This 1911 novel begins when our personalized heroine, young Mary Lennox, is sent to live with her uncle in his mysterious English mansion. The Secret Garden will captivate readers of all ages with its inspiring tale of recovery, renewal, and the healing bonds of friendship. Make your Classic Book By You gift even more special by adding a photograph to the back cover!
Mary's ability to grow and change after losing everything make it even more profound than a fairy tale.
Nature, magic, and the children’s determination all work together to cure old wounds and bring joy to the entire mansion.

It is the story of little Mary Lennox, a girl who'd grown up in India spoiled by her servants, whose primary job it was to be seen and not heard. The other characters help her along: one is a good and healthy adult-child relationship, another helps her to recognize and develop her sense of empathy for her fellow kind, and a third teaches her about beauty and a love of nature.
She becomes friends with the maid’s good-natured young brother, Dickon, who helps her tend to the overgrown, wild garden.
When Mary's parents die, she is sent to live in England with her uncle, a crotchety old widower. The power of this work to portray strong characters overcoming adversity, while charming and filling readers with imagination, has made The Secret Garden a cherished book for a 100 years.

At first blush Mary is a spoiled, self-absorbed brat - she grew up unloved and unwanted, and is certainly "quite contrary." When she discovers behind high walls a mysterious and unkempt garden on the manor's property, her imagination and emotions begin to awaken.

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