Withdraw into the mighty ocean of ripe foliage and seem to smell the freshness of moist forest streaming into your setting. On the distant edge of the Great Valley "stands mysterious Saurus Rock, and twin baby Threehorns, Dinah and Dana have run away to find it.
An orphaned brontosaurus named Littlefoot sets off in search of the legendary Great Valley. In search of some adventure in their safe and peaceful valley, the five dinosaur friends make a hideaway. A nearby meteorite crash blocks off the dinosaurs' water supply, starting an ecological chain-reaction that threatens life in the valley. Littlefoot's grandfather is dreadfully ill and a golden flower is the only hope to cure him, but it lies within the land of the Mists so Littlefoot and his friends Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike and newcomer, Ali, journey through the mists to find it.
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Always be in touch with the core of pure green nature which enables you to feel fluidity and smooth expanding of never-in-hurry Time. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. He quickly becomes friends with Mo, a prank-playing dolphin-like creature who can't find his way back to the Big Water. Could the mysterious Longneck named Doc be the famous Lone Dinosaur, who can defeat a Sharptooth with his lasso-like tail? As the subject is protected by trademark or copyright, a free use alternative does not exist.
They chase them down and manage to recover the egg without its parents noticing, but in the process, accidentally create an opening into the valley, allowing two dreaded Sharptooths in. Littlefoot's uncle Pterano offers support only because he thinks the stone has secret powers and wants it for himself but conceals this from the rest.

To find out, Littlefoot and company must cross the Great Valley and face a dangerous Sharptooth themselves! Soon after the battle, a huge monolith that resembled a proud sauropod, having life-sized tyrannosaur teeth arranged around his neck, came out of the ground during an earthquake. The Maroon 5 frontman's stunning fiancee Behati Prinsloo strips down to nothing but some lacy lingerie and a gorgeous pair of wings as she shoots in Paris on Sept.

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