Mary Lennox (now Lady Mary Craven), heroine of Frances Hodgson Burnett's classic fantasy novel The Secret Garden and its popular 1993 film adaptation, finds her past coming back to haunt her in this enjoyably atmospheric sequel.
I really liked this film because it's about a little girl going to America and I like that she got led to the door by a fox and Mary got led to the door by a robin. Back to the secret garden is a really good film for children because it includes lots of children. It's 1946 and Mary, now an adult, has all but forgotten about the magical world she discovered in an English mansion when she was a little girl.

Download our Primary and Secondary review writing guides and develop your own writing style. Then she meets headstrong New York orphan Lizzie and realises that her secret garden still exists, but is in danger of withering away without her.
She comes from america in an exchange orphan Progamme which is set by lady Mary,who is Mary Lennox from the secret garden.
The place is in Yorkshire, England at Misselthwaite Manor now a home for orphan run by house keeper Martha and there she meets fellow orphans Robert,Stephan and Geraldine.

Lizzie is head first in the mud and later when she is talking to lady Mary and says '' my parents said i have a green nose''.
I know it is meant to be a green thumb but she has a green nose because she always has her face.

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