TheĀ  Can'-Ka No Rey ("The Red Fields of None") is the field of roses surrounding the Dark Tower. The roses are dusky pink on the outside, fierce red on the inside and have a center as yellow as the sun. One of the roses was said to have been taken to Our Lady Of The Rose and an entire garden grew from the single bloom.

The King is locked outside the tower on a balcony and can only throw sneetches at Roland while waiting for him to be drawn to the Tower (because at sunset, the Crimson King knows Roland won't be able to resist the roses calls).
They have thorns that can rip into hands while they are in the ground, but become harmless after being removed.
Danville drew a picture of the King and used a combination of dye from rose petals and Roland's blood to color the Crimson King's eyes.

Af ter the picture was complete, Danville was able to erase everything except the eyes.

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