Boris Said is the Emmy award-winning writer and producer of the NBC-TV feature documentary, "The Mystery of the Sphinx", hosted by Charlton Heston, which focused on the research of John Anthony West, alleging that the "water weathering" on the Sphinx indicates that it is much older than previously believed.
Boris: What I plan on doing at the Global Science Congress is to debunk some of the mystique that has been built up around Egypt and the Giza Plateau by some well-meaning and some not-so-well-meaning people who are trying to get to the bottom of the Atlantis legend. What developed out of that was a conspiracy theory, which my good friend Richard Hoagland added to, with this discovery of an allegedly illicit tunnel in the Pyramid. Boris: Yes, and since then I have put out a video with pieces of the mystery of the Sphinx and pieces of some other work that we did. The Egyptians have been very resistant to our suggestions that we (1) drill a hole down into the room; and (2) excavate a tunnel at the back of the Sphinx which we think leads to that room.
We have also discovered a tunnel at the bottom of a well, about 120 feet down, and it is about halfway up to the Great Pyramid.
The Egyptians' concern is, "What if the Sphinx is damaged in the process?" That is certainly a legitimate concern, and we are trying to get some engineering opinions so that we can guarantee them that it will not be damaged in the process. The other side of it is that in the eight years I spent over there, I have discovered something on my own by bringing a couple of ex-NASA scientists over there. My feeling is that while we are seeking to get into the Hall of Records room under the Sphinx's paw, which is what the American television networks will buy and which will create the kind of funding that we need, I can sneak into the show some appropriate scientific facts about this sonic resonance which is as indicative of the existence of a highly advanced culture as tablets in the Hall of Records would be. My talk at the Global Sciences Congress will be an effort to point out that evidence of this culture might not have been hidden or buried; maybe it is there and we just haven't recognized it. LE: Tell us about the tunneling in the Great Pyramid that is the basis of a recent article in the publication, Atlantis Rising.
Gantenbrink passed a robotic camera up one of the air shafts; I believe it was the one in the Queen's Chamber.
There is a theory by Richard Hoagland and others that there is a room on the other side of this little door.
Frankly, I think they are going to embark on a policy of bombarding the news with new discoveries, because otherwise, who would go to Egypt now? LE: Your position is that they can be tunneling in secret, and they don't have to report it. The other thing we must understand is that they have a $3 billion tourist industry, and that is, I think, their primary source of dollars.
Boris: I put together a group of very influential Egyptians who are interested in salvaging their reputation and the tourist industry, and they were very solicitous and very polite. The whole idea of my lecture at the Global Sciences Congress will be the simplicity of getting things done in Egypt if you're straightforward. Boris: The most important thing that was revealed in our film in 1993, "The Mystery of the Sphinx," was pretty conclusive proof that the Sphinx is much older than anybody thought it was. My feeling is that we are on track for something there, and I hope to get a chance to do some measurements at Palenque and at other sites in Mexico. LE: So, you are willing to offer support, including financial support, to the Egyptians and what you want is to film whatever is found.
In addition to the secret passages, chambers, halls, and other features of the main or central part of the Pyramid which were for centuries unknown and still constitute a mysterious study, there have been traditions for many years regarding the other passageways in the Pyramid or beneath it which have not yet been fully revealed, and the passageways that lead to the Pyramid from nearby points. According to the traditions and to some of the mystical manuscripts that have been released in a limited manner in recent years, the Great Pyramid is but the central point or feature of a magnificent symbolical plot or section of Egypt that contains a mystery in each square yard of its surface.
For centuries this whispered story was ridiculed by geologists and some historians and by many of the natives and officials of Egypt. Another of the traditions was to the effect that a great movable stone or slab in front of the breast of the Sphinx, between its paws, blocked the entrance way to a secret passage that ran beneath the Sphinx and beneath the sands to the center of the Great Pyramid, and that this long passageway was the secret ceremonial passageway from the outer court in front of the Sphinx to the rising passageways and chambers in the Pyramid itself.
In recent years the great stone slab, firmly fixed against the breast of the Sphinx in front of the two paws, has been revealed and uncovered and upon it are symbolical writings and warnings that may be interpreted in various ways, but certainly have significance to candidates of the mysteries and to the expectant initiate. Speaking of the impossibility of a huge stone of this size and weight moving of its own accord upon invisible hinges, let us not forget that there was one other court of mystery at one time where such things did occur. If the great gates which Heron invented would move some mysterious manner through natural laws, there is no reason for us to doubt the possibility of a huge stone gate moving in the same manner before the Sphinx in Egypt. There are still many stories told and many secret or private explanations, accompanied with diagrams and architectural designs, given regarding the passageways connecting the Sphinx with the Pyramid, and these give color to many strange incidents referred to in the secret writings of the Ancient Egyptians.
Until greater excavations are made around the Pyramid and these passageways are actually revealed to the public and to the light of day so that they may be photographed and entered under special permission, their existence must remain as part of the traditions, for this is the law of the Mystery Schools of Egypt that are still in force. The stronger the denial on the part of the various persons of authority in regard to the existence of some of these secret passageways and temples, the stronger is one's faith in the possibility of their existence, for such also seems to be the law of human nature when dealing with things of this strange land.
UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY: NASA Photo is proof of Apollo 20 mission, photo from Apollo Image Atlas, UFO Sighting And Paranormal News. Updated on Feb 6, 2015: CIA has been deleting videos pertaining to the city and EBE found on the moon. Secret Note: if you look at this photo using your digital camera, it will focus the below photo, but first save to your computer and enlarge it 4-5X.
While looking at the NASA Apollo Image Atlas I noticed this long UFO in one of the craters. Below video is a close up of the mothership in Deporte crater, these videos were released by William Rutledge, an astronaut on the Apollo mission who now lives in Rwanda. This video below shows the ancient abandoned city on the moons surface that they found, all these videos were released by USAF Astronaut William Rutledge, a brave man. On April of 2007, several videos apparently taken by NASA have emerged showing a city on the moon and a close up of an alien cigar shaped vessel in Deporte crater.
Rutledge does show that he has an extreme knowledge of Geology, Chemistry, and space exploration, which can be seen in his vocabulary that he uses during his interview for a UFO magazine.
Before investigating William Rutledge’s claims I first looked at the NASA panoramic photos above. Rutledge claims that a secret joint space mission, American-Soviet collaboration began in August of 1976. A magazine interview conducted by Luca Scantamburlo was done through a YouTube email account in May 25, 2007. Rutledge claims that the Apollo 18 mission was the Apollo-Soyuz project that took place in 1975. When Rutledge was speaking about the alien ship and lunar city on the moon, his descriptions sent ones imagination whirling.
The actual age of the spacecraft was 1.5 billion years old, which was confirmed during exploration. Are you aware that there have been 59 Lunar exploration missions (robotic and human) from January of 1959 to January of 1998?
Surly his leaked information may have been the cause of Japan and China to recently launch lunar mapping satellites. Boris also produced the documentary "Secret Chamber", about the opening of the room under the Sphinx which was located during the "Mystery of the Sphinx", research. Specifically, my ex-partner, John Anthony West, as well as Robert Bauval and Greg Hancock, who have both written wonderful books, basically succeeded in alienating most of the management of the Giza Plateau, Dr. I have never been denied access to anything, so if there is a secret tunnel in the chambers above the King's Chamber, then why would they have given me, on two occasions, permission to take a television crew up there? There is, however, a lot of spirited competition to see who gets to announce what, and I believe that my friend, Dr.
I was over there for two years working in conjunction with a group called the Joseph Schor Foundation.
We are trying to find a way to get permission to open that tunnel, because we think it might lead to the Sphinx as well. The problem has been getting the Egyptian government to allow us to continue our exploration.
I met with several Egyptians who are representing me and helping me to put a project together which would be an Egyptian search for Egyptian history.
We found that there is a pattern of sonic resonance inside the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid. It is only recently that we have acquired the sensitive equipment that we need to record some of the sounds, because some of them are below the range of human hearing. Four of the chambers are a little bit bigger than the King's Chamber; they are longer and wider.
If they can uncover a Hall of Records and can figure out a way to safely open these things to the public, wouldn't they do that?
There was a lot of question about who does the opening, who gets the credit, who gives the permission; there is a tremendous pecking order over there.
Right now, they are in grave danger of losing the whole thing, and that would be a national disaster. I think they proved that it was damaged by water flowing down off the plateau, and that the downflow of water was at least 9,000 years ago. Dobecki, with his seismograph, established pretty clearly that there is a very suspicious, rectangular void under the left front paw of the Sphinx, right where Edgar Cayce said it would be. Tom used to work with Intersonics Corporation (he was the one in the "Mystery of the Sphinx" who did the levitation experiments with sound). So here you have 2 ? million blocks piled up in Egypt; halfway around the world you have a guy whittling on the branch of a cherry tree, and they come up with the same F-sharp resonance. We are hoping that there will be some sort of correlation between the vibrations in these pyramids, and I think that is just phenomenally interesting. In any real study of the Pyramid and its mystical use, the environs of the Pyramid must be taken into consideration, including the Sphinx, the courtyard in front of the Sphinx, and the temple that adjoined the Sphinx and which has recently been excavated.
As with every other temple of mystery, there are stories, reports, and traditions which scientists deny and many so-called authorities ridicule.

However, in recent years the sand around and especially in front of the Sphinx has been removed revealing a very beautiful pavement of a courtyard between the paws and in front of the breast of the Sphinx, and in the center of this court, a symbolical altar that had no use in any of the priesthood religions of Egypt but was known to have its place in the temples of mystery for initiation ceremonies. Old stories told how this great stone with its symbolical writings, warnings, and laws for the initiate, would move mysteriously upon invisible hinges and open to the commands of candidates standing in the court, or in front of it, upon the pronunciation of the proper word.
The recently excavated temple adjoining the Sphinx was not believed to be in existence either, and now it is looked upon as the preparation chamber for the initiates before they entered the court in front of the Sphinx.
Whether that stone slab, huge in size and weight, is movable or not has not been determined, and whether there is a passageway behind it has not yet been conclusively determined. Heavy gates guarded the entranceway to this court and they could not be opened unless a sacred ceremony was held around the altar before them. Some of these underground passageways and their connections are shown in the accompanying diagrams. That which is not revealed to the public remains a traditional secret and the public is invited to accept the traditions or reject them as it may see fit. Now this is an official NASA photo in their archives and thus cannot be disputed or debunked.
You see, the Apollo missions were suppose to go to 20 or 21, but due to budget cuts they stopped at Apollo 17 moon mission. Another reason that Rutledge seems credible is that he didn’t gain money from the UFO interview, nor has he so far. It took me about three minutes to spot the cigar shaped ship poking oddly out of a crater area in the right third of the photo that he speaks about.
Apollo 19 however, had a loss of telemetry for some unknown reason, ending mission data sent back.
It was decided that this city would be called Station One, but once astronauts got a close look at it, they realized that it was since long abandoned and turned to worthless piles of scrap, except one taller larger building we called the cathedral. They announced that numerous man-made structures and objects were discovered on the Lunar surface. Kennedy wrote a memorandum for the CIA director about UFO Intelligence files on November 12, 1963, just eleven day before he was assassinated.
Japan sent a satellite called SELENE to photo the lunar surface and reached lunar orbit on Oct.
Before becoming a well-known film documentarian, Boris was a champion auto racer and the driver of the U.S.
We have had cameras all over the Pyramid, and we have never been denied access or given only restricted access.
That would bear out the Rosicrucian theory that the three pyramids are connected to a temple-like structure, which is then connected to the Sphinx. They have a rule that says if you want to do exploration in Egypt, you have to have an academic background and an institution of higher learning has to apply for the permit.
We suspect that this sonic resonance is enhanced by the entire structure and by the materials used in the structure.
When we were going up to investigate those chambers, there was in fact a new tunnel which was being excavated which is parallel to the long dimension of the first of the four chambers above the King's Chamber.
I offered them the financing in return for the film rights and asked them if they would nominate their own committee. Tom measured the Pyramid, measured the five rooms above the King's Chamber, put some huge amplifiers and woofers in the King's Chamber, created sound, measured vibratory responses in the five rooms, and created a theory. But in the past few centuries a number of these traditions have been lifted out of the category of mere mystical fiction into fact by the excavations that have taken place. Thus the sunlight has touched upon the ancient pavement by the removal of the sands, and the light of truth has confirmed one of the old traditions. As one looks down into the uncovered chambers of this temple adjoining the Pyramid, one wonders what other use there could have been for a subterranean temple, or any kind of temple, in this peculiar position alongside the ceremonial court of the Sphinx. Here, with fire burning upon the altar, and with the chanting of voices, at the crucial moment of the spiritual ritual, the huge gates automatically opened and the devotees were permitted to enter.
I'll be the first to admit this really seems ridiculous on first glance, but if you do a little research into William Rutledge's story, then you begin to see that NASA has been hiding the truth for a long time, editing what we are allowed to know and not know.
After looking at those photos, using amateur CSI techniques, I found his story to be credible. This hacking into his account only adds to the proof that William Rutledge is the real deal.
In the beginning of this video, it shows the inside of the CSM module where you plainly see a flag sticker that is half American and half Russian. He is an American citizen, but is not accustomed to speaking in English anymore since 1990 when he moved from Europe to Rwanda.
Most people don’t know that gold is an exterritorial metal that is created when a star dies. Wolfe was told that it was a NASA facility that he had gone to, but Wolfe remembers him saying NSA (possibly the NSA is in charge of Lunar artefacts).
The body of the memo stated, “As I had discussed with you previously, I have initiated (blacked out) and have instructed James Webb to develop a program with the Soviet Union in joint space and lunar exploration.
It is clearly genuine material, and the abundance of debunkers (NSA) hacking into his account and making debunking websites about Apollo 20, only make me believe these debunkers are being paid for all their hard work and have an agenda.
This high level of moon missions is clear evidence that there is something up there to warrant the money and the risk…alien technology?
There are a lot of published reports as to what the real purpose of the expedition was, but we were trying to find access to a room, which we believe we have identified, under the front paw of the Sphinx.
That usually also means considerable financing, and the financing usually comes from someone like Dr. The Egyptian government is now obviously desperate for good publicity, and I feel the climate might now be more conducive to my doing a television film. If that is true, then that would be evidence that there was a scientific logic employed in the building of the Pyramid, which predates our knowledge of this sort by seven or eight thousand years.
I offered them an international engineering firm which is based in Cairo, and I have every hope that they are going to say yes.
His theory is that the dimensions of the Pyramid and the materials with which the Pyramid was made and the box inside the King's Chamber all served to enhance and amplify whatever sounds were made inside the King's Chamber.
Still scientists, historians, and officials scoff at the idea that it had anything to do with initiation ceremonies.
Within the walls they found a temple there in the courtyard and fountains that would play with streams of water through the effect of music and chanting.
He is real and afraid for his life, but nearing the end of his life, he wanted to make this info public to get it off his chest. I also wrote about this ship in both my books Dragons of Asgard and UFO Sightings of 2006-2011. It is said that the Apollo 20 mission went inside this mothership and harvested the technology that they could find, including its alien pilot who was naked, but covered in clear wax like coating. At that point, NASA cancelled the next three missions, claiming that their budget currently was not capable of funding such an exploit. I didn’t feel this was enough evidence to prove that he was being truthful, perhaps he found the same photo and made up the whole story? He needed that account because the videos had such a high view number that they were then placed on the most viewed home page of YouTube, because of this increased publicity for him, I find it improbable that he himself would delete the account. Below this sticker is the Apollo 20 mission emblem, which has two small space ships carrying away a long cigar shaped ship from the moons surface. It starts out inside the module where you can see a person dressed in a NASA white jumpsuit. It’s a close up before they removed the odd wax like covers of her two eyes, as well as it keeping her mouth open and the bump over her eyes was covered in the wax like stuff, possibly indicating a third eye?
The city in the background looks so cool, as well as the giant building they call the Cathedral. He has learned Kinyarwanda and uses French and sometimes German because Rwanda is a former Belgium-German Colony.
Hmm…I believe the odds of a moving object hitting another moving object is far less likely than a meteorite hitting a stationary object, yet this could have been a warning sent from lunar inhabitants. Most the mission fell on exploring the mother ship, which NASA believed crossed the universe at least 1.5 billion years ago. Wolfe said that he was called in to fix some photographic equipment, and his security clearance was raised due to him being the only person at the time able to fix such equipment. It would be very helpful if you would have the high threat cases reviewed with the purpose of identification of bana-fide as opposed to classified CIA and USAF sources.
He does not like the idea that foreign investigators come to Egypt to "exploit" the treasures of Egypt. If a group of Nigerians set up shop on your front lawn and said, "We have absolute proof that Atlantis is here, under your grandfather's grave, and we are going to dig it up," there would be trouble. What I have offered, relative to the room under the paw of the Sphinx, is for them to drill the holes and run cameras down into them, similar to the way they discovered the solar boats, and that we supply the engineering background and the funds. In other words, if the Pyramid was built as a giant resonance box, and if the choice of materials was carefully studied and the dimensions were carefully studied, and the effects had a purpose, that would offer a lot more proof of the existence of an advanced civilization.
Zahi Hawass has never said to me, in eight years I've known him, "You can't go in there and film that, Boris." On two separate occasions, I was given permission to drag a six-man crew up there. He also believes that when the wind blew across the air shafts, especially when the Pyramids were smooth in the early days, it was like blowing across the neck of a coke bottle; it created a harmonic vibration in the chamber that was below the range of human hearing, below 16Hz. Science investigated these mysteries and found that one master mechanician of the time, known as Heron of Alexandria, utilized some of the great knowledge of the laws of physics known to the Egyptian mystery schools and constructed many marvelous pieces of mechanism that operated through laws and principles rediscovered only in modern times by eminent scientists.

When researching this story, I hoped to learn the truth about the covert missions to the moon. William Rutledge said that NASA’s Apollo 14 mission took photographs as they flew over the polar region of the dark side of the moon, recording numerous ships, odd shaped buildings, and ancient towering cities, most appearing abandoned for million years. It is possible however that he got so much exposure that the government sent professionals to erase his videos and block him access and send out emails saying he admits to lying. Note the moons surface in the badge, looks like it has an unusually shaped white building on it. At 25 seconds in you can see outside the module window at some structure outside, it looks like another module sitting on the moons surface. Apollo 18’s goal was to send a rover to explore the roof of a ship by climbing on the Monaco hill and entering an opening made by those who explored the ship far before the USAF ever arrived. We witnessed many signs of biological life forms inside, like old remains of unusual plants in the section that apparently contains the engine for the craft. Two yellow areas that I had earlier assumed were reflections, turns out to actually be huge patches of gold color mineral.
It is important that we make a clear distinction between the known and unknown in the event the Soviets try to mistake our extended cooperation as a cover for intelligence gathering of their defence and space programs. This person is trying extremely hard to get his story out, yet they are not telling us much yet, so only time will tell if he is a true astronaut. What I learned instead stunned my imagination, strengthened by beliefs and amplified my fears. As I investigated, I found that all Apollo missions from 14 to 17 flew over that polar region of the dark side of the moon.
43 seconds into the video you will begin to see the moons surface, through what appears to be a circular viewfinder.
At 1 minute into the video you will see the EBE, which looks like a woman laying down, her face appears chapped, yet glossy at the same time. Another biological species came in the shape of triangular rocks that emit droplets of a yellow liquid that has medical properties. We believed the ship and the city were similar in age, but it is a very tiny part of the whole. One circle-shaped patch appears to be several meter in diameter, the other is clearly three to four times larger than the first. He noticed that a lot of guest nametags were on individuals from foreign countries in this hanger. When this data has been sorted out, I would like you to arrange a program of data sharing with NASA where Unknowns are a factor. I don't share that view, but I try to stay out of the line of fire, primarily because they have not precluded me from doing anything over there. We came to a parting of the ways when he wanted to sell the show to the Fox network, and Fox wanted absolute control of the subject matter. They are quite difficult to get to, and you have to know a little about rock climbing to get to them. If they had lowered the rock, they would have had to take it all the way down the steps and all the way out of the Pyramid or else it would have interfered with the tourist flow. Each of those missions landed within a few hundred miles of each other, indicating that something in the area was of high scientific value. I explored the far left of it, peering at its dark shadows and those unusual reflective objects showing through them. Then you begin to see that it is not just over the cigar shaped alien ship in Deporte crater, but it is a mere few feet from its top.
At 1:30 into it, you see the Cathedral building and it is looks like something from a sci-fi move. Rutledge had previously worked on the Gemini project and the USAF remembered that, so they chose him later for Apollo 20. Now upon closer inspection, the gold appears to be similar in color to unprocessed gold ore with a luminosity of 20-24k gold. Nevertheless, in his interview he mentions that the documents and video came from a crate guarded by a security guard that was suppose to watch over them until they were destroyed.
What do you suppose China and Japan hope to gain once they see the extremely highly detailed photographs of the lunar cities and ships? They are now obviously doing more work, because there is now a 220 voltage power cord going up there, and it's warm to the touch, which means it is being used for something. Robert Bauval has the attitude that because he is an engineer, they owe him some kind of candor. The main mission of Apollo 20 was to explore a mother ship long since abandoned, but discovered in Apollo 14 photographs. That’s when I first saw a silver odd-shaped building clearly visible with the naked eye without changing the photo in any way. The camera is scanning the top surface of the ship from end to end, revealing various carved hieroglyphics in its outer hull. It is very well possible that if this paper is legit, that a digitally enhanced photograph of it can be taken from this video, giving us the ultimate evidence of an alien species. When I showed the video to a geologist friend at a local university, he confirmed that it has a high probability of being gold according to its reflection of the suns light and its surface color.
Then the airmen showed Wolfe some photographs that clearly showed geometric shapes, well organized and well designed.
Rutledge says his friend was shown these items by the guard and allowed to take what he wanted, latter sending some to Rutledge. Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure, the truth cannot be hidden from us forever.
These tiny creatures were living in a complex network of glass tubes all along the interior of the ship. Kennedy.” This memo clearly stated that the NASA was working on a specific space program with Russia!
I feel that the person calling himself William Rutledge could possibly be that security guard in the USAF. Needless to say, I learned that William Rutledge was telling at least one truth; an abundance of alien technology does exist on the area of the moon that he suggests. This piece of paper with black alien writing scrolled in a cursive like manner could very well be the next Rosetta stone.
Perhaps it was the fact that JFK asked the CIA to reveal and share classified information with NASA officials that may have upset the CIA intensely, causing the CIA to feel that JFK has overstepped his bounds.
Also I find it hard to believe that NASA eggheads couldn’t think up a better name for a covert mission, instead of continuing to use the Apollo names. There appears to be no weightlessness or little difference from that of Earths gravity-needs more research why?) Good close up of face at end of video.
It is clear on the video, so it should be easy to get a copy made and printed out to analyze.
He said the EBE (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity) was female and close to 1.65 meters tall.
Using the panoramic photo that he speaks about, and enlarging it 500% using any photo program, many alien objects will become clear to the naked eye, but lets not stop there.
At 1:52 you can see a hieroglyphic that looks like a person wearing a headdress and glasses. This covering close up looks like a circuit board with blue, light blue, and red conduits (very cool 3:02).
Petersburg Times that there are many insiders within the US government that were studying the recovered bodies of aliens. This technique is quite simple, take the enlarged photo, looking through a digital camera while the photo is on the computer screen. This causes images that were blurred by a photo program to once again become semi-focused, bring back up to 80%-90% of the original image. Yes, this is re-digitalization, but once it’s in focus, you will be amazed, nay, awestruck at what you see before you. We may never learn the truth of who killed him, but we can assume that if no other presidents were advised of alien bodies, alien prisoners, alien captured or traded craft, then first, what happened with JFK that made them stop telling US presidents? Leonov undid the devices over her eyes, causing secretions of bio liquid to shoot out and freeze from the mouth, nose, eyes and other parts of the body. Second, when JFK asked the CIA in the memo to share classified info with NASA, did the CIA believe that it was almost like going public with it? We decided to take off our bio equipment and attach it to the EBE so that it could send the telemetry back to Mission Control Medical experts. She is now on Earth and she is not dead, but I want to post other videos of her before I talk further about her.
The cockpit of cigar shaped mother ship was full of calligraphy and was made by lengthy hexagonal tubes.

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