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March 9 people often experience a conflict between their stable, nurturing side and their desire to be free, to travel, to let their minds roam over dreams and ideas. Continue to strive for trust and acceptance, but remember to stand up for yourself as well.
Undeniably, our feelings come to the surface at this time and should be channeled into both loving and creative activities.
There is nothing wrong with spending more time alone, perhaps retreating from certain harsh realities, but healthy social bonds should also not be cut. They have a strong soulful side, apparent in their love of music and in their empathy for all forms of human suffering. They see a distinct difference between being lonely (which they rarely are) and being alone (which they are often). Dangerous areas for them include anything with a strong habituative or outright addictive qualitya€”drugs, drink, sex. Generally speaking, they ask only one thing from the world, and that is to be accepted as they really are. In love, perhaps because those born during the Week of the Loner have a greater ability to enjoy or appreciate such areas than others do, or perhaps their resistance to the lure of physical pleasure is lower; they are more prone than others to be snagged by a pretty face, sensuous voice or alluring body. Whether it is their livelihood or not, these men and women are the artists and poets of the Personology system and they have been granted the ability to manifest some pretty big dreams. Curiously, early in life they may not choose to make much of themselves, maddening their parents and friends. Content to live in their heads and dreams, they often seem distracted or preoccupied and can be extremely ignorant of the practicalities of daily life. Though it would be nice for them to simply live life following their hearts and passions, those born during the Way of Grounding are called, as their parents once did, a€?to make something of themselves.a€? These men and women are blessed with the ability to see the theoretical or the possible in a tangible form in their minda€™s eye.
They have some pretty practical and reality-based ideas and must establish some truly tangible goals for themselves and then set out to achieve them.
Their core challenge is to develop mental discipline and to realize that one can create structure and routine by becoming more organized and logical in onea€™s thinking. Although their instincts urge them to work alone, they will find that they are better able to give birth to their ideas in conjunction with others, particularly those whose strengths complement theirs.
Grounding their minds is of course aided by grounding their bodies in physical activities (the discipline doesna€™t hurt them either).
As they are called to give form to logos, those who are born during the Way of Grounding must invoke their deepest spiritual yearnings and give them form. Although no one would deny their mental strength, in many cases they choose to go against the odds, logic and what appears true, in favor of what their sixth sense tells them (particularly when it comes to relationships and crucial life decisions). If they lock themselves into a position of heavy personal responsibility (family, job, social position), they may find themselves frustrated a good deal of the time. Moving from one job, place or relationship to another is very natural to them, since they enjoy variety and are wary of attachment. They must beware of periodic depression, sometimes the result of an inability to express their creative talents or better their career circumstances. Showing empathy and sympathy for disadvantaged person who need our help or for younger people who need fostering and guidance are also suggested as outlets. They mistrust loud, aggressive or pushy individuals and find it hard to work with colleagues who lack sensitivity. They generally believe that life is not just there to be enjoyed, and that one must in some way pay onea€™s dues with a certain amount of suffering before obtaining any real benefit. Their own best companion, they are capable of spending hours and days alone with a good book, or with their work, without needing to talk to anyone. On the other hand, their ecstatic highs, spiritual insights and emotional joys can be incredibly intense and rewarding.
Many do not like large family gatherings or social events; intimacy is really their thing, and sharing intimacy with others, whether mates, friends, lovers or valued family members, is perhaps their most cherished activity.
Once attached to a person, their addiction to his or her company can be even more severe than their attraction to physical substances.
Not only are they born with great drive and persistence, but they will learn the art of making things happen. Others see them as unrealistic because they spend much of their time daydreaming or caught up in fantasy.

They cana€™t be bothered with putting a meal on the table or tidying up when there are so many wonderful theories to work out and ideas to investigate.
Often this involves the mastery of a craft, whether in a creative, commercial, or other endeavor. In order to become more pragmatic, they must learn to impose some limitations, routines, and organization on themselves and to stick to them.
However, it is important for them to realize that their life is not about fame or riches but about making the world a better place.
Accomplishing substantive results in a professional field will delight their parents but also their mates and offspring, to whom such achievement betokens increased commitment and security. These individuals may have to force themselves to participate in sports or exercise of any kind, but running or other solitary forms of fitness may be just the thing since they provide time for the mind to wander freely. They will do well to stick to organized routines and to schedule themselves with specific goals in mind.
Her most recent leading role was as a woman threatened by a sniper in the 2002 film Liberty Stands. Though sometimes accused of living in another world, in fact those born on this day understand a great deal about how the daily world works, but are also able to see through a given situation to its essence and potentialities. Part of the problem is that since they are highly capable, others easily grow dependent on them.
People born on this day who have not gotten to know themselves at a deep level, who know they are unusual but have never really expressed their true self, are often surprised to discover one day how truly powerful they can be.
Variety in surroundings, proper diet and physical activities, healthy relationships as well as freedom of expression of course help greatly. Rarely will they escape at least one severe trauma in their lives, perhaps involving physical injury, disease or the untimely death of a parent or friend. Their friends will know when they want to be left alone and when they want company, and will learn not to intrude on their privacy.
They often crave peak experiences, which are not bad things in themselves as long as those who seek them can handle them without undue attachment. To comfort themselves, and to shield themselves from disappointment and rejection, they may surrender to the pursuit of money, or retreat to a fantasy-full interior life, often devoted to beauty and imagination. Highly personal interaction is their forte, and the sharing of joys and sorrows is essential to their happiness. They will run the gamut of painful emotions, from jealousy to hatred, yet if they decide they want to get free of their love object they will feel powerful separation anxiety. They love to ponder the big questions in life such as the purpose and meaning of existence and the nature of the universe and our role in it. Moreover, because they are rarely plagued by doubt and believe in themselves and everything that they do, they arena€™t particularly compelled to prove the truth of their theories to anyone or make their dreams happen. Thus, they must ground their ideas and theories into something practicala€”perhaps even something the rest of the world can use. But above all else, they must learn to use some common sense and pay more attention to the details of life if they even hope to become more practical and thereby create something of lasting value. It is particularly important if they are to rid themselves of any tendencies toward sloppiness or a propensity to make mistakes by acting too quickly or glossing over the importance of details. Of primary importance is for them to remember to nurture the font of their inspiration and to nourish themselves with it. Some isolationist tendencies can interfere with their progress, as they often lack necessary input from others.
Whether labeled as spacy or flaky or not, many March 9 people have a more elevated or detached point of view than the average person. They must be careful to leave certain doors open for themselves through which they can periodically escape and express the adventuresome, far-out elements of their personalities. Once they begin to realize and exercise this power, those born on this day will experience and enjoy a whole new dimension in their lives but perhaps also face many new difficulties.
Those born on this day are people who really need to free up the more vibrant side of their nature and be appreciated for who they are. The positive indications of this card are stick-to-it-iveness, purpose, profundity and concentration; negative qualities include dogmatism, intolerance, mistrust and discouragement. For them, however, the way a thing is done is often more important than what that thing is, and the end therefore rarely justifies the means. They are often struck by such catastrophes without warning, but they are resilient and have an enormous capacity to bounce back from disaster.
In the workplace they do well as freelancers, operating outside the office, but if employed by a company or business they will probably need a certain amount of time each day for working on their own.
If they remain free to move on, such experiences will leave them greatly enriched in their personal development.

Whenever possible, they should follow occupations that make solid and grounding demands on them without depriving them of creativity.
Questioning everything and refusing to assume anything, they are rarely satisfied by a simple answer.
Stern self-discipline will be needed initially since limiting their minds in any way is new to these individuals. They give up some of their freedom and ethereal ways for the greater good of humankind, or even just for their families, by allowing themselves to be tied down to routines, schedules, and deadlines. However, since they are oriented primarily to matters of the mind and perception, the best partner for them is a person of intelligence, understanding, and independence since any trace of possessiveness or cloying behavior will usually push them away. Should they fail to provide for this, they may throw over all their efforts at discipline and unconsciously rebel in ways that are not only nonproductive but destructive.
Learning to bounce their ideas off friends and family who can help them sort through the pros and cons will be useful, as will those who can challenge their views without offending their sensitive natures. Thus they make valuable advisors, since they so often present a viewpoint that the person seeking counsel has not yet considered. Indeed, they may feel the urge to drop their more mundane duties, reject a former life of compromise and reach for the stars. A Mars-Neptune connection grants powerful and even magical qualities, usually involving psychic and highly intuitive abilities.
Grace, honesty and an unassailable aesthetic and moral code prevent them from acting underhandedly or, in particular, hurtfully.
Like a cat, they are blessed with nine lives, at least a few of which they are sure to use up.
On the other hand, should they be unfortunate enough to get hooked on their own personal suffering or self-pity, they may wallow in such states for alarmingly long periods of time.
Meanwhile, children will help them share their sense of wonder and awe at the natural world.
They just a€?know that there is more to it than thata€? and will ponder and investigate a topic until they find what they are seeking. In addition, through mental discipline, they will learn to be more effective communicators. Building a time for solitude into their daily routine is important for them in order to provide mental free time and plenty of space for daydreaming. Yet they have all the ingredients for personal and professional achievement; if they can develop the tools and skills necessary to practical and consistent application of their gifts, all will go well here.
A talent for food preparation is not uncommon to this day, but March 9 people must beware that they are not taken for granted, despite the tremendous satisfaction they get from pleasing others. On the other hand, they may express their dislike of societya€™s mores through blatantly antisocial deeds, acting, as it were, in defense of their own right to individual expression. Also, they are usually quite spiritual, and their devotion to something greater than themselves, whether an idea, a vision, or a religion, is often enough for them. They must harvest their knowledge and ideas, metaphorically separate the wheat from the chaff, and give their wisdom to the world. Presenting their plans with clarity can be crucial to garnering the necessary support from others to make things happen. Similarly, letting themselves go once in a while, letting the house grow untidy or the dishes undone, will provide the same psychological benefit. A certain elegance and grace are evident in most things they do, and they are finely attuned to many kinds of physical expression, whether it be sports, dance or more sensual forms of movement.
They are great admirers of sensuous beauty, particularly in people and paintings, and their homes and surroundings generally show some kind of special touch. This makes them both appealing to others and irritating since their omniscient manner can come off as egotism. They will not only experience the satisfaction of giving their ideas and visions form, but they will also find deep fulfillment and a sense of completion within themselves.
There are those who will love them for their vision and find their distraction to be endearing. However, their partners can expect to put up with a good deal of absenteeism as they are always preoccupied or on the move chasing their latest interest.

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