I originally discovered it through this post on Tumblr, and like many others, had absolutely no idea what was going on. I think the video has a strong beginning, and sticks very true to the opening in all Harry Potter movies. Put those two errors aside, though, and I feel that the video was okay, and it leaves a good first impression.
Also, the theatrical posted (referring to the one posted on Tumblr in the link provided above) is genius. Literature circle guide to shiloh by phyllis reynolds naylor book summary marty preston lives with family in the hills of west virginia, and he has always wanted a.The memory keeper's daughter by kim edwards is a poignant story of marriage, parenthood and a secret that entwines itself throughout the emotional lives of a family.
While I know it should not be Hollywood standards, and I should not hold it up to such, I felt it was, to put it bluntly, a bit corny. I think the casting for the main characters – again, Sirius, Bellatrix, and Barty Crouch Jr.
The website, as it seems, is entirely dedicated to this fan-made universe of Sirius Black and those he interacts with.

However, with the beginning of the video, it was made clear that Rowling, nor anyone else associated with Harry Potter, had absolutely nothing to do with this. Although there were parts I disliked, it is easy for viewers to tell how much hard work and dedication was put into this tribute to J.K. Study questions for books previously taught in young adult literature and in children's literature. The series only has one episode going so far, which is about eleven minutes long and was released to YouTube July 14th. Still though, I thought I should give it a fair chance, seeing as I am a large Harry Potter fan myself. From what I understand most of the characters in this first video were fictitious, as their names do not seem to strike familiar to me, but either way, I feel there should have been some way to tell who was who.
Perhaps there should have been a photo of each cast member with their character's name alongside it. I have taken a video class for two years straight, so I understand how it can be difficult to make a believing scene such as that, but I do feel like there should have been something more.

I encourage other Harry Potter fans to give the website and video a look if interested, as I do not think anyone will regret it, and spread the word to other fans who might want to check it out as well. Somehow I think there should have been some way for the viewers to become familiarized with who plays who.
The special effects for the wands, though, were brilliant, as were all the other special effects used.
Those who made this video did a wonderful job of sticking close to the details used in the Harry Potter movies. 1961: on a sweltering summer’s day, while her family picnics by the stream on their suffolk farm, sixteen-year-old laurel hides out in her.

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