On a recent visit to Glen Waverley in Melbourne my husband and I happened to walk pass a rather busy Chinese restaurant adjoining the Novotel Hotel, our place of stay for the night. As in any Yum Cha restaurant the pace here too is pretty fast with staff running around like busy bees, some pushing the dim sum and won ton filled trollies and some balancing plates of delicacies on their palms. The selection of dishes here are not as wide as some of the other Yum Cha places I have been to in the past but to our delight, the usual culprits, the assortment of steamed and fried dumplings, the buns and the pastries were available. Our first choice of these dishes never tried before, was a dish of rice noodles with strips of pork heaped on top. The fried durian pastry was not only one that we had not tasted before, but it was one that we had never heard of before either. WeekendNotes will notify you of the best free community events, concerts, exhibitions, cinema, festivals, and markets in your town or city.
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So, during their rather short stay, we managed to fit in yum cha (healthily) every single day. Most of the Indian Kitchens are equipped with heavy and big utensils for large sized families. The changing lifestyles, the hectic schedules and the unhealthy eating patterns have driven us towards various health concerns.

Our mornings are incomplete without a healthy and sumptuous breakfast served to our taste buds. Being true dumpling devotees, we just could not resist the temptation of walking in and having a taste. It took us a while to get the attention of one of the busy waitresses, but when we finally did they were pretty quick in finding us a place despite the heavy lunchtime traffic. While we indulged in the sweet spiciness of the pork dish the dim sum lady coaxed us into trying another dish, which she explained as deep fried prawns wrapped in a fried crispy rice noodle covering with a not so spicy wasabi sauce drizzled on top. Not a fan of durian, I was skeptical and in two minds as to whether I should or should not try this novel dish. This too was an absolutely delightful dish.All in all my experience at the Wonton House Secret Kitchen in Glen Waverley was a pleasant and a relaxed one. I am hoping to find out whether you paid $40 a head for a yum cha banquet or did you just pay as normal at the end? Conventional Stainless Steel Cooktop is now being replaced by beautifully designed, much efficient glass gas stoves.
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Be it brown bread, multi grain, whitebread, these all are necessary additions to our daily start. The Wonton House Secret Kitchen, as it was known, had rather an unusual setting spreading out to the walkway of the Century City Walk, in the Gold Class Village Cinema Complex at Glen Waverly, Melbourne. Though some patrons here opted to dilly dally talking or reading of the newspaper, some do gulp down their fare and leave making it possible for others to get a table for a meal. Though we could not understand exactly what the puffs, stir fires, buns and rolls contained, we were adventurous enough to try everything just by their looks and wonderful aromas. Though the initial few plates were well and truly enough to curb our dumpling cravings and our hunger we carried on ordering as there were some we hadn't tasted or seen before. I am unsure when I would get the chance to visit this restaurant again but if I do find myself in the Wonton House again, those deep fried radish balls will not go untouched. Since I was keen to try out more varieties I opted to have only half of the deep fried white roll with that mayonnaise flavored delicious wasabi sauce.

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