Frances Hodgson Burnett was born in Manchester, but emigrated to Tennessee after the death of her father in 1865. Mousy, shy, and unpopular, Carrie is tormented to the breaking point by her more popular high school mates. Typically I know just who on our staff will be the most enthusiastic about the arrival of any one ARC, and I immediately offer it up to that particular person.
Hate That Cat has since been read by Lorna and Pat and is currently being read by Deb, who will then pass it on to Kym who (to our horror!) admitted the other night that she’d never read Love That Dog! As you know if you read my post about peeking, I don’t like to have key details of a book given away to me in advance. Sometimes I will skip a book in my frontlist ordering only to read rave reviews of it later and then decide to order it for our store. For me, too, the review sources I find to be the most reliable are PEOPLE I know personally.
Originally a five-minute film by Nick Park of Wallace and Gromit fame, Creature Comforts became a British television series by Aardman Animations Ltd.
Last year around this time I posted photos of the Boston Marathon as it made tracks past our bookstore.
As if all that wasn’t enough, Sarah raised over $10,000 for cancer research today, with her 13th run as part of the Dana Farber Marathon Challenge.
SO, Sarah, you Supercool Gold Star — do I see Thomas Pynchon in your future or will Jeff soon be cozying up with Persuasion? What I love even more, though, is the fact that kids (as we all know) notice just about everything. Gareth and I recently got gussied up to attend a fundraiser for Otherworld, the wacky (and wonderful) weekend event I blogged about last September. My donation bouquet, though, needed a vase, and when I went looking for one I found the PERFECT ($1) vase with a Secret Garden-like twist!
A warm and loving look at three women – two sisters and their mother – who try to be a family again after being apart for 20 years. The thrills and the excitement continue in the pivotal sixth installment in the most anticipated series in King's legendary career, revealing the key to the quest that defines Roland's life. A few years later, her mother also died and an eighteen-year-old Frances was left to bring up a family of four younger siblings.
The Secret Garden has been adapted for film, stage and television, but it is hard to beat this wonderful audio book reading of the original story.What the Narnia books did for wardrobes, The Secret Garden did for the walled garden.

Last week, though, a galley arrived at our store that I KNEW was going to kick up a considerable amount of ARC jealousy and calling of "dibs!" Sure enough, the second I announced to Lorna what I was holding in my hot little hands she squealed that SHE wanted to read it first! Kirkus recently gave Gareth’s new Merchant of Venice graphic novel a glowing, starred review and the celebration of that news at our house got us talking with other book world friends about various review sources and the question of who reads them and how much it influences their purchasing.
On a more practical note, though, as a buyer I have the incredible luxury of being able to see most books and buy them based solely on my own opinions of them, at least in the case of picture books.
It’s really only a handful of our customers who come in the door looking for titles reviewed in the New York Times Book Review, let alone PW or The Horn Book or Kirkus or Booklist or SLJ or Kliatt, which shares its own home base with our store, in Wellesley.
AND this year she got kids involved with fund-raising for Dana Farber too, by creating a Dana Farber Middle School Challenge at Blake Middle School in Medfield, where she’s a library assistant. It’s that red thing peeking out from behind those snow piles, which were caused by (what else?) repeated snow plow trips up the driveway and shoveling trips up the sidewalk. When her kids (ages 3 and 6) come down for breakfast or in from playing outside, they pick up a book plus crayons and start filling the pages. I love this! While I was searching for links for my recent Mud Pies and Other Recipes post, I came across a fantastic blog devoted to the subject of bookmaking with kids! In addition to dinner, dancing, and lots of socializing, the evening’s entertainment included a silent auction, for which I donated what else?
Except that all of these items sat rather low inside the planter and could easily rattle around in there.
The samples below are all from the Very Hungry Caterpillar Collection featuring the work of (obviously) Eric Carle!
The only thing that would make this design cooler (for clothing use, at least) is if it were eyelet fabric so those foods sported actual holes. Few readers can fail to share with Mary Lennox that inexplicable thrill of anticipation at the notion of an enclosed and secret world, bursting with potential life and beauty but remaining hidden from view.When she finds the key to the secret garden, Mary embarks on a journey of self-discovery and enables other characters in the novel to open doors and windows into their own lives, bringing vitality and vigour back to the inhabitants of Misselthwaite Manor. The new movie stars Julianne Moore and Chloe Grace Moretz and is read by Sissy Spacek, who starred in the 1976 film version. Do you regularly read reviews and if so to what extent do they influence your purchasing (either for yourself or your library or your bookstore or… fill in the blank)?
CBS piloted an American version of the program last June but cancelled it after airing just three episodes.
And here at ShelfTalker she is the recipient of my what is only the second gold star I’ve given out to date.
And of the 2,980 women to finishe in the Masters Division (ages 40-49), Sarah came in 17th.

I thought the house was extremely neat and organized by household-with-young-kids standards!). In the end I came up with what I think is a pretty solid (and very kid-friendly) selection. A few years after her marriage to Dr Swan Burnett in 1873, she began writing novels and, during the period of her marriage, produced several books including Little Lord Fauntleroy  and what is probably the most popular, The Secret Garden. The author’s interest in Theosophy is perhaps reflected in the journey of the crippled Colin, who believes he can heal himself through positive thinking.
In all my almost 10 (yikes!) years of bookselling I can’t remember so many booksellers getting so excited (or being so secretive!) about the same ARC. Do you pay attention to the names of reviewers so that you have some idea of their general preferences or does that not matter to you? Linda did, though, allow me snap some photos of her daughter’s handiwork, which I just had to share. And a lot less suited to pillowcases, which is how I picture putting it to use, if I ever find time to fire up the old sewing machine. Roland and Eddie go to East Stoneham, Maine, in 1977, a real place inhabited by the author of a novel – called ’Salem's Lot.
And, as the roses return to the garden, so they bloom in Mary’s cheeks - as she discovers an ancient and timeless magic that every gardener will recognise and understand. Except maybe in the case of books by Rowling and Pullman… And what excellent company for Suzanne Collins to be keeping!
On their website you can watch 10 very entertaining Claymation shorts about how you can make the world a better place by adopting more eco-friendly habits. And if he finishes first, I will read Gravity’s Rainbow (his favorite novel) by Thomas Pynchon.
And a remark that it seems a very relevant book to use right now for anyone keen to discuss the recent raid on the FLDS ranch in Eldorado, Texas. I’ll embed one below, but encourage you to visit the Animal Planet site to watch the others, as they’re the perfect Earth Day entertainment!

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