Tips on hardware and other details for concealing a door by disguising it as a bookshelf, pool-cue rack, or the like. I've done the same sort of thing as you're about to do and I used a pair of Rixson pivot hinges with great results. I thought about using a pivot hinge for a current bookcase project, but skipped the idea since a 12" deep bookcase on a pivot would eat up more than 12" of the doorway when opened 90 degrees. If you have a question regarding a Knowledge Base article, your best chance at uncovering an answer is to search the entire Knowledge Base for related articles or to post your question at the appropriate WOODWEB Forum.
When you post your question at the Forum, be sure to include references to the Knowledge Base article that inspired your question. I'll mention three fantastic books that have engaged 2nd graders on up to adults to write creatively, share their stories with each other, and then perform their polished tales to eager listeners. Many of our customers don't want anyone to know what we've built, so we don't get many images. The door was magnetically locked and opened - operated by the owner's voice (open sesame?).
They make a continuous hinge that is very heavy duty - made for situations such as the front doors into a high school - lots of use and abuse. Hide an extra thickness or two behind fluted columns or such for extra mass to mount your hinges.
We used the Rixon hinge that Gary Katz used in his door unit that was written up in Journal of Light Construction and all I can say is, read his article and follow his suggestions.

Yours being an inswing might require a bit of reengineering of the hinge placement, but it should be possible. The client wants "push to open" hinges in place of door knobs and one little piece of shoe to close up the gap and we're done.
For bookcases I have my metal guy make me a modified pivot hinge with a steel plate on the bottom that has quality casters mounted to it to support the weight of a loaded bookcase.
The more information you provide with your question, the better your chances are of receiving responses. It is in sympathy with the first and in the hope of enlarging the second group that I have written this. People won't notice it unless they walk over to it and look straight down at where the door and the trim meets - but you'll know. By doing that, it worked out well for us and the client is overjoyed with the final product.
Not only was it fun to build, but it was very simple with your article having laid out all the key elements involved. The plate is almost as wide as the bookcase, with of course the casters mounted on the other side of the pivot. Since the floors were all wood, I worked with the flooring guy to have him feather floor down when door swings open so shoe would not catch as it swings. Before the lacquer was dry, the client recommended us to one of his friends and now we have a second secret unit to do.

It costs a little more money but it is worth it not to be called back to adjust the standard pivot hinges when they sag the loaded bookcase. Mock it up in the shop in the raw - this was easy for us, since we were doing the rest of the millwork and paneling in the room with it.
I have used this method at 54" wide by 80" tall with a spring mounted caster behind the face. The Rixon hinge, the HDPE wedge, and a heavy duty roller catch (from a Fine Homebuilding Magazine article) were icing on the cake, making our project all that more polished and professional, justifying the cost charged. However I did not attain even the perfume of the of God, but In Quran at several places Allah talks about the of. When Mamet talks about his Chicago world, I understand what he means without even reading the words. Although youve seen that Ive not delved much into the synopsis of the, since there is a mystery surrounding The musical piece that you need to find it out by yourself. My students have had more fun working together and honing their ELA skills while celebrating their products through storytelling! I've included a few examples of "tall tales"  my 4th grade students created from David Wisniewski's The Secret Knowledge of Grown-Ups.

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