The island was probably first inhabited about 15 centuries ago, settled by fishermen from the Malay Peninsula and Southern China. Until the late 20th century, Ko Samui was an isolated self-sufficient community, having little connection with the mainland of Thailand. The island was even without roads until the early 1970s, and the 15 km journey from one side of the island to the other could involve a whole-day trek through the mountainous central jungles.
Ko Samui's economy now is based primarily on a successful tourist industry, as well as the more traditional exports of coconut and rubber.
Secret Garden is a completely detached two-storey villa, set in its own private gated garden on the West Coast.

Abundant natural resources, white sandy beaches, coral reefs and coconut trees are present on the island.
There is a refrigarator , a micro wave oven , an electric kettle , a hair drier , an iron and an ironing board and a TV set plus DVD player in each bungalow . Downstairs, a dedicated entertainment area has a sit up bar complete with sink, fridge and wine rack within the coral stone fernery. Dine there at the large pine table (seats 8+), in the elevated living area (accommodating 6) or on the poolside patio.
Through the gate access, is the 23-metre lagoon-styled pool with coral sun deck for Merlin Bay guests’ use.

There, steps lead down to an unspoilt secluded beach with white sand and excellent swimming and snorkeling.

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