Another social media platform — this time Instagram — has announced that it’s changing the way it prioritizes posts based on algorithms, and of course, people aren’t happy about it. When word came out about the algorithm changes, there was a rush to action on the part of people, despite a lack of official news from Instagram on the change. What we know is that Facebook owns Instagram, and has become very good at creating an algorithm that isn’t always that nice to brands and companies that aren’t paying to get those posts in front of eyeballs. Twitter has also been testing an algorithm model, and users have been in an uproar about it since it was announced.
Since we already know Facebook has an algorithm that we’ve got to work around, and now that we know Instagram will be instituting a similar algorithm, is there anything that you can do to assure your content gets out to your target audience?
The fact is, good content will always be successful, because those platforms want and need to be filled with less clickbait and more really good content.
One group was asked to give their opinion and then provide reasons for why they held that view. In line withA Fernbach's hypothesis, folks who gave their reasons for being right were just as convinced of their convictions after the experiment as they were beforehand. But the people who had to explain the mechanics of implementation had suddenly softer views. If you want to remain convinced of your position, don't just bring your reasons for why you're right to the debate a€” make sure to bring along implementations too.
Continuing our series How to Win Anything, before you even begin, Darren wants to conclude with one of my most important ritual that he does before every BIG keynote presentation and speaking engagement.
Trent Dilfer, an NFL analyst for ESPN, explains his foolproof way to winning games in the NFL. In order to craft content that’s really useful to your audience, you need to know who they are and what information they need.
So how can you find out what’s interesting to your customers and understand their needs to deliver content they’ll read?
There are a couple ways you can work to find out what will hopefully resonate with your audience. If you have a customer service team, they should be a huge part of your research process, because they’re hearing from your customers all day, every day.
No survey or data point on a piece of paper can tell you the story as clearly as the customers themselves. You can use all those questions to help create content your customers will find helpful, because they’ve told you this is what they need to know. For the customer who calls to find out about the sizing on a particular product, is this a common issue? If you have sizing that’s non-standard or you’re seeing that people are returning items due to sizing issues, there are several things you could do to provide helpful information via content. Some websites will include information on competitor sizing so, for example, if a consumer wears a large in brand X, they’ll know they need a medium for a shirt with brand Y.
They’ve likely tried to answer these questions many times and can help you come up with the right tactic for your content pieces. By simply asking your customer service reps or talking to your consumers, you’ve found questions that need to be answered, and when you do that, you’re creating content that will be used.
Your customers will reward you by returning to your site, spending more time there, reading more of your content, and ideally, finding you to be a great resource so that you stay top of mind.
When you spend some time trying to understand what they need, rather than just creating the content that you think they need, you’ll be more successful.

Stop trying to push what you want at your customer, and instead provide what they’re asking for — and for that you’ll be rewarded. Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land.
MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists. SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23. My Instagram feed has been filled with people and brands asking their followers to “Click here to Turn On Post Notifications” since Monday. The average Facebook Organic Reach is hovering under 3%, meaning that your content is only naturally going to about 3% of your audience, determined by Facebook’s “EdgeRank” algorithm.
In fact, whenever there is talk of a major change to one of our beloved platforms, there is a general panic among fans.
When they identify content that is driving high engagement and connecting with users, they are going to make sure that more people see that content.
If you do have one, check to make sure you’re utilizing each unique channels effectively and efficiently. This group got the opportunity to put their side of the issue, in the same way anyone in an argument or debate has a chance to argue their case.
Rather than provide reasons, they were asked to explain how the policy they were advocating would work. If you ordered from the original shopping cart and created an account, you will have to create a NEW account on this new shopping cart. These 6 steps, if implemented, will help you live up to the potential of being a true Rock Star Presenter. The former quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the San Francisco 49ers, and the Baltimore Ravens, talks about what it takes to win in the league. Columnist Rachel Lindteigen says it's all about listening to your customers to know what they really need. You probably have a good idea of your target market and demographics, but do you know what they need? You can provide what you think they need every day for years on end and have no engagement if it’s not interesting or useful to them.
It’s the same thing if you’ve got salespeople in stores; they know your customers and their needs better than you do. Do people buy several sizes and return them, or does your sizing run different from other brands? You could add information to the product description page that outlines how your item fits differently from most and help people find the right size via a sizing guide.
Maybe you need to create videos that show your customers how to take their measurements, or even a competitor sizing comparison guide. Ask them what they think would help the customers or where on the website you can direct people to find answers to their questions.
Listen to your customers — they’ll help you craft the right content marketing strategy every time. A good content marketing strategy is one that consistently creates content that your audience wants. That’s the secret… It’s not really a big secret, when you think about it, but it’s being missed by so many content marketers today.

Just as Facebook has been successful in creating a “pay to play” platform for brands, Instagram will become a similar model. For example, we saw a similar to the outcry when there was talk of Twitter expanding their character limits.
What can you do to thwart the evil forces of these platforms and their plans of algorithm dominance over your timelines?
If you see that you have channels that aren’t performing, or you are just stretched too thin, now’s the time to let them go and focus on the ones you can be successful and consistent with. They were asked to trace, step by step, from start to finish, the causal path from the policy to the effects it was supposed to have.
Thank you for your business!The worlds leading experts reveal their top strategies for winning BIG in life and business; featuring Best-Selling Author, Dr.
Do you know why they come to your website, visit your stores or interact with your brand on social media?
Rachel has over twenty years of content writing, editing and strategy development and ten years of digital marketing experience.
Instagram has said that users were only seeing 30% of the content their followers were posting, and they want to make sure the content you do see is the very best content for you. Twitter’s algorithm model is currently optional, and the service has even blogged about it, telling users how they can turn it on and off. It’s easy, and I’m going to share with you just how to do it: create good content that engages. Make sure your content is positioning your as a subject matter expert in your sector, through consistent thought leadership.
She works with many top ecommerce retailers and crafts both local and national level SEO strategies. However, many marketers feel that this move is designed to drive greater revenue from advertising, and to increase time spent on the platform. Twitter’s goal is the same as Facebook’s, and that’s to make sure users see more content from people they want to want to see content from.
Create content that your audience will engage with, ask good questions, share lots of truly helpful (or at least entertaining!) information through a mix of gated and ungated offers. Rachel has a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from the Walter Cronkite School for Journalism and Telecommunications at Arizona State University and an MBA in Marketing. If you’ve taken a look at your Twitter account’s analytics, you’ve seen that far fewer people are seeing your content there than you think. Remember, the more your audience engages with your content, the more they’ll see your content.
That’s primarily because when users pop in to Twitter, they will generally only scroll down so far, and then those remaining tweets just get lost in the fray.
Keeping these things in mind will ensure that your content gets seen, and you’ll be slaying the algorithm dragon every day. Rick has been seen on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox affiliates around the country as well as in the USA Today, Chicago Tribune, The Independent (United Kingdom), Los Angeles Daily News, Yahoo Finance and many more! Brands that aren’t getting enough organic interaction will need to pay to boost their posts.

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