Dear natasha and bertie thanks so much for this chapter I love the secret garden I can’t wait until the next chapter. Hi Mermaid I recall that Natasha listened to a Yorkshire accent at the start of each recording session for this audiobook.
Now English language learners can enjoy Frances Hodgson Burnett's moving tale of healing and redemption as an easy-to-read Classic Reader.

We are happy to announce that the series of 38 Classic Readers leveled from 1-6 are now available. English language learners of all ages will enjoy developing their vocabulary and reading fluency as they read about a hidden garden inspiring transformations in the sickly young Mary, the grieving Archibald Craven, and the lonely Colin. US Middle East Publishing Classic Readers provide beginning and advanced English Language Learners accessible adaptations of the greatest work of literature.

Students and teachers alike will be inspired by this children's classic of hope transcending personal tragedy.

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