I read the Secret History of Wonder Woman by Jill Lepore a few months back and have been struggling with this review ever since. I didn’t know who Wonder Woman was until I was nine years old and she appeared in the first episode 2001’s Justice League. The Secret History of Wonder Woman is the story of Wonder Woman’s birth and impact woven throughout personal history and feminist history. Fiction House was a pulp magazine where Olive Byrne’s brother, Jack Byrne, worked as an editor. Over at DC, you had Alice Marble (an Associate Editor for a short time) who created the Wonder Women of History that celebrated the lives of real heroic women and accompanied the earlier issues of Wonder Woman. DC’s first female editor was Dorothy Roubicek who is credited with coming up with Kryptonite while working on Superman. Lauretta Bender was a senior psychiatrist at Bellevue Hospital and studied the effects of comics on children’s behaviours.
If you already own that release, then there’s little reason to revisit this one – other than, perhaps, to hear the songs re-arranged (for whatever inexplicable reason) into a different running order.
When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. Please welcome to The Burton Review Cecelia Holland, the author of the new release The Secret Eleanor.
Eleanor of Aquitaine seized hold of life in the 12th century in a way any modern woman would envy!
1151: As Duchess of Aquitaine, Eleanor grew up knowing what it was to be regarded for herself and not for her husband's title.
He is Henry D'Anjou, eldest son of the Duke of Anjou, and he is in line, somewhat tenuously, for the British throne. The hardest book to research was THE BELT OF GOLD, for which all the primary data was in Greek, and most of the better commentary in German or Russian. Q: Your newest novel, The Secret Eleanor, features a time period that has been recently been written of Eleanor's life. This nine-ten months' time, from her first meeting with Henry of Anjou until she married him, is the turning point of Eleanor's life. Q: Was there anything that surprised you about Eleanor or Henry that you came across in your research? Not in the research (contrary to popular belief, the real data--the primary material--on both these major figures is pretty piecemeal, as you would expect, given the 900 years between us and them) but in the writing, when Eleanor became a fully-functioning character in a story that was leaping away out of my hands, she really did and thought and felt things I hadn't expected.

Q: Eleanor is typically portrayed as a domineering, strong willed woman who was able to defy both the King of France and the King of England. The prevailing opinion of Eleanor at the time, and for centuries afterward, was dominated by what Ralph Turner calls her Black Legend, the image of an adulterous headstrong evil queen whose husband was probably right to lock her up to keep her out of trouble. Q: With three daughters and a menagerie of animals, how do you find the time to write so much?
To be fair, I didn’t know anyone aside from Batman and Superman but given the significance of the character as a feminist icon, it’s a bit surprising looking back. It mostly published detective stories and westerns but also featured strong heroines and its most well known female led title was Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, created by Will Eisner and S. She was on the opposite side of Frederick Wertham during the Senate Subcommittee hearings that ultimately led to Comics Code. Hummel was a student of Marston’s who was hired to help him write slang and when he fell ill, she typed up his scripts before writing her own for Wonder Woman. As someone who would rather escape into other worlds than read non-fiction, I couldn’t put this book down. In the liner notes, music journalist Rob Sheffield suggests that The Secret History serves as a snapshot of the album that could’ve come between Slanted and Enchanted and its 1994 follow-up, Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain. But the deluxe Slanted and Enchanted actually contains four more studio cuts (the follow-up EP Watery, Domestic) that this new package lacks. But, all things considered, this album sheds little new light (and in fact simply rehashes) a history that’s already been told. Now, as wife to Louis VII and Queen of France, she has found herself unsatisfied with reflected glory-and feeling constantly under threat, even though she outranks every woman in Paris. What I find missing in most accounts is the awareness that she was the mastermind: it had to be all her decision. I was personally fascinated in how feminism (more specifically Margaret Sanger) influenced William Moulton Marston into the creation of Wonder Woman and how Wonder Woman served as an inspiration to the feminists of the 1960s and beyond. She has a gift for secrecy, for she is watched like a prisoner by spies even among her own women.
The California books were fabulous to research, everything right here, in English and very close in time.
Nobody else was in a position to see what she could make of the marriage with Henry, or that she would be able to make the marriage at all. I think a lot of women probably agreed with this assessment at the time--it was in the interests of many women to buy into the male view that women should be firmly subordinated to their husbands.

Feminism eluded me as a kid not because my parents were opposed to the idea of empowering a young woman but because they didn’t verbalize it with that particular word. Probably the biggest revelation (there were plenty in this book) would have to be the women involved in the fledgling comics industry in the late 1930s and 1940s.
JERUSALEM, which is my favorite book, covers a time period (1180's in the Holy Land) with lots of available primary material, which I prefer (the sources written closest to the actual event are primary sources), and a lot of controversy; I like to twinge an event, try to see it from a whole different slant than the usual, question the pre-assumptions.
I wanted to develop the idea of this passionate and willful woman seizing control of her life in the face of all the entrenched powers of male privilege and female submission. They're all grown up now with families of their own but I am deeply grateful to have had them and to have them now.
I wanted to write this sweeping and grand analysis of the book, its criticisms and its role in not just the comics sphere but also in the history of feminism. Fiction House was also the only comics publisher at the time that employed more than twenty female artists while other publishers weren’t hiring any.
Employing deception and disguise, seduction and manipulation, Eleanor is determined to find her way to power-and make her mark on history. These days when so few readers actually have much background in history this has its own issues; it's hard to play off the note when nobody knows the song. When they were little, finding time to write was hard, and I learned to break the work up into little pieces that I could think about while doing dishes, or hanging up diapers--bits of dialog, starting sentences, the like. In doing this, I removed myself from the equation and haven’t asked what I thought about it on a personal level because that’s where it hooked me. It was a history that I wasn’t privy to until I was taught The Persons Case in my Canadian history class in middle school. I got a major flash on the end of FLOATING WORLDS for instance while I was hanging up diapers--maybe the white sheet before my face worked like blank film, on which I could project something.
Fem-i-ni-sm was a funhouse mirror reflection that started to shift into Feminism I live by today.

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