Now that we’ve caught back up to the point where the dead body makes an appearance, the murder mystery begins to get some major focus.
Sang-hyo quickly gathers her wits after Assistant Manager Hwang’s body falls to the floor.
As she deals with making sure all the guests are safely escorted out of the hotel, Detective KIM GEON-BO (Ahn Gil-kang) arrives on the scene.
Marveling at Sang-hyo’s ability to smoothly take care of the wedding guests, Detective Kim cheerfully steps into the room to investigate the dead body. The PR manager is busy reassuring the press that the death of a hotel employee is nothing to be overly concerned about — it could happen anywhere at any time. But as soon as Sang-hyo arrives to do the rest of the press debriefing, Jung-eun slips away to hide around the corner.
Soo-ah’s greeting is a literal slap in the face, as she demands to know what Sang-hyo is going to do about the disrupted wedding. She reaches out to give another hearty slap when it looks like Sang-hyo isn’t going to kneel, but Hae-young reaches in to stop her.
Sung-gyum insists Sang-hyo leave, and Hae-young recognizes him as the guy from the night before.
Sung-gyum charmingly soothes Soo-ah’s frustrations (all the while mentioning that hitting a member of his staff is no-no). He’s there to once more play the rescuing hero as he excuses Sang-hyo, claiming she needs a break to rest and let the shock of the day settle in.
But Sung-gyum continues to pull Sang-hyo through the hotel until he reaches an empty guest room (much to the surprise and disappointment of Eun-joo who sees them from down the hall).
As she finally lets the shock of the day overwhelm her, Sung-gyum reaches down to gently wipe away her tears.
A subdued Hae-young drops Soo-ah off at her house, and she does a cute little pout when he doesn’t immediately offer to open her door for her. Sang-hyo tries to relax in the hotel room, but she keeps replaying the moment Assistant Manager Hwang fell from the skylight. Sung-gyum finds a moment away from the hotel to muse over the mysterious letter about his father’s death. Detective Kim arrives (in his fancy boots!) at the wedding planning department to continue questioning Sang-hyo. She stutters in surprise before answering simply that he was the groom on the day of the incident. As he writes down this information in his notebook, he inquires further into what kind of person Hae-young is, adding (with a little wink) that the groom must have made some kind of impression on her. At his architecture firm, Hae-young fends off his coworker Shi-chan’s constant barrage of questions about the failed wedding ceremony, and whether or not he actually went to go meet that woman the night before the wedding (like Shi-chan had recommended when they were at the bar).
Hustling Jung-eun to a place where they can have a conversation beyond the curious ears of his staff, Hae-young tells her that what happened is none of her business. Back at the hotel, Detective Kim ponders the blood stain left in the wedding hall as the other detective fills him in on all the information they found on Hae-young, which isn’t much other than the basics.
The other detective assumes it must have fallen out of Hae-young’s pocket while he was walking down the aisle, but Detective Kim does a little martial arts action on the unsuspecting detective to prove that the only way it could have been under the body was if there had been a physical struggle. Having overheard part of the detectives’ conversation, Sang-hyo is so focused on why they might be discussing Hae-young that she nearly jumps out of her skin when she mistakes one of her staff members for ghost-Hwang.
Except she only has a rain coat, and Sang-hyo pulls the hood down as far as it can go as she scurries to Hae-young’s waiting car.
He’s alarmed to know the police are investigating him, and begs her to never ever tell anyone about their marriage.
A flashback shows the moment when Hae-young returned to the hotel after finding Sang-hyo and Sung-gyum sitting outside.
But Hwang just cackled maniacally and brandished his trusty ice pick, asking what would he do, “Kill me or something?” Hae-young’s defense against the ice pick became a struggle between the two men until he managed to turn it around on Hwang, pointing it straight at the assistant manager’s heart. Sang-hyo is the last to leave the office that night, and with all the lights off, it’s a little creepy. As she walks nervously, expecting to see ghost-Hwang in every little corner, her phone rings — it’s Sung-gyum. She diligently and cautiously checks each spot, but there’s no ghostly Hwang to be found.
The next morning, a much happier and rested Sang-hyo is ready to bid ghost-Hwang adieu as she leaves a memorial flower at his desk.
As for the side characters, I love them, and I’m hoping this show gives them a little more depth.
I am really curious to see how our evil reporter lady figures into the history between Sang Hyo and Hae Young. I was slightly disappointed that Hae-young and Sang-hyo didn’t get too many scenes, but I was pacified in episode 4. Also, I don’t know if my ship is clouding my judgement but NGM plays Sung-gyum with some seriously shady expressions and cryptic faces.
As for Jin Yi-han, I think he’s just fantastic with the intensity and the overall hurt he tries to hide but is unable to.
Maybe he decided to marry the woman his family like because after the divorce he gave up on love. Me too, I think that Sung Gyum hid something and if he is to be the real bad guy then he will be the second sexy devilish bad guy for me, eversince Joo Ji Hoon is Devil! Last week, I’ve agreed with some comments that the pacing of the show was a little slow. Yoo Inna is lovely but her, otherwise confident and efficient, character having fits and acting like a scaredy-cat is tough to buy. Besides, they all jump to mad conclusions and probably the writer expects us to believe them.
I can buy that Sang-hyo is freaking out as a sort of PTSD, a man was murdered in her hotel (and then she’s forced to stay at the same hotel afterwards at night). I do agree the tone is rather silly, but I prefer a slightly silly murder mystery to, say, scary like Gap-dong. About the wallet, if he reported it lost earlier then he’s off the hook, isn’t he? Yeah, at first I liked it, she was in shock and all, later I just felt they took it in a too silly direction.
Cindy got stuck with PD Baek Seung Chan after none of the guys from the show’s cast chose her.

A very drunk Seung Chan went to Ye Jin’s apartment, instantly revealing that he knows where she lives.
Baek Seung Chan found out in the previous episode that his sunbaes, Tak Ye Jin and Ra Joon Mo live in the same apartment. My Secret Hotel Episode 2 Review Korean Drama Fashion Recap There’s a dark mood lurking at the premises of My Secret Hotel. My Secret Hotel Episode 1 Review Korean Drama Fashion Recap Not another divorced couple story again! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Season 5 of the anthology horror series takes place in a fictional Hotel Cortez situated in Los Angeles, California.
According to the synopsis (via SpoilerTV) for Episode 1 "Checking In" of "American Horror Story: Hotel" Season 5, John Lowe, who happens to be a family man, is assigned the task of investigating several violent crimes that recently took place in Los Angeles.
While not much is revealed about the forthcoming episode, promo videos tease the events of the premiere. Meanwhile, the opening credits sequence of "American Horror Story: Hotel" (AHS) Season 5 teasing a lot of disturbing scenes and a creepy soundtrack was recently released. Speaking at the "American Horror Story" premiere held in Los Angeles, the cast revealed that Season 5 is the "darkest" season yet. Students take part in a robot competition in Qingfeng Experimental School in Guilin, South China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, May 15, 2016. She delegates tasks to the rest of the shocked wedding coordination team to assist the panicked guests, until all that’s left in the wedding hall with the dead body is just her and Hae-young. He thinks that it’s important for Sang-hyo to learn how to fix this situation on her own, as a good test of her management skills. His cowboy boots and casually unbuttoned shirt have the diligent security team ready to shoo him away as a curious onlooker, but after a wave of his badge, he’s allowed through to the wedding hall. Sang-hyo is ready to drop in exhausted relief that everything is over and everyone has been safely taken care of, but Eun-joo radios with a cry for help.
But one of the reporters at the press conference is Jung-eun, who smugly points out that bodies falling from the sky aren’t exactly a normal occurrence. It’s determined that the murder weapon was the ice pick — one jab to the heart and instant death. Sung-gyum also suddenly arrives and puts himself between the two women, protecting Sang-hyo. The interrogation can continue tomorrow, and he wrist-grabs a stunned Sang-hyo to lead her out of the office. She finally frees herself from his grip, and insists that there’s still quite a lot of work for her to do. Their tender moment is interrupted by the arrival of the room service cart, and he leaves her alone to eat dinner and get some sleep. She assumes that his grumpy demeanor is due to her talking about how handsome Sung-gyum was.
Now fully awake, she scrambles to turn on all the lights in the hotel room, praying that the ghost will keep far away from her.
Then she shrieks as she flings herself out of the bed, only to cause Eun-joo to shriek herself. Even though the GM is aware that the assistant has been snooping into the old files, neither managers mention it to each other when they happen to meet in the hallway.
He received it the same day Hwang was murdered, and Hwang is the only employee who was there when Sung-gyum’s father died. The detective pretends that this is new information to him, but asks if that’s really all Hae-young is, since he heard that she gave him special attention.
But she suggests that if the police find out about his past marriage, they’ll want to investigate it.
When the rookie detective wonders why they’re spending so much time investigating someone who appears to have nothing to do with this case, Detective Kim pulls out the wallet he found.
But her coworker avoids a scolding when a text message from Hae-young has her sweetly begging Kyung-hee for another umbrella.
That was not what she was expecting, and she angrily informs him she’s never told anyone at all about their past relationship, not even the detective. She furiously agrees before storming off to find her own way back to the hotel, fuming that he’s just wasting her time by being paranoid about the past. She’s ready to brandish her purse at any little sound, but the image of ghost-Hwang lying dead on the floor makes her scream in terror. He escorts her back to the hotel room from last night, saying it’s late and traffic will be bad because of the weather.
He paces around his suite as he kindly offers her tips on how to not be afraid, including walking her through all the places where something scary could be hiding. When he suggests that she get undressed to take a shower, she balks for a second, and he chuckles because he can’t give her step-by-step instructions for that. As cute as all the rom-com stuff was last week, I felt like I was getting a little whiplash as the tonality of the show bounced between the zaniness of Hae-young and Sang-hyo and the more melodramatic seriousness of Sung-gyum and his secret about his father. Not just because he’s one of the leads (or because I still prefer him to Sung-gyum when it comes down to the love triangle). Hwang seemed to have had genuine affection for Sang-hyo, for reasons that perhaps will be revealed later on in the show.
It’s the song that plays while she runs to the dead body in the first scene of ep 2 right?
I have major issues with how Nam Goong-min portrays a character I would usually really like.
Its been made extremely clear that he isn’t marrying because he has any interest in the fiance. If her reason for putting up with it was because she was so in love, I’d understand somehow. I don’t care for her reasons though because he seems unaware of them herself and anyway I think you got too much from her scene talking about him.
It feels like it hit its stride this week, like everyone settled into their roles, and it’s found the right balance as far as tone and the kind of notes it wants to hit. If the guy is so annoyed by her we should have a very good explanation for the wedding by the third episode. They weren’t even in the same frame there, but it was swoonworthy even if he was only teasing.

I feel like Sung-Gyum is being hit over the head with love by Sang-Hyo’s weaknesses right now, while Sang-Hyo is mostly just fluttering a bit from suaveness than anything deeper. In fact, he was the one who took Seung Chan and Ye Jin home because they were both out of it.
It was a gruelling trek to the top of the mountain but Cindy and Seung Chan (or at least to Cindy’s side only) developed a closeness to each other. Sometimes, we get to see the ladies trying so hard to find the perfect date outfit – even going so far as shopping for new ones when the need arises.
I think we’ve had our fill of this plot from the likes of Emergency Couple and Cunning Single Lady. Fans can expect to see some jaw dropping moments focusing on John Lowe's first visit to the hotel. About 400 students from 38 middle schools and primary schools in the city of Guilin participated in a robot competition on Sunday. Our investigating detective is a lot sharper than he looks, so everyone is going to need a little effort to avoid his piercing gaze, er, wink. Sung-gyum doesn’t seem particularly convinced by this, but he stays put, nevertheless.
Not to mention all the other crises that have happened at the hotel, such as all the previous managers leaving last year, the hotel’s worth dropping on the stock market, and, of course, the three-month wedding curse. The detective also finds something else surprising: a second wallet that was found near the body. Her hysterical shrieks can be heard all the way down the hallway, and Sang-hyo steels herself as she prepares to enter the room and face the unhappy couple. When Sung-gyum offers to apologize in place of Sang-hyo, he refuses, saying that Sung-gyum had better not do anything at all for her. Ha, and Detective Kim totally wins a permanent place in my heart by snubbing the idea of a wrist-grab, sighing to himself that women don’t actually like that kind of thing.
But he convinces her that she needs to rest, sweetly adding that she did well today, and she looks very beautiful.
Promising not to mention other guys in front of him again, she swears that he’s number one in her eyes. The shadows in the corners of the room make her jumpy (and me too, thanks to the creepy horror music). Sang-hyo quickly explains that it was for their publicity event, the one that was focused on profiling the elite couples. The two get to hear about each other’s lives as they happily talk over the phone until Sang-hyo falls asleep, with the phone against her ear. As I do with Soo-ah, because even though I really do want to hate her, her incessant cheerfulness (well, except when her wedding is ruined) fascinates me.
Could it be the song’s title is a taboo much like he who must not be named in harry potter? It’s so much fun and is such easy watch, but then in between there are great character moments, romantic underlinings and they just get to me in ways no other show has in a very long time.
Jin Yi-han is fantastic with the eyes; he speaks so much more in silence than a lot of people with lines after lines. Every time he does something sweet, I always get this feeling he has an ulterior motive so I can’t enjoy it whatsoever. It’s very normal for young ditzy girls like her to want to show off a successful boyfriend. I still think Sung-gyum is a fun contender, and look forward to seeing how his backstory unfolds! Everyone sees characters in different lights but it’s also an actor that creates that perception.
The wallet was indeed a bit strange but still wouldn’t mean much, dead guy could just have found it anywhere in the hotel. But mid-way through his entrance, a man dropped down from the ceiling in front of him, bathing in his own blood. The sneak peek gives the glimpse of Max Greenfield's monster lying under John Lowe's bed in room no.
As she gets ready for bed, she turns around to see Hwang eerily standing before her, and she screams. Which means all those clues are red herrings, of course; but I’m still deeply interesting in knowing the truth behind those red herrings! The way Hae-young looks at Sang-hyo, it’s so ridiculously obvious he still loves her. Every scene with him makes me uncomfortable because while I know I should like him, he’s just not allowing me to. Hae-young and Sang-hyo broke up with a lot of unresolved feelings so its natural that the sudden meeting will spark a lot of emotions they thought didn’t exist. Which then means she’s doing this wedding for her own selfish reasons just like he is. Check out the spoilers for the premiere segment of FX's horror series and learn everything that happens on it first episode. I especially love that he’s not some bumbling detective, but is actually burying some excellent and intelligent observation skills beneath his goofy demeanor.
I’m still astonished that her reaction to him ripping off the car decorations was to be delighted, taking it as a display of affection.
I’m also on the other side of the fence about the main guy, I thought several times the way Hae-Young looks at her was so over the top, so unrealistic for a guy about to marry someone else. He’s subtle enough for Sang-hyo not to know he still has feelings for her, but when extreme things happen its very natural for the facade to drop. That’s something I completely respect, and in certain ways, something I want to feel too. If he is the killer though, I think I’ll be happy too since that means NGM was a great actor all along and I was just being unfair lol. Instead of using logic the show wants to talk about the wallet and make it as the cop is clever despite being silly.

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