Hero Factory Secret Mission 1: The Doom Box was the first Hero Factory book of the Secret Mission series and written by Greg Farshtey. Now that the villain has escaped, he is believed to be out to recover the Box's components, build the weapon, and blackmail the galaxy into giving him all the power he's ever craved.
The events of "The Doom Box" occurred at three different timelines: 5,000 years ago, 4,000 years later which is around the time of the main storyline, and after the events of Breakout. The two unnamed beings then step back into the shadows and watch while Arctur gave a close examine of the Doom Box with Deneb marveled at the great power that it'll grant them, however Arctur tells him that the Doom Box will never be used and must be destroyed immediately. Heroes Preston Stormer, Dunkan Bulk, and Jimi Stringer are dispatched to capture the notorious villain Core Hunter who is trying to find three pieces of the Doom Box. Finally, Core Hunter went to the ship containing the third fragment, which was now junked in a ship graveyard. I know it is the holiday season and it is the time of giving and sharing and hopefully that also means we are open to consider something I’ve been thinking about. When I was a child I read comic books like most kids and I watched super heroes on cartoons and they even had TV shows like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Spiderman and to keep their identity a secret they had an identity that they presented to the world so they could use their real identity to do things most people would think miraculous or supernatural.
Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, Diana Prince and Peter Parker were all secret identities to hide their real identity. Most people you know don’t even know they have an identity other than husband, wife, lover, parent, employee, conservative, liberal, friend or enemy. If everything is energy, energy moves by vibration so you are an intelligent vibrational energy being. There are other statements we could make and gauge how much we believe the truth, the actuality about ourselves and these are enough to get us started.
If you feel these statements are 100% true about you then you are getting everything you want i your life and you are getting happier and happier each and every day.
If you have used our Alignment Training Videos you are probably a solid 60 to 70% yes these are true. Hopefully in the new year we will have some more openings in the Transformational Mentoring Program (TMP) and we will let you know. One of the best ways to begin to get to know who you really truly actually are is to start with our Alignment Training Videos. On the first of every month, two-wheeler companies disclose their sale figures for the previous month.
Image: Brijmohan Lall (L), Chairman of India's top motorcycle maker, Hero Honda Motors Ltd. New segmentsTraditionally, the motorcycle market has been seen as three distinct segments: Entry (100 cc engine capacity, 65 per cent of the market), executive (125-135 cc, 20 per cent of the market) and premium (150 cc, 15 per cent). More important, this view of the market has become the cornerstone of Hero Honda's strategy. Two-wheelers for allHigh-decibel advertising does not work if not backed by the right products. Some time in early-2006, Hero Honda got into scooters with Pleasure, again with a unique positioning - "Why should boys have all the fun?" "We were a late entrant and therefore had to do something innovative," says Munjal. Rural rescueAround mid-2007, consumer finance companies started to pull the plug on automobile finance. Challenges ahead Sector experts say the going could get tough for Hero Honda in the days to come as Honda has launched its 100 cc motorcycle in India. You may not use this work for commercial purposes unless you make specific arrangements with the artist. Four hooded figures (two were known as Deneb and Arctur while the two others were unnamed) were creating an unknown object inside a well of flames in a mysterious stone chamber. Confuse of what Arctur was saying, Deneb attempted to pick up the Doom Box; however he was held and gently pull away by the other beings (who were signaled by Arctur). He hired a band of mercenaries to defend against Alpha 1 Team, who he knew was coming for him.
I was thinking about this the other day and I realized super heroes know something you and I don’t.

Most people instead of identifying with the identity of human identify more with male or female. If you are like most seekers I know there are aspects of you that feel these things are true and parts that think they are not true. And those of you in our Transformational Mentoring Program are on your way to experiencing the actuality that you already are an infinite eternal unlimited perfect abundant complete being.
I am even planning on doing a mediation program just to help or TMP members get a deeper and deeper experience of how much  you already are an infinite eternal unlimited perfect abundant complete being. Even if you go no further than Aligning your core beliefs you will raise your vibration to a higher level than you ever have before and the benefits of that are amazing.
From a producer of fuel-efficient motorcycles, Hero Honda has morphed into a marketing-led organisation.
All three have different price points; entry-level bikes are for the rural markets, while the other two are sold and bought in the urban markets.
When it decided to chase market share and not profits, it also decided that it would offer no discounts on its motorcycles. The consumer insight here was that women want freedom of movement and a scooter could address that demand. Bad loans had risen with alarming rapidity and they had no option but to reduce their exposure to two-wheelers.
Bajaj Auto too is learnt to be working on a slew of new models to take on the market leader.
When it was completed, they took it out of the well with each using a pair of long metal tongs.
In frustration, Deneb quickly demanded an explanation from Arctur, who then explained that the Doom Box cannot be turn off and was consider dangerous. In the cargo bay, Core Hunter assembled two of the fragments but not the third as he had no intention of actually using the Doom Box.
Advertising campaigns, product refreshes and brand health - walk blindfolded into the Hero Honda office in a crowded south Delhi market and the language spoken there could lead you to mistake it for an FMCG company. Hero Honda, conventional wisdom said, is strong in the entry segment with a market share of 80 per cent and weak in the other two where its share ranges between 15 per cent and 20 per cent. Hero Honda comes out with new motorcycles, variants and refreshes keeping the customer profile of each segment in mind. It subsequently roped in Priyanka Chopra as the brand ambassador and started 20 "Just for Her" sale and service outlets staffed only by women. Five hundred sales representatives were taken on board for the mission Har gaon, har angan (every village, every courtyard.) These representatives have been given work tasks and not sale targets - they need to meet potential customers and opinion leaders in villages.
After a moment of uneasy silence, Arctur swiftly grab a glowing axe and used its energy to shatter the Doom Box into three pieces.
First he he went to Geb, only to find that Bulk and Natalie Breez were already there with the fragment. In a standoff with Alpha 1, Core Hunter was attacked by Mark Surge who utilized his Electricity Shooter, giving Core Hunter spasms that caused him to accidentally reform the Doom Box.
Most folks aren’t even aware they have these identities that keep their real identity secret.
This energy is called many things including… God, the universe, All There Is, Infinite Intelligence, etc.
This shows in the commercials which no longer talk of fuel economy (remember "Fill it, shut it, forget it?") or power alone.
He then spoke with the other two beings about the planets of where the pieces would be taken and kept hidden while unaware that Deneb was carving a map onto a stone wall in the shadows.
Core Hunter used anti-gravity devices to retrieve the Doom Box fragment and send Geb into orbit.
Arctur appeared and offered to take Core Hunter to where the Doom Box was forged, the only place it could be used.
So most readers understand in our head that everything is made up of intelligent energy. With me so far?

Thus, the advertisement for the Karizma (premium segment) comes with the punch line, "Always game." The ad for the premium segment Hunk doesn't talk of speed or power at all - the focus is on the looks even while standing. Production is up to 14,000-15,000 per month and Hero Honda's market share has reached 13-14 per cent. Bulk fired his Missile Launcher at Core Hunter, but Arctur saved Core Hunter and told him that Heroes were at the fragment located at the mine. Core Hunter accepted, and was teleported there, but soon Arctur and all of Alpha 1 confronted him. Customers, for instance, trade freely between a top-end 100 cc motorcycle and a low-end 125 cc motorcycle or between a premium 125 cc motorcycle and a basic 150 cc motorcycle.
The CBZ Extreme comes with the promise, "Thinking is such a waste of time." "Both the Hunk and CBZ Extreme are 150 cc bikes but talk to different customers," says Dua. You need to look at the total cost of ownership - installments, cost of fuel, maintenance, service, insurance, parking and road tax," says he. Core Hunter rushed off to the mine and retrieved the fragment, putting down a thick layer of artificial dust to cover his tracks.
After Arctur was killed by Core Hunter, the Heroes goaded the villain into activating the Doom Box, while Breez used the Hero Core Remover Tool to absorb the Doom Box's energies and render it harmless, inadvertently supercharging the weapon. Core Hunter used his tool to incapacitate the Heroes, except for Surge, who he offered a position in his new empire. It shows in its domination of cricket, selection of youth and style icons, and association with shows like MTV Roadies which improves involvement with the hinterland." This was the first change Hero Honda internalised in those turbulent days. So, Hero Honda decided to look at the motorcycle market not from engine capacity but from the customer's point of view - how he brackets the products available in the market through his demographic and psychographic profile.
The company has decided to launch eight or nine new products, variants or refreshes every year.
These "waves" are mounted just before the harvest so that Hero Honda is on their radar screen when they have cash in hand. There will be one more motorcycle in the market." Still, Hero Honda is not taking any chances. Surge instead fired his shooter at Core Hunter, causing the villain's powers to fold in on himself, until his body slowly winked out of existence.
Hero Honda has a large portfolio of products (13 motorcycles and one scooter), so it has to create distinct position for each so as to avoid customer-confusion and cannibalisation of products. And these launches will be spread across the three categories because, says Dua, all are growing at a fast clip. This was because of its strong sales in the rural markets - almost 40 per cent of total volumes, say Munjal and Dua.
Munjal has tasked his engineers to come out with a low-cost motorcycle, one that combines the price of a moped and the performance of a motorcycle, through value engineering and tax planning.
The diagnosis was that the company's differentiation in terms of propositioning to customers was weak.
Knocking a couple of thousand rupees from the current price points (Hero Honda's cheapest bike currently costs around Rs 31,000) will not help. Thus, it roped in film stars Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra, joined the Indian Premier League sponsorship bandwagon, and got associated with television shows like Sa Re Ga Ma Pa on Zee TV and MTV Roadies.
Still, it is a known fact that urban consumers depend more on finance than their rural counterparts. So, the drop in the flow of consumer finance impacted urban customers much more than rural customers.

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