musk and sweet apples.
It is available as 50, 75 and 100 ml EDP, along with the additional body care line of milk, bath, cream…Very Sexy brings freshness, fun and glamour with its red color of passion and rhinestones that contribute to its glow.
After wearing this fragrance a couple times I started to recognize the cappuccino right off the back.
I don't know how this can happen, to be woody deep and fresh at the same time but i really don't care.. But this is not something i could use everyday, it is too much for me who like fruity and juicy scents, but if im going out partying i could use this. I've even seen men smell this perfume on other women and say out loud "wow, I think that perfume smells great".
This is definitely a perfume that can't be worn on a regular basis, therefore i like to wear it at night when I'm going out. If you make any of the candy-sweet girlbomb perfumes gyrate on top of Aqua di Gio or some tryhard tool who sprayed Axe all over his junk before asking for a lapdance, this is pretty much what happens. The fragrance will be available as 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette along with Night Fragrance Lotion 200 ml and Night Fragrance Mist  250 ml. While it starts out smelling deep and spicy, the dry down is incredibly flowery and pleasant.
The pepper tones down significantly after a few minutes (still present, but much softer) and becomes a very nice, soft, musky scent. This is simply a pretty, floral musk with a good dose of pepper to give it the slightest kick. Just don't be surprised if the men who like it leave a lot to be desired in the taste department.

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